Memoir by abused boy is important, tough to read

by Diana Washington Valdez \ El Paso Times

The-Color-Of-Pain“The Color of Pain: Boys Who are Sexually Abused and the Men They Become” by Gregory R. Reid (Lighthouse Trails Publishing, $10.95),


Young boys who are sexually abused are not likely to talk about it as adults, much less to report it. Such abuse may involve ordeals of extreme brutality meant to injure the body and destroy the psyche.

Gregory R. Reid knows this firsthand. He is a survivor who has written a book about the harrowing experiences he lived through in hopes that others like him will reach out for and receive healing.

The book, “The Color of Pain: Boys Who are Sexually Abused and the Men They Become” (Lighthouse Trails Publishing, $10.95), will evoke strong emotions from readers — who will prefer to believe they are reading fiction instead of someone’s memoir.

Some passages in Reid’s book are repulsive. They are supposed to be that way. Society recoils at the thought of children being attacked in any way.

“I’m a male sexual-abuse survivor,” Reid writes. “I am also a ritual abuse survivor. I am rare and belong to a company of men and boys, mostly silent and scared.”

The El Paso author tells his story in only 104 pages that are hard to forget. The account of incidents he describes are riveting and make the reader want to follow along to find out whether he ever recovers the childhood he lost in California. Some events he chronicles occurred within the context of ritual abuse.

The book comes with warnings that its contents should not be read by young children and that adults should use good judgment in deciding the right age for young people to read it.


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