Book Review: In My Father’s House The Years Before the Hiding Place By Corrie Ten Boom

FHlargeReviewed by Ivanna Hernandez

Corrie Ten Boom’s delightful and excellently written book is full of significant biblical values that Corrie’s parents taught their children.

This book gives us a sneak-peak of what her life was like before the discrimination she suffered at the hands of the Nazis.

Corrie’s parents taught her at an early age to look to the Lord for all her needs, to turn to him in prayer and in times of trouble, and in everything seek His will.  She learned at an early age the power of prayer (James 5:16).

This book covers her childhood and her adulthood. Before I had started reading this book, I had seen the movie The Hiding Place, so I was curious as to how Corrie’s past had prepared her for her work daring to deify the Nazis along with her family.

The book is filled with wonderful and amusing memories of what her life was like when she was a little girl. The ten Boom family wasn’t perfect – they had their trials, joys, and struggles -but what I really appreciated throughout the whole book was that each of them strived to live for God’s glory in this sin fallen world.

In My Father’s House by Corrie ten Boom
Published by Lighthouse Trails
190 pages | $13.95
Photos | Illustrated

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