Book Review: “Another Jesus” Calling – A valuable resource that every Christian needs to read

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A few years ago I purchased a copy of Jesus Calling by Sarah Young because it came so highly recommended. After reading the introduction and several9780989509336 entries I knew something wasn’t right and I got rid of the book. Maybe it was the audacity of someone presuming to speak in the first person on behalf of Jesus, or maybe it was because this “Jesus” didn’t sound like the Jesus I knew from scripture. “Another Jesus” Calling by Warren B. Smith addresses these valid concerns and why Young’s “Jesus” is not the Jesus of the Bible.

One issue with Young’s “Jesus” is that he uses New Age terminology and concepts that the real Christ doesn’t. For example, he invites the reader to become his “channel”. He describes himself as being above all and in all, a concept consistent with the New Age teaching of God Transcendent and God Immanent in every form of life.

He suggests that the reader “take a road less traveled” (hinting at M. Scott Peck’s book) and that to go “out on a limb” (the title of Shirley MacLaine’s book) with him is the safest place to be. As Smith writes, “…the true Jesus Christ is quite aware of these mega bestselling New Age books. It defies reason that he would make any kind of positive reference – directly or indirectly – to the titles of two of the most popular New Age books published in the last three decades. Taking “a road less traveled” with M. Scott Peck is not what we are called to do. Going “out on a limb” with Shirley MacLaine is not the safest place to be.”


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