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Letter to the Editor: Thank you Mr. Yungen

Sep 30th, 2014 Posted in Book/DVD Reviews, PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT | Comments Off on Letter to the Editor: Thank you Mr. Yungen

Ray Yungen

I just finished A Time of Departing today. What a thorough, yet cordial expose. Well done. I always admire those who can expose the errors of others without slinging mud.

So thank you for your book and for all the countless hours you must wade through such dark stuff in preparation. I have prayed for you all (all those sounding the alarms) ever since I became a Christian 5 years ago, and realized what my sister was caught up in (word faith movement). I have had a crash course in all that is wrong with the church at large in just a few short years. And I am so grateful for all you faithful servants who are standing watch and alerting those with ears to hear. I am one of those, and I pray that is my course til I go home. It is frightening to see who is “wandering off the reservation” so to speak. We must be so diligent in our walk.

Well I won’t keep you, just wanted to thank you and let you know you and your staff are in my prayers.

God bless you all, B.

Lighthouse Trails Announces New Release – The Gospel in Bonds by Georgi Vins – A True Story

Sep 8th, 2014 Posted in new releases, PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT | Comments Off on Lighthouse Trails Announces New Release – The Gospel in Bonds by Georgi Vins – A True Story

Lighthouse Trails is pleased to announce the release of their latest book, The Gospel in Bonds: 8 years in the soviet gulags—imprisoned for his faith by former Soviet prisoner Georgi Vins.

A Soviet government tried to extinguish God’s Truth by placing its messengers in bonds. But the light of God’s Word and its hope of salvation could not be destroyed even in the darkest prison camp.



Georgi Vins, a Baptist pastor living in the U.S.S.R., was 37-years-old the first time he was imprisoned for his faith in a Soviet prison camp. He left behind his wife, his children, and his church. Over the course of thirteen years, Pastor Vins spent a total of eight years in the gulags.

But in the pages of this book, you won’t read about a man who felt sorry for himself or who wallowed in the misery of his sufferings. Rather, you will hear the true stories of believers whose faith in Jesus Christ took preeminence in their lives and who allowed nothing, not even a Communist government, to take away their faith and their hope.

Threaded through The Gospel in Bonds is an intricately woven theme of love for God’s Word and faith in the Gospel, even in the midst of severe punishment and deprivation.

May the pages of this book give you insight into the mind of a man uniquely used by God and encourage you to an ever-closer walk with the Savior, Jesus Christ!

Lighthouse Trails Edition
212 pages
photos | illustrations
ISBN: 978-0-9895093-6-7
Retail: $13.95
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Table of Contents and Prologue

To order The Gospel in Bonds, click here.


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