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Book Review – Faith Undone by DiscernIt

Dec 5th, 2007 Posted in Book/DVD Reviews | Comments Off on Book Review – Faith Undone by DiscernIt

by Kim Olsen

One would be hard-pressed to find a more complete description of the various end-time deceptions currently exploding in our churches in one single paperback book. Roger has accomplished this feat in “Faith Undone”

Why is his book so relevant today? Consider this statement. “In the near future, Christians of every denomination will have to decide whether to support or reject the spirituality behind the emerging church.”

Here are some of the topics he covers in his 13 chapters.

Emerging Spirituality
Contemplative Spirituality
The “Eurcharistic” Christ
Purpose Driven Ecumenism
The Kingdom of God on Earth
The New Reformation

[M]entioned in the book – Alice Bailey, Rob Bell, Ken Blanchard, Marcus Borg, Bob Buford, Tony Campolo, Peter Drucker, Richard Foster, Matthew Fox, Thomas Keating, Dan Kimball, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Erwin McManus, Thomas Merton, Henri Nouwen, Doug Pagitt, Leonard Sweet, and Robert Webber among others.

How is it that this one book can cover so many names and issues? It is because they are all related and together they have one goal and purpose in mind, which is Faith Undone, a must read for every Christian.Click here to read this entire book review.

Prayer Request for Anita Dittman

Dec 4th, 2007 Posted in LT Author News | Comments Off on Prayer Request for Anita Dittman

Anita DittmanOur dear sister in Christ and the author of Trapped in Hitler’s Hell, Anita Dittman (80), has suffered a severe heart attack. We would ask that you remember her in your prayers. She is recovering in a Minnesota hospital. Anita went through the WWII Holocaust in Germany as a young girl. Because she was Jewish, she suffered greatly but her faith in Christ comforted and strengthened her during those years.

Thank you for praying for her during this time. If you would like to write her a letter or send her a card, you may send it to:

Anita Dittman
c/o Lighthouse Trails Publishing
P.O. Box 908
Eureka, MT 59917


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