Letter to the Editor: A Small Price to Pay – A Time from the Past

Dear Lighthouse Trails:

Small-Price-To-PayI just finished reading A Small Price to Pay. It really touched a chord with me. Back in the ’80s we had a large poster on our wall that had photos and and descriptions of pastors and other Christian workers who were facing persecution in the Soviet Union. We prayed for those folks regularly. Then during our time of serving in Russia we visited a “House of Prayer” in the town of Rybinsk that had recently been given back to the church after years of being shuttered by the authorities. That church had a huge depiction of that same poster up on their wall.Anyway, all that to say that I think that Mikhail Khorev was one of the faces on that poster. In the book he talks about a time in prison when things were at their worst and then all of a sudden his treatment improved. He attributed that in part to those who were praying for him around the world. I gotta tell you that kind of gave me a thrill to think that I might have been praying for him at that time.

There were other Russian Christians that we prayed for regularly (the Vachshenkos, Valerie Barinov) that the Lord allowed us to spend some time with. We knew that our prayers (and the prayers of others) resulted in their release from prison. It’s such a blessing to learn that Khorev may be another testament to the fact that God hears and answers my prayers.

I love books like that. Keep up the good work.

In Christ,


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