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Year in Review for Lighthouse Trails Publishing Ministry

Jan 4th, 2016 Posted in company information, Publishing News, YEAR IN REVIEW | Comments Off on Year in Review for Lighthouse Trails Publishing Ministry

lighthousenew107The following is our annual Glance Back and a Look Forward for our publishing ministry, Lighthouse Trails Publishing.

A Glance Back

In 2015, Lighthouse Trails Publishing continued with the two projects we began at the beginning of 2013—the Lighthouse Trails Research Journal, which comes out in print six  times a year and is delivered now to nearly 1000 homes and offices, and our printed Booklet Tracts, of which we now have nearly 80 different titles. As long-time LT readers know, Lighthouse Trails began in 2002 with one author, Ray Yungen, and one book, A Time of Departing. We had no idea back then of the challenging road on which we would be traveling. You can read more about those early days in our booklet, The Story Behind Lighthouse Trails.

Today, Lighthouse Trails represents 35 authors from the U.S and Canada (one in the UK) and has published numerous books, lecture DVDs, and the Booklet Tracts.  We know that our marketing and public relations budget doesn’t hold a candle to medium- and large-sized Christian publishers, but we have seen God take our materials and spread them around the world in often very amazing ways. We have witnessed the commitment and dedication to truth and the Gospel by these three dozen brothers and sisters and are blessed and humbled to be able to publish their materials.

Publishing is an expensive industry, so some may ask, why do you do what you do if it is so challenging and expensive. Well, for us, that’s an obvious answer—we believe in the message these authors have to share, and we believe that many need to hear their messages. We have often prayed, Lord, if you want this ministry to continue, then we trust that You will provide the means to do so. And He continues to do so year after year.

When we began the booklets nearly three years ago, we had no idea what the response from our readers would be like. It didn’t take too long to learn that the booklets were exactly what our readers wanted and needed to share information with their loved ones and church friends. Since January 2013, we have sold and given away over 120,000 booklets around the world. And while there isn’t a lot of monetary profit for either authors or publisher as we sell these at a very low cost, based on the e-mails, phone calls, and letters we receive, we believe these booklets are making a difference in many lives, churches, and ministries. We believe we are even seeing some positive changes taking place in some Christian colleges—efforts to back away from contemplative prayer, Spiritual Formation, and emerging spirituality.

This past year, we also published two new books, Rescuing Randy by Geneva Paulson and How to Prepare for Hard Times and Persecution by Maria Kneas.  You can read about both of them on our website. Both books have tremendous merit, written by two women who have gone through the fire of refinement and have valuable insights to share in their books. And as with all Lighthouse Trails books, they are available directly through our website or calling or writing us and can also be ordered through most major book outlets and walk-in book stores.

We want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of the Lighthouse Trails readers who have taken our materials and used them to share with others. We know that is not an easy task, and we know many of you are often looked down upon, ostracized, ridiculed, and belittled for speaking up about difficult issues. You are the ones on the front lines, and it is for you especially that Lighthouse Trails exists.

Looking Ahead

At Lighthouse Trails, we have many hopes and plans for 2016. And every day, we commit these to the Lord, always praying that we will only do the things He wants us to do and that will bring glory and honor to Him.

Some of the projects we are going to be working on in 2016 include Caryl Matrisciana and Roger Oakland’s new edition of their book The Evolution Conspiracy. We are also working on a Berit Kjos’ children’s novel The Invisible War and an updated expanded edition of Maria Kneas’ Strength for Tough Times. And for those who have read Castles in the Sand and Dangerous Illusions, we are happy to announce that Zach Taylor has completed the manuscript for the third novel in this series. Our editors have now begun to prepare this book for publication. We have a couple other book projects we are developing as well.

In 2016, we expect to release 20-25 new booklet tracts. Several of our authors are working on new ones on some vital topics. We will also be releasing a new lecture DVD set by Warren B. Smith and one by Ray Yungen. These lectures took place at The Berean Call’s 2014 conference, and TBC was kind enough to give us permission to package these and offer them to our readers. Warren’s set should be available by the end of March, and Ray’s by the end of May. We have reviewed all of these lectures and have found them to contain highly valuable information.

We also plan to mail out our 2016-2017 product catalog this coming spring. If you have purchased anything from Lighthouse Trails in the past seven years, you will receive a catalog in the mail.

For those of you who have become acquainted with our Shepherd’s Bible Verse Tea (our own creation), we are making two changes in 2016. First, starting in the spring of this year, the packaging that the tea bags go in will be different. Instead of the clear cellophane packaging we have been using since we began the tea division five years ago, each tea bag will be wrapped in a coated paper wrap. This will not only be much more attractive, it will also retain the tea’s freshness and flavor longer and will have brewing instructions on each wrap. Second, by the end of the year, we will be enlarging the printed text of each Bible verse on the tag on each tea bag. It will mean reducing some of the text, but the verses will be easier to read. One thing will not change with the tea, and that is the flavor of the 6 blends of tea we offer. We have been told over and over by so many people that they absolutely love the flavor of each of the Shepherd’s Bible Verse teas. We are grateful to the Lord for providing this venue that helps meet the financial needs of Lighthouse Trails.

We pray that 2016 will be a productive year for Lighthouse Trails Publishing and Lighthouse Trails Research Project. And most of all, we pray that we may continue being a service to the body of Christ and a witness to the unsaved so that many may come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior in these difficult times in which we live.

Over the years, many of you have told us that you pray for the Lighthouse Trails editors and authors. We thank you for this dedication and support.

Because of His faithfulness and grace,

The Editors at Lighthouse Trails

What Others Are Saying About Shepherd’s Organic Bible Verse Tea

Jan 26th, 2011 Posted in Shepherd's Organic Bible Verse Tea | Comments Off on What Others Are Saying About Shepherd’s Organic Bible Verse Tea
I just wanted to tell you thank you for your tea samples. I am enjoying both; the peppermint and chai. I have never had a peppermint tea so good. I highly recommend it to anyone who would like the peppermint to be rightly prepared, with a strong peppermint taste without bitterness. The peppermint is enjoyable in the mouth even in between swalows! Better than i’ve ever had!! The Chai was also quite enjoyable!! Kim, Canada
Your teas are outstanding, excellent flavor and quality! … the Scriptures have opened some doors too. Praise the Lord! Kathleen, Florida
Your tea is so smooth that one does not need sweetener or cream with it. Even my husband, who sweetens everything, doesn’t ask for cream or sweetener.Barbara, Texas
I gave a tea combo pack to a friend for Christmas. She and her husband
put a teabag at the place of each person sitting at their Christmas lunch
table of 6, including guests. They went around the table and each person
read his/her verse, and then all of them thought together about what each
verse was saying. It was a nice way to use the tea and to introduce
Scripture to the event. B.G., Texas
I received my order of Shepherd’s Tea today. I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you I’m sitting in my jammies, bathrobe, & slippers right now enjoying a cup of Shepherd’s Tea from Lighthouse Trails. So tasty! Thank you! When I drink it, it reminds me to pray for you guys. I love the Bible verses. What a clever idea. God bless you and your ministry. J. in California
I love your new tea product & can’t wait to try them! Are any of them decaf? They are going to make great Christmas gifts. I think it’s a very fine way to support the ministry. God bless you for it, Ellen, U.S.
Hey I Did Not Know You Did Tea?  That’s Great, Our Auto Repair Biss. Is Growing And When I Get The Office Done I will Be Ordering Some For My Customers. Don, U.S.
Hooray for you in offering tea. Perhaps I’ll start drinking tea now that I know I can do so without having new age tea boxes in my home…
Thank you for being a purveyor of tea whom I can trust. Truly, Christopher D., CT
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