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The-Color-Of-PainThe newest release from Lighthouse Trails Publishing, The Color of Pain by Gregory R. Reid, is going to press. The subtitle of this “Sensitive Issues” book is “Boys who are sexually abused and the men they become.” With estimates at one in six boys reported being sexually abused, this book is timely and vital.

Book Information:
Softbound, 114 Pages
Illustrated, non-fiction
ISBN: 978-0-98248881-7-1
RELEASE DATE: October 20, 2010
Social Issues/Children’s Studies
Table of Contents/Preface/Introduction

One in every six boys is sexually abused. That’s just the ones who eventually tell their secret. The Color of Pain speaks to the professionals, pastors, and loved ones as well as to the boys and men who were abused. And who better to write a book like this than one of the victims who has lived the pain and later experienced the healing through Christ. The Color of Pain is a combination of some of the facts that most don’t think about and some of the pain that most won’t talk about. Whether you are one of the abused or someone who knows someone abused, this book is a moving and necessary read.

“I belong to a company of men and boys, mostly silent and scared. So few have survived well enough to talk about it. I know I have to talk, because I DID survive, and because I see them in every group I meet, from five to seventy-years-old suffering, silent victims who are not really considered REAL victims by many, since the male species, in their minds, should be able to fend off any abuse. No matter how little they were. No one really defends boy and men victims. So we’ve stayed silent. Wouldn’t you?” Gregory Reid, The Color of Pain

Some key areas addressed in this book:

* Looking for the signs of sexual abuse
* Where predators hunt
* Myths about Abused Boys
* What a Victim Looks Like
* Why Boys and Men Don’t Talk About Their Abuse
* The Hurt of Being Different
* What Not to Tell Abused Boys and Men

Author Bio: Gregory R Reid, DD has conducted more than 250 training classes for criminal justice workers, police officers, probation departments, and other professionals since 1987. He has spoken extensively in churches nationwide on the dangers of occultism. Gregory has been in youth ministry since 1975 and has worked with at-risk youth, including sexual abuse victims and occult-bound kids. He is an ordained minister, has an honorary doctorate from Logos Graduate School, and has authored eleven books. Click here to pre-order.

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