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Free Day-Long Conference on February 27, 2010 in S. California with Warren B. Smith and Ray Yungen

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On Saturday February 27, 2010 Lighthouse Trails authors, Warren B. Smith and Ray Yungen will be speaking at the Defending the Faith conference at Calvary Chapel Pacific Coast in Westminster, California. Smith and Yungen will be joined by author of The Beautiful Side of Evil, Johanna Michaelsen, and Pastor Chris Quintana. In addition to the four lectures, there will be a Question and Answer time at the end. The day-long event (9:00am – 3pm) is free and open to all.

Warren B. Smith is a former New Age follower and the author of a number of books, including Deceived on Purpose and A “Wonderful” Deception. His writings expose the New Spirituality that has entered the church. Ray Yungen has researched the New Age and contemplative spirituality for over 25 years and is the author of A Time of Departing and For Many Shall Come in My Name. Check out their websites for more information about their ministries and their books and DVDs: and

Address of Conference:

Calvary Chapel Pacific Coast

6400 Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CA

Phone: (714) 893-4141

See flyer.

“[A] wise man’s heart discerneth both time and judgment.” Ecclesiastes 8:5

Update on Roger Oakland

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As many of you know, Lighthouse Trails author, Roger Oakland, was seriously injured when he fell while working in Saskatchewan last summer. His injuries caused a number of symptoms including blurred and double vision and a general compromise in his overall physical health. We have been sending you updates as we get them from his ministry headquarters at Understand the Times. Today, we received another update and would like to share that with you at this time:

Dear Friends and Ministry Associates of Roger Oakland:

Each week Roger is improving and feeling better. He is still not strong enough to meet the demands of the ministry. He and Myrna really appreciate the prayers and concerns that you all have expressed. You are truly a gift from God.

The Understand the Times website is being updated regularly, and the ministries in the Philippines and Myanmar [four orphan homes] have been going on continually. We have people in these countries where the children and students have been taken care of. Thank you. Ron Pierotti

Lighthouse Trails wishes to thank those of you who have continued praying for this faithful servant.

Lighthouse Trails staff and editors

**Be sure and check out Roger’s books and DVDs to learn about his vital messages to the church. We also have posted many articles by Roger on our site. Here are a few:

1. Chapter 11 of Faith Undone: Slaughterhouse Religion

2. Spiritual Disciplines

3. Contextual Theology Falling From Truth Through the Emerging Church

DeWaay & Smith – Exposing the Quantum Lie – New DVD Lecture Series

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A 4-DVD lecture series with Bob DeWaay and Warren B. Smith

Exposing-the-Quantum-Lie Filmed in 2009 at Faith at Risk 5 in Minneapolis, MN
The church and the world are being offered a new Christianity, and millions of people are buying into it. But when the outer layers of this New Spirituality are stripped away, what lies beneath is the Quantum Lie that started in the Garden of Eden. This deception will play out as the Bible predicts until the return of Jesus Christ to a world that has become completely deceived into believing that God is in everything.

DVD 1—Bob DeWaay: How Eastern mysticism has been repackaged and presented as a new way to know God.

DVD 2—Warren B. Smith: The Big Picture/A Wonderful Deception

DVD 3—Warren B. Smith: New Age Implications of The Shack, The Message and The Purpose Driven movement and the entrance of the Quantum Lie into the church

DVD 4—Bob DeWaay: Emergence Theory. How pantheism and panentheism have entered the church, convincing millions that this New Spirituality is exactly what the world needs to save itself

Bob DeWaay (B.A., North Central Bible Collage; M.A., Bethel Theological Seminary). Bob is the senior pastor of Twin City Fellowship in Minneapolis, MN, home of the Faith at Risk conferences. He is the author of Redefining Christianity: Understanding the Purpose Driven Movement and The Emergent Church: Undefining Christianity. He is the founder of Critical Issues Commentary and is a frequent guest on KKMS 980am in the Twin Cities.

Warren B. Smith (B.A., University of Pennsylvania; M.S.W., Tulane University). Warren is a free-lance writer and community social worker who was formerly involved in the New Age movement. He is the author of Deceived on Purpose, The Light That Was Dark, Reinventing Jesus Christ, and A “Wonderful” Deception. Warren speaks frequently on radio and at conferences, warning against spiritual deception in the church.

Click here to order and for DVD Set Information (Available 2/25/2010 – Pre-Order Now)

Where to Buy Lighthouse Trails Products

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You may purchase our products directly from us on our ONLINE STORE
or from any of the retailers below. Also see below for ministries that carry our books and DVDs. The quickest way to get our books and DVDs is usually direct through us as most orders ship within 24 hours.

Amazon Christian Book
Canadian Family Resources

LifeWay Christian Stores, the ministry of Southern Baptist Convention still does not carry Lighthouse Trails Publishing products.

Ministries that carry our products:

The Berean Call (Dave Hunt)

Calvary Distribution (Calvary Chapel)

Understand the Times (Canada)

Scripture Truth (US)

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