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Lighthouse Trails Announces New Release: Calvinism—None Dare Call It Heresy

May 7th, 2018 Posted in new releases, PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT, Publishing News | Comments Off on Lighthouse Trails Announces New Release: Calvinism—None Dare Call It Heresy

Lighthouse Trails Publishing is pleased to announce the release of Calvinism: None Dare Call It Heresy written by Canadian pastor Bob Kirkland.

Description: Today, a growing number of churches, ministries, and Christian colleges are promoting Calvinism. While Calvinist scholars claim that Calvinism is complex (and they have indeed created a complex system), the rudiments of it are very basic, and it can be readily understood.

To call something heresy is clearly a strong accusation and should never be done flippantly. For something to be heresy, it must deviate from the fundamental teachings of the Bible. And nothing can be more serious than a deviation from the Gospel itself. Calvinism does present “another gospel.”

John Calvin taught that God will be glorified by bringing billions of people into this world for no other purpose than having them burn in Hell for eternity. This alone depicts a view of God found nowhere in Scripture; in essence, this misrepresents God but also creates a platform upon which “another gospel” has been built that is both fatalistic and makes the sacrifice of Christ no longer freely available to “whosoever may come.” Salvation is no longer a matter of choice. Furthermore, the Calvinist can never actually know if he or she is one of “the elect” thereby placing the Calvinist “Gospel” on a foundation of doubt rather than true biblical belief in the substitutionary sacrifice of Christ at Calvary. If that is not heresy, then what is?

128 Pages | Softbound
ISBN: 978-1-942423-29-4 | Retail Price: $11.95
Table of Contents and Introduction

Qualifies for quantity discounts
Available through Lighthouse Trails and most major book outlets

If you pre-ordered this book from Lighthouse Trails, all backorders have now shipped.

* This book will be available in Kindle and Nook (and also as a PDF or epub on the Lighthouse Trails store site) by Wednesday, May 9th.

Editor’s Note: We are very aware that this book is not going to be welcomed by many who are currently practicing Calvinism. Please know it is not our intention or desire to distress or hurt anyone. It is our prayer that those involved with Calvinism will at least read this book and consider what is being said.


Bob Kirkland, D.D.Author: Bob Kirkland, D.D. is a Baptist pastor from Ontario, Canada. In 1955, at the age of twelve, he received Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. Bob explains, “The Bible says, ‘If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new’ (2 Corinthians 5:17). For me, everything became new, especially a new burning desire to study the Word of God. At the writing of this book, I am seventy-five years old and still have that burning desire to study His Word.”



Two New Releases: “Chains Couldn’t Hold Me” and “Father ten Boom, God’s Man”

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Lighthouse Trails is pleased to announce the release of two new books.

Our first release is Chains Couldn’t Hold Me, a biography written by discernment researcher and author Cedric Fisher. This is a heart-tugging, hard-to-put-down book that readers will be influenced by in a profound way and will not forget for a long time.

Description: A Memoir of Loss and Mercy | Cedric Fisher was the third of three boys born poor, dirt poor, to transient parents in Texas in 1949. Like many other nomadic, impoverished, post-depression families, his mom and dad followed jobs wherever they could find them. Soon, there were three daughters added to a family already struggling just to find enough food to eat for each day and a shelter to sleep in for the night. In time, the family settled in Oklahoma where life only got worse as Cedric’s dad drank and flew into fits of rage. Cedric, his brothers, and his mother suffered at the hands of this violent man. After the sixth child was born, the law chased Cedric’s dad out of town, leaving an already stressed mother to work in order to provide for her family. In her own desperate way to keep order, she continued the beatings that the boys had endured under their father’s hands. “I’ll whip you till the blood runs down your heels!” she would scream as she chased a terrified four-year-old Cedric through the house.

Living near the city dump, rarely having clean clothes to wear, plus having poverty and abuse written all over his face, Cedric became the object of severe bullying and ridicule at school. Between the beatings at home and the cruel treatment by both students and teachers, Cedric was convinced he was no good. When he reached his teen years, he decided to show them they were right, becoming as bad and tough as he could be. If his life had any purpose, it was the pursuit of one goal—getting as far away as possible from all his troubles.

Cedric landed in adulthood taking all the pain, rejection, and anger with him as he desperately sought to develop a successful music career. Trying to drown out the nightmares from his childhood, he turned to alcohol, drugs, fighting, and wild behavior—a deadly mixture. Before long, he was on a fast track to prison or an early death. Chains Couldn’t Hold Me is the story of one man’s search for identity and peace amidst turmoil and despair and how everything changed when given one last chance.

212 Pages | Softbound | Photos
ISBN: 978-1-9424233-1-7 | Retail Price: $14.95
Qualifies for quantity discounts
Available through Lighthouse Trails and most major book outlets

Our second book release is Father ten Boom, God’s Man written by Holocaust survivor Corrie ten Boom. This endearing and inspiring book will give you a wide glimpse of the life of a man who was wholly dedicated to serving the Lord and loving people. His life-long commitment to his wife, his children, and other believers and his willingness to share the Gospel and God’s love with the Jews and with those in his community are a testimony that should not be forgotten. This book can help believers today in their own walks with God by illustrating what God can do through just one man who has surrendered his life to His Lord.

Description: The Story of Corrie ten Boom’s Father And How He Inspired Her Life

Casper ten Boom knew what it meant to work hard, go without, and suffer loss. But the hardships of his life only strengthened his dedication to serving the Lord, loving people, and devoting his heart to his wife and children. He opened the doors of his watchmaking shop and home at 19 Barteljorisstraat in Holland to anyone in need and became a respected and admired leader in the community.

Through his love for the Lord, Casper showed his family how to live a life fully surrendered to and trusting in the Almighty God. In his eighties, during the Nazi occupation in Holland, that relationship with God led Casper down a path where he and his family would be asked of the Lord to risk everything—even their lives.

In Father ten Boom, God’s Man, Corrie has captured the essence of her father’s life and how through wisdom, honor, integrity, and faith, he inspired those who knew him to live that same devoted fruitful life.

160 pages | Softbound | Photos
ISBN: 978-1-942423-3-0-0
Qualifies for quantity discounts
Available through Lighthouse Trails and most major book outlets

Four New Lighthouse Trails Book Releases

Jan 15th, 2018 Posted in new releases, PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT, Publishing News | Comments Off on Four New Lighthouse Trails Book Releases

Lighthouse Trails is pleased to announce the release of four new books:

The Trinity: The Triune Nature of God The Trinity: The Triune Nature of God by Mike Oppenheimer

The Trinity has continued to be challenged throughout history and is still the watershed issue of our time.

The triune nature of God is one of the core doctrines of the Christian faith and distinguishes Christianity from all other belief systems. Yet, the Trinity has continued to be challenged throughout history and is a watershed issue of our time. How does God define Himself, and how do we explain to others  the God of the Scriptures?

Mike Oppenheimer’s book demonstrates that the Bible—in both Old and New Testaments—is absolutely definitive in portraying the Lord God as one God, while maintaining three distinct persons—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It also examines the qualities and characteristics of each of these persons according to Scripture.

With over 300 Bible verses, Oppenheimer’s Trinity book will serve as both a standard and a witnessing tool in understanding the triune nature of God from a biblical perspective.

140 pages | Softbound | $11.95 | ISBN: 978-1-942423-24-9 | ORDER


Some of the stories are Georgi’s own personal experiences and others are of those of friends and co-laborers in Russia. A bonus section in the book titled “My Prison Camp Diary” was written by Georgi when he was imprisoned for his faith in Christ in a Soviet prison from 1966 to 1969. The diary papers were smuggled out of the prison and were published in 1975 by a U.S. publisher while Georgi was serving a second prison sentence.

As Georgi finished writing Moscow Express years later, he realized that the inoperable tumor discovered in his brain would soon end his physical life. The final chapters of the first section of this book were, quite literally, written on his deathbed. However, as with his previous books, he desired to lift up the name of Jesus Christ and glorify the Lord, so he pressed on with the project despite his declining health. The manuscript was finished just as Georgi’s strength ebbed too low to work anymore. On January 11, 1998, after fifty years of actively serving the Lord, Georgi Vins passed from life on Earth to his eternal home. He has left a legacy of courage and enduring faith in the midst of severe persecution.

Author Bio: Georgi Vins was a Baptist pastor imprisoned a total of eight years in Soviet concentration camps for preaching the Gospel. In the middle of his prison term in 1979, he was suddenly stripped of his Soviet citizenship and exiled to the United States. He settled in Elkhart, Indiana, where his wife and children were allowed to join him. Georgi established a Christian ministry in the U.S. to represent and aid the persecuted church in the Soviet Union. He is also the author of The Gospel in Bonds.

160 pages | Softbound | Photos | $12.95 | ISBN: 978-1-942423-27-0 | ORDER

THE MESSIAH FACTOR by Tony PearceThe Messiah Factor by Tony Pearce

“Who Do You say that I am?” was the question Jesus asked the disciples.

This book looks at some contemporary Jewish answers to that question (and answers to those answers). It also examines the history of anti-Semitism and how that has influenced people in our modern era. Whether Jewish or non-Jewish, The Messiah Factor brings many vital issues to the table challenging us all to answer that question, “Who do you say that I am?”

Issues raised include:
Why has the professing church often persecuted Jewish People?
Where was God when the six million perished?
If Jesus is the Messiah, why is there no peace in the world?
Do events in the Middle East today tie in with the prophecies of the Bible, and if so, how will they end?
What clues do the Hebrew Prophets give to Messiah’s identity?

208 pages | | Softbound | Photos | $14.95 | ISBN: 978-1-942423-26-3 | ORDER

Changed by Beholding by Harry Ironside


How is the Christian changed into the image of Christ? Is it through our own holiness or goodness? No, not possible. We do not become holy by looking into our own hearts. We shall only find corruption there. We are to look unto Jesus, and as He becomes the object of our hearts, as we consider and ponder on His holiness, purity, love, and compassion, His devotion to the Father’s will, we shall be changed, imperceptibly to ourselves, perhaps, but none-the-less surely, into His blessed image. By putting on the new man (rebirth), being cleansed by His Word and hiding it deep in our hearts, we are changed by beholding Him.

Changed by Beholding is a series of lectures given by Harry Ironside regarding salvation and the ensuing life that follows one’s decision to put his faith explicitly in Jesus Christ. The book includes the lyrics to numerous ageless hymns and Ironside’s unforgettable anecdotes that illustrate what a life looks like when it is sold out for God.

This special edition has two appendices written by Ironside as an added bonus: “The Greatest Text in the Bible” and his testimonial “My Conversion to God.”

140 pages | Softbound | $11.95 | ISBN: 978-1-942423-28-7 | ORDER


New Lighthouse Trails Book Release: Simple Answers by Ray Yungen

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Simple Answers by Ray YungenLighthouse Trails Publishing is pleased to announce the release of Ray Yungen’s new book, Simple Answers: Understanding the Catholic Faith (An Evangelical Primer). Ray Yungen was the pioneering author who helped launch Lighthouse Trails nearly 16 years ago. His cutting-edge book A Time of Departing was released in the fall of 2002, six months after Lighthouse Trails began. Ray finished the rough draft of Simple Answers in the spring of 2016; on October 16th of that year, before the book was ready to be released, Ray passed away from unexpected complications of a cancer treatment.

During the year that Ray wrote Simple Answers, he told the editors at Lighthouse Trails that he believed Simple Answers was one of the most important projects he had ever done. We hope you will agree. We have chosen October 16, 2017 for the release date to commemorate Ray’s passing into glory.

 The evangelical church is at a crucial point in its history. There are many voices crying out for a dramatic change in the way evangelicals have traditionally viewed Catholicism; these voices are taking the church in a radically different direction, one that fits in with Bible prophecy.

In 1991, an ex-Catholic pointed out that many Catholics had been leaving the Catholic Church over the previous forty years. The reason for this: Catholics were receiving simple answers from evangelicals regarding salvation.

Today, the need for simple answers has reemerged as we are witnessing a reversal where evangelicals are looking to the Catholic Church for guidance on Christian living and spirituality. Much of this is because the precepts of the Gospel are either minimized or forgotten.

It is not just a fluke or an aberration that the evangelical churches and the Catholic Church are coming into alignment with each other. The Catholic Church is taking a softer view of the evangelical church, and the evangelical church is starting to downplay the traditional and significant differences that have kept it at bay with the Roman Catholic Church.

Simple Answers is a presentation of the facts regarding salvation according to the Gospel in contrast to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

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Book Info:

Retail: $12.95 | quantity discounts
Softbound | 160 pages

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Available directly through Lighthouse Trails.

After November 1, Simple Answers will be available through most major online book outlets and can also be ordered through most walk-in bookstores (not necessarily on the shelves but can be ordered).



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New Book Release by Warren B. Smith – Pressing On Through It All

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Mountain Stream Press, the publishing ministry of Warren B. Smith, is happy to announce the release of its latest book, Pressing On Through It All. The book is a compilation of several devotional articles Warren has written in the past year. The book is a topically laid out arrangement of Scripture verses, hymns, and meaningful commentary. This is book is a special treasure that can be used by those going through difficult times or by those who just want to be reminded how incredible God’s Word is.

Book Information
232 pages
Retail: $14.95
ISBN: 978-0997898286
Available through Lighthouse Trails and most major online outlets.

To order your copy, click here. 

From the book:


As former members of the New Age movement, my wife Joy and I have spent the last thirty-three years actively warning about the deceptive teachings of the New Age/New Spirituality that have progressively crept into the church. For the last ten years, to offset the spiritual heaviness that often accompanies this kind of ministry, I would study, compile, and then arrange certain Scriptures around specific themes that would provide my wife and I with encouragement and spiritual uplift. Almost as an afterthought, these personal studies became small booklets that were made available to share with others. I used the theme “through it all” for each of the booklets, hoping people reading them would find the same scriptural encouragement we had received from them.

In writing these “through it all” booklets, Joy and I knew we had to be prepared to face the testing that would likely come with such a project. But little did we know that the testing would unfold as it did. Yet, we have marveled at how the Lord has sustained us and carried us through this difficult period.

Over the last year and a half, we had to cut down and remove well over a hundred dead trees on our property that had become casualties of a recent four-year drought. Then one year ago today, we were suddenly displaced from our home-—and remain displaced as of this writing—by a destructive house fire that also resulted in the deaths of four of our beloved cats. Living in a number of different locations since the fire—many of them motels—we still await the restoration of our home. Adding to this and a number of other challenging events, I underwent three unexpected emergency surgeries after a life that had been virtually free of any medical concerns whatsoever.

As a result of all of these trying circumstances, we soon found ourselves reading our own “through it all” booklets for encouragement and support—Trusting God Through It All, Standing Fast Through It All, Praising God Through It All, along with all the other booklets. And they have given us immeasurable comfort and strength during this demanding time. Now combined in one book, I pray these carefully selected scriptural compilations will provide you with the same degree of comfort and strength they have given us.
God’s Word is truly awesome and encouraging, and oh so necessary, as we all endeavor to keep pressing on—through it all.

—Warren B. Smith
July 3, 2017

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Note to the Reader
1/Praying Through It All
2/Trusting God Through It All
3/Watchful and Discerning Through It All
4/God’s Help and Comfort Through It All
5/Being Thankful Through It All
6/Remaining Hopeful Through It All
7/Remaining Faithful Through It All
8/Rejoicing Through It All
9/Sound Doctrine Through It All
10/Standing Fast Through It All
11/Patiently Waiting and Enduring Through It All
12/God’s Word Through It All
13/God’s Blessings Through It All
14/Praising God Through It All

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Volume 14 Lighthouse Trails Product Catalog – Digital Version

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vol-14-catalog-coverThe new Volume 14 Product Catalog by Lighthouse Trails is being mailed out to LT “customers” this week. For those who are not actual customers of our products but who are readers of our blog or research site, we are providing a digital copy of the catalog. Customers who will be getting a hard copy of the catalog by mail may also wish to download this digital copy. We hope you will be blessed by the collection of trustworthy, biblically based resources we have prayerfully and carefully put together over the past nearly 15 years. You may request a hard copy of this free catalog by e-mailing us with your name and mailing address at Just click here to access the digital catalog: //

Expanded Second Edition of “Another Jesus” Calling Now Available

Aug 30th, 2016 Posted in new releases, PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT, Publishing News | Comments Off on Expanded Second Edition of “Another Jesus” Calling Now Available

AJC-2ND-COVER-FINAL-sIf you have been trying to warn loved ones about the dangers of reading Jesus Calling, Warren B. Smith’s Expanded Second Edition of “Another Jesus” Calling is the answer to doing this. This new expanded edition is now available through Lighthouse Trails and includes four new important appendices:

  1. “Changing Jesus Calling: Damage Control for a False Christ””
  2. “The New Age Implications of Jesus Calling
  3. “10 Scriptural Reasons Jesus Calling is a Dangerous Book”
  4. Serious Concerns about the Jesus Calling Devotional Bible

To order the Expanded Second Edition of “Another Jesus” Calling, click here.

These new appendices are from Warren Smith’s booklets of the same names. They document and explain the changes Thomas Nelson did to their big-selling book Jesus Calling after Smith’s original edition of “Another Jesus” Calling was released in late 2014. They also give 10 Scriptural reasons why Jesus Calling is dangerous, reasons that simply cannot be refuted. And they lay out how Jesus Calling has many New Age implications that cannot be ignored. Finally, they discuss the Jesus Calling Devotional Bible and show why Jesus Calling “messages” should not be included in any Bible.

Book Description: Inspired by the New Age book God Calling, Sarah Young claims to be receiving messages from Jesus Christ which she compiled into what is now her best-selling book, Jesus Calling. Author Warren Smith carefully documents his concerns about her book, her “Jesus,” and the New Age implications contained in many of Young’s devotional messages. He also warns about the danger of contemplative prayer and in elevating spiritual experiences over the Word of God. “Another Jesus” Calling is his call for much needed discernment in these very deceptive times.

To order the Expanded Second Edition of “Another Jesus” Calling, click here.

Lighthouse Trails New Release – Expanded 2nd Edition of Strength for Tough Times

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STT-2ND-EDITIONLighthouse Trails is pleased to announce the release of the Expanded 2nd Edition of Maria Kneas’ book, Strength for Tough Times. With a stunning new cover and several new chapters, Strength for Tough Times brings unique insights into what is happening in the world today plus encouragement and exhortation from God’s Word. At 130 pages and with over 100 Scriptures, this is the perfect (and affordable) book to give as a gift to someone who is going through a difficult challenge or who just needs to be reminded that we have an awesome God we can turn to and rely upon.

Book Information:
130 pages | Illustrated | Softbound | Matte Finish
ISBN: 978-1-942423-10-2
Retail price: $11.95
Quantity discounts Available
Soon available as E-book, Kindle, and Nook
Available through Lighthouse Trails or can be ordered from most bookstores and outlets.

Description: Surprising events have been happening in America, and things in which we used to trust no longer seem to be reliable. How can we find security, peace, and joy under such circumstances?

Only God has enough love, power, and faithfulness to be our Defense, our Rescuer, and our Refuge. He is the solid Rock on which we can safely stand (Psalm 62:5-7). Everything else is only “sinking sand.” It promises safety for a while, but sooner or later it fails us.

How can the believer apply these Scriptural principles to everyday life? Strength for Tough Times contains practical lessons that were learned the hard way—in the furnace of affliction. That is where we discover how much we can trust God.

The author knows something about affliction, because she watched her husband die, and she herself is a cancer survivor. She can testify that God is faithful. He loves us, and He promises to bring good out of everything that happens to those who love Him (Romans 8:28)

Author Bio: Maria Kneas writes from experience, from a lifetime of needing God’s strength for the many challenges she has faced. As a result of these difficult times, Maria has paid close attention when preachers or authors or friends shared insights about receiving God’s strength, comfort, and encouragement. Through prayer and careful study of God’s Word, she has confirmed those things which are in accordance of the Scriptures.

All backorders have been shipped.



May 9th, 2016 Posted in new releases, Publishing News | Comments Off on LIGHTHOUSE TRAILS ANNOUNCES NEW RELEASE – THE EVOLUTION CONSPIRACY

Eureka, MT—Lighthouse Trails is pleased to announce our latest release, The Evolution Conspiracy by Roger Oakland and Caryl Matrisiciana

The “fruit” of evolutionary beliefs—abortion, promiscuity, drugs, homosexuality, etc.—is promoted at the expense of traditional values. And the logical extensions of scientific evolutionism—cosmic consciousness, occultism, New Age thinking—have taken an unwary and uneducated public (and church) by storm.

Christians and Christian churches everywhere are embracing evolution as God’s method of creation as they rush to endorse, accommodate, and adopt ungodly practices and thought to their own detriment. God’s people everywhere need to be called back to the truth before it is too late.

Others have written on such subjects before, but Caryl Matrisciana and Roger Oakland add a new dimension. Their persistent sleuthing has uncovered many a connection between the occult and evolution that were previously undetected. Truly there is an evolutionary conspiracy, and it can no longer be ignored by God’s people.—From the Foreword by Dr. John Morris (President Emeritus of the Institute for Creation Research (ICR)


Lighthouse Trails Updated Expanded Edition
248 pages | illustrations
ISBN: 978-1-942423-09-6
Retail: $14.95
Qualifies for quantity and wholesale pricing

Table of Contents and Foreword

To order The Evolution Conspiracy, click here.


Roger and Caryl at a recent conferenceCaryl Matrisciana, a video journalist and author, founded Caryl Productions in 2002, which produces and distributes, worldwide, cutting-edge DVDs, books, and educational information to help discern the times in which we live. She has been a frequent guest on numerous national and international TV and radio programs, and is an informative public speaker on today’s cultural trends, social issues, and supernatural themes rising within “Christianized Spirituality.”

Roger Oakland is an author, lecturer, and the founder of Understand the Times, International. He has written several books and is featured in numerous documentary DVD films. Over the past 35 years, he has lectured in over 70 countries. He is also the founder of the Bryce Homes Program International, a missions program that ministers physically and spiritually to widows and children in several countries.

(photo: Roger Oakland and Caryl Matrisciana at a 2016 discernment conference)


Click here to order online or for more information.


Contact and Ordering:
866-876-3910 Toll Free Order Line (US & CANADA)
406-889-3610 (Office and other international calls)
Fax: 406-889-3633 (24 HRS/DAY)
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Year in Review for Lighthouse Trails Publishing Ministry

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lighthousenew107The following is our annual Glance Back and a Look Forward for our publishing ministry, Lighthouse Trails Publishing.

A Glance Back

In 2015, Lighthouse Trails Publishing continued with the two projects we began at the beginning of 2013—the Lighthouse Trails Research Journal, which comes out in print six  times a year and is delivered now to nearly 1000 homes and offices, and our printed Booklet Tracts, of which we now have nearly 80 different titles. As long-time LT readers know, Lighthouse Trails began in 2002 with one author, Ray Yungen, and one book, A Time of Departing. We had no idea back then of the challenging road on which we would be traveling. You can read more about those early days in our booklet, The Story Behind Lighthouse Trails.

Today, Lighthouse Trails represents 35 authors from the U.S and Canada (one in the UK) and has published numerous books, lecture DVDs, and the Booklet Tracts.  We know that our marketing and public relations budget doesn’t hold a candle to medium- and large-sized Christian publishers, but we have seen God take our materials and spread them around the world in often very amazing ways. We have witnessed the commitment and dedication to truth and the Gospel by these three dozen brothers and sisters and are blessed and humbled to be able to publish their materials.

Publishing is an expensive industry, so some may ask, why do you do what you do if it is so challenging and expensive. Well, for us, that’s an obvious answer—we believe in the message these authors have to share, and we believe that many need to hear their messages. We have often prayed, Lord, if you want this ministry to continue, then we trust that You will provide the means to do so. And He continues to do so year after year.

When we began the booklets nearly three years ago, we had no idea what the response from our readers would be like. It didn’t take too long to learn that the booklets were exactly what our readers wanted and needed to share information with their loved ones and church friends. Since January 2013, we have sold and given away over 120,000 booklets around the world. And while there isn’t a lot of monetary profit for either authors or publisher as we sell these at a very low cost, based on the e-mails, phone calls, and letters we receive, we believe these booklets are making a difference in many lives, churches, and ministries. We believe we are even seeing some positive changes taking place in some Christian colleges—efforts to back away from contemplative prayer, Spiritual Formation, and emerging spirituality.

This past year, we also published two new books, Rescuing Randy by Geneva Paulson and How to Prepare for Hard Times and Persecution by Maria Kneas.  You can read about both of them on our website. Both books have tremendous merit, written by two women who have gone through the fire of refinement and have valuable insights to share in their books. And as with all Lighthouse Trails books, they are available directly through our website or calling or writing us and can also be ordered through most major book outlets and walk-in book stores.

We want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of the Lighthouse Trails readers who have taken our materials and used them to share with others. We know that is not an easy task, and we know many of you are often looked down upon, ostracized, ridiculed, and belittled for speaking up about difficult issues. You are the ones on the front lines, and it is for you especially that Lighthouse Trails exists.

Looking Ahead

At Lighthouse Trails, we have many hopes and plans for 2016. And every day, we commit these to the Lord, always praying that we will only do the things He wants us to do and that will bring glory and honor to Him.

Some of the projects we are going to be working on in 2016 include Caryl Matrisciana and Roger Oakland’s new edition of their book The Evolution Conspiracy. We are also working on a Berit Kjos’ children’s novel The Invisible War and an updated expanded edition of Maria Kneas’ Strength for Tough Times. And for those who have read Castles in the Sand and Dangerous Illusions, we are happy to announce that Zach Taylor has completed the manuscript for the third novel in this series. Our editors have now begun to prepare this book for publication. We have a couple other book projects we are developing as well.

In 2016, we expect to release 20-25 new booklet tracts. Several of our authors are working on new ones on some vital topics. We will also be releasing a new lecture DVD set by Warren B. Smith and one by Ray Yungen. These lectures took place at The Berean Call’s 2014 conference, and TBC was kind enough to give us permission to package these and offer them to our readers. Warren’s set should be available by the end of March, and Ray’s by the end of May. We have reviewed all of these lectures and have found them to contain highly valuable information.

We also plan to mail out our 2016-2017 product catalog this coming spring. If you have purchased anything from Lighthouse Trails in the past seven years, you will receive a catalog in the mail.

For those of you who have become acquainted with our Shepherd’s Bible Verse Tea (our own creation), we are making two changes in 2016. First, starting in the spring of this year, the packaging that the tea bags go in will be different. Instead of the clear cellophane packaging we have been using since we began the tea division five years ago, each tea bag will be wrapped in a coated paper wrap. This will not only be much more attractive, it will also retain the tea’s freshness and flavor longer and will have brewing instructions on each wrap. Second, by the end of the year, we will be enlarging the printed text of each Bible verse on the tag on each tea bag. It will mean reducing some of the text, but the verses will be easier to read. One thing will not change with the tea, and that is the flavor of the 6 blends of tea we offer. We have been told over and over by so many people that they absolutely love the flavor of each of the Shepherd’s Bible Verse teas. We are grateful to the Lord for providing this venue that helps meet the financial needs of Lighthouse Trails.

We pray that 2016 will be a productive year for Lighthouse Trails Publishing and Lighthouse Trails Research Project. And most of all, we pray that we may continue being a service to the body of Christ and a witness to the unsaved so that many may come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior in these difficult times in which we live.

Over the years, many of you have told us that you pray for the Lighthouse Trails editors and authors. We thank you for this dedication and support.

Because of His faithfulness and grace,

The Editors at Lighthouse Trails

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