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Silverton, Oregon
August 8, 2008

Lighthouse Trails Publishing is pleased to announce the release of Things We Couldn’t Say by Diet Eman.

This is the true story of Diet Eman, a young Christian woman who joined the resistance movement in the Netherlands during WWII. Together with her fiance and other Dutch men and women, “Group Hein” risked their lives to save the lives of Jews who were in danger of becoming victims of Hitler’s “final solution.”

Things We Couldn’t Say is an endearing and moving love story that occurs in the midst of extreme danger and often unbearable circumstances and loss. Before the war ends, Eman, her fiance, and several in their group are arrested and sent to concentration camps-many of them lose their own lives.

Things-We-Couldn-t-SayA time in history that should not be forgotten. A story that will inspire Christians to live more courageously and stand for what is right, doing so by the power and grace of God.

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Lighthouse Trails Publishing
ISBN 978-0-9791315-7-8
$14.95 Retail * 352 pages * Softbound
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For more information:
Toll Free Order Line: 866/876-3910 (M-F/8-5)
Or order from your local bookstore after August 21st.

A Note from the Publisher
We at Lighthouse Trails chose this book because we agree with Diet Eman that the Nazi Holocaust must never be forgotten. Many voices have arisen that say the Holocaust never happened, and as we move more generations away, this denial of history grows only stronger. Yet the evidence and the proof exists, as is demonstrated in this book.

Often, it has been stated that the study of history is good because it helps us learn from the past, with the implication that if we just educate ourselves we could have a utopian world. But true history does not leave God’s redemption through Jesus Christ out of the picture. The prophets have foretold that there will be no lasting peace until Jesus Christ establishes a new Kingdom after He returns. In the meantime, we know there will continue to be wars and rumors of war and a future Antichrist on the horizon. But rather than grow fatalistic, we believe now more than ever before, it is time to ring out a warning and offer a word of hope. Diet’s book does all these things. Beyond this, it is a very practical manual of how godly people were able to engage an ungodly world. It offers not only a look at the past but a way to look to the future.

It is our hope, therefore, that this book will serve as a wake-up call to things that are happening today. When we look at the theological sentiments (e.g., deifying man and denying his sin nature), the growing anti-Semitism, and the lack of people in today’s world who think for themselves, we are alarmed, but at the same time comforted, in knowing that we have this book ready to place in the hands of those willing to listen.

We thank God for His faithfulness, and for precious people who have suffered so immensely when doing what is right, such as the ones in this book. Their lives, their sufferings, and their courage are an inspiration. In our hearts, as we read this book, we cannot imagine that we could ever have the strength to endure so much as these did, but we know, just as Diet and her friends knew, it was by His grace that they stood.

Publisher Note: In 1998, Diet received the Righteous Among the Nations medal from Israel’s Yad Vashem in recognition of her aid to Jewish people during the war.


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