Book Review: In My Father’s House by Corrie Ten Boom

By Mrs. White
The Legacy of Home blog

In-My-Father-s-HouseCorrie ten Boom was one of the most inspiring people of our time. Her faith in God was incredible. She was called of Him to endure unbelievable pain and trials. Through it all, she was a light of hope and warmth, as an ambassador of the Kingdom of God.

Corrie is best known for her book, “The Hiding Place.” This is about the holocaust and the concentration camps. Her family hid Jewish people in their home, to protect them from the Nazis. Her family ended up in the camps. She was the only one from her family to survive the prison camps. She later became a “tramp for the Lord” (as one of her books is titled). She travelled and spoke about her faith and encouraged others.

I have read, and owned, several of Corrie’s books over the years. However, old books tend to fall apart over time and need to be replaced. The content of some books are so valuable, you want to get a new edition and take care of it as long as possible. “In My Father’s House” by Corrie, is one of those books.

. . .  This edition includes more than 50 photographs from Corrie’s childhood and home.  “In My Father’s House” is about her growing up years. It shows the foundation of her training and experiences that made her the strong, godly woman she was, which enabled her to endure the War and the aftermath.  Click here to continue reading.

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