Buying Shepherd’s Garden Bible Verse Tea: The Buyer’s Perspective

By Ellen Pope

When I discovered that Lighthouse Trails was going to create tea by the name “Shepherd’s Bible Verse Tea,” I knew it was going to be special. Tea has been a part of so many wonderful memories: from times sharing with good friends, or sharing the Gospel with others, or just sitting quietly alone with Jesus. The combination of tea and scripture is, I think, a perfect fit.

Thanks to Lighthouse Trails, now we can use tea, read Scripture, and support a good cause all at the same time! Named for the One who created the tea, The Shepherd’s Garden offers a line of completely natural and organic teas, with each box directly contributing to the work of Lighthouse Trails.

It’s truly a rare thing to support a ministry when buying food and staples. More likely, our money is going to places you’d rather it not! Whenever we get the opportunity to purchase a product that goes toward helping spread the message of Jesus Christ, and feed yourself and family something wholesome at the same time, it’s a blessing. Shepherd’s Bible Verse Tea is one of those rare opportunities.

For a long time, Lighthouse Trails has been producing food for the body of Christ through their books and extensive research to expose the un-biblical roots of new age “Christianity” and meditation. Now, with the introduction of The Shepherd’s Garden products, readers have one more great way to share the Gospel and “feed” the body of Christ, as each verse directs its reader to the real point of “meditation:” Jesus Christ.

Don’t hesitate to try Shepherd’s Bible Verse Tea. Each one is especially tasty, marvelous in quality, completely natural, and full of the Light of God’s Word. Thanks to Lighthouse Trails for such a great product that honors God, and feeds the body in so many ways. I highly recommend Shepherd’s Bible Verse Tea.

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