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  • Anita Dittman
    Anita Dittman, a Jewish believer since the age of seven, speaks to many churches and groups about her experiences during World War II in Germany. She resides in Minnesota.  AUTHOR WEBSITE
  • Ann Marie
  • Berit Kjos
  • Bill Randles
  • Bob Ayanian

    In 1999, Bob Ayanian gave his life to Jesus Christ, quit his long-time job as an economics professor at California State University. He and his wife, Barbara, headed to the central coast of California. About a year later, Bob began writing songs about Jesus, the Cross, the times in which we live, and the biblical prophecies about the endtimes.

  • Carl Teichrib

    Carl Teichrib is the founder and editor of Forcing Change, and he has authored specialized reports, book chapters, and approximately 200 articles and essays on globalization and its many subtopics.  He lives in western Canada with his wife and children.

  • Carolyn A. Greene

    Carolyn Greene, has written two novels, Castles in the Sand and its sequel, Dangerous Illusions. She has personally experienced the entry of the New Age movement and the contemplative prayer movement into today’s church, and both novels reflect some of her own experience.

  • Caryl Matrisciana
  • Catherine Brown
  • Cedric Fisher

    Cedric is an ordained minister and the director of Truthkeepers, a web-based ministry warning about spiritual deception in the church (www.truthkeepers.com). Cedric believes God has called him to not only prepare believers to be equipped to avoid deception and apostasy but also to expose the heresies that have inundated modern Christianity

  • Chris Lawson

    Chris Lawson is a missionary and an ordained pastor. He is a career missionary, serving as a long-term church planter in the USA and also in Edinburgh, Scotland. He is the founder and president of Spiritual Research Network, Inc. You can visit his website at: http://www.spiritual-research-network.com.

  • Corrie ten Boom

    When Corrie ten Boom was in her early fifties, she became a key figure in the Dutch Underground Christian Resistance movement during World War II. The account of Corrie's experience during this time period can be read in her best-selling book, The Hiding Place. 

  • Danny Frigulti
  • Dave Hunt
  • David Dombrowski

    David Dombrowski is a U.S. veteran and a former Catholic. He is the co-founder, chief editor, and acquisitions editor at Lighthouse Trails Publishing and Lighthouse Trails Research Project. He has a B.A. degree in English from Portland State University. He co-founded Lighthouse Trails in 2002 with his wife Deborah.

  • Diet Eman

    Diet Eman joined the Christian resistance movement in Holland during WWII and helped to save the lives of many Jews. Today, in her 90s, she continues to share her story with others. Diet received the Righteous Among the Nations Award for her work. AUTHOR WEBSITE

  • Editors at Lighthouse Trails
  • Geneva Paulson

    Geneva Paulson is a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She has spent her life working with church youth of all ages and caring for patients at Tri-County Hospital.  She and her husband live on a small farm near Eagle Bend, Minnesota. AUTHOR WEBSITE

  • Georgi Vins

    Georgi Vins, a Baptist pastor living in the U.S.S.R., was 37-years-old the first time he was imprisoned for his faith in a Soviet prison camp. He left behind his wife, his children, and his church. Over the course of thirteen years, Pastor Vins spent a total of eight years in the gulags. AUTHOR WEBSITE

  • Gregory Reid

    Gregory R Reid, DD, founder of Occult Research & Crime Consultants, has conducted more than 250 training classes for criminal justice workers, police officers, probation departments, and other professionals since 1987. AUTHOR WEBSITE

  • Harry A. Ironside
  • Isaac Broyden

    Isaac Broyden

  • Johanna Michaelsen
  • John Bunyan
  • John Caddock
  • John Foxe


  • John Lanagan
  • Katherine Sapienza
  • Kevin Reeves

    Kevin Reeves has been a freelance writer for over twenty years. His articles and columns have been featured in various newspapers and magazines, including Alaskan Southeaster. His articles on heretical church movements have been translated into three languages. Kevin lives in Alaska with his wife and daughters.

  • Linda Nathan

    Linda Nathan

  • Lois Putnam
  • Lynn Lusby Pratt

    Lynn Pratt

  • Maria Kneas

    Maria Kneas writes from experience, from a lifetime of needing God’s strength for the many challenges she has faced. As a result of these difficult times, Maria has paid close attention when preachers or authors or friends shared insights about receiving God’s strength, comfort, and encouragement.

  • Mary Danielsen

  • Michael Tays Carter
  • Mike Oppenheimer
  • Nanci Des Gerlaise

    Many Christians see no problem combining the beliefs and practices of Native American Spirituality with their view of Christianity. But Nanci knows differently. Raised on a Metis settlement, her childhood and young adult life were riddled with terrors that come with being the daughter and granddaughter of medicine men. AUTHOR WEBSITE

  • Patrick Crough

    Retired Police Investigator Patrick Crough has thirty years of law enforcement experience. He is the author of Chronicles of a Rochester Major Crimes Detective, Confronting Evil and Pursuing Truth. To learn more about Patrick, click here.

  • Ray Yungen
  • Roger Oakland
  • Ruth Hunt
  • Sandy Simpson
  • Susan Moore
  • Tony Pearce
  • Trevor Baker
  • Warren B. Smith
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Showing 1 - 18 of 669 items