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“Another Jesus” Calling Book Review: A Little Gem to Help You Steer Clear of Deception

Feb 16th, 2014 Posted in Book/DVD Reviews, PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT | Comments Off on “Another Jesus” Calling Book Review: A Little Gem to Help You Steer Clear of Deception

9780989509336By Learn to Discern Granny

A Review of “Another Jesus” Calling by Warren B. Smith“Person to Person Calling” was a particular kind of telephone call, that I as a telephone operator, performed over and over in the days before unlimited long distance rates.  And this “person to person” calling is what Sarah Young purported to have heard in her best selling book Jesus Calling.

The question for us is:  “Was Jesus Calling?”  Former New Ager, Warren B. Smith, gives us the answer in his provocative little book: “Another Jesus” Calling.  And the answer, Smith most decisively proves, is this, “No, Jesus was not calling!”  And here’s why:

Saturating his thirty concerns with scripture, as to why Jesus did not personally speak with Sarah Young, Smith lays out a precise picture providing us with a book of which you can, with confidence, share with skeptical friends or family that have been deceived into devouring Young’s channeled devotional.

Smith first introduces us to Sarah Young, who seems like an unlikely person to have been lured into receiving channeled messages from “another Jesus,” having once been a student at Francis Schaeffer’s L’Abri, but in spite of  this background this was where Sarah became aware of a lovely presence whom she called “Sweet Jesus.”

Smith next introduces us to God Calling- the book Sarah embraced  before she, too, became a listener with pen in hand.  In this section Smith provides numerous scriptures along with each of his ten concerns, as to why God was not calling those two lady listeners; and as to why Sarah was deceived from the get-go when she based her own book on the listener’s spiritual dictation. Click here to continue reading.

WorldNetDaily Applauds Lighthouse Trails Book, Castles in the Sand

Jan 8th, 2010 Posted in Book/DVD Reviews | Comments Off on WorldNetDaily Applauds Lighthouse Trails Book, Castles in the Sand

[A] believable, action-packed plot …  [a] fantastic effort.  “Castles in the Sand ” is definitely an eye-opener!

Castles-in-the-Sandby Jim Fletcher
A WorldNetDaily Exclusive Commentary

“When New Age Creeps into America’s Colleges”

“Castles in the Sand” is a novel which, to the uninformed reader, might rank as far-fetched and unbelievable in the world of Christian doctrine. If only …

Author Carolyn Green has spent years studying the New Age movement and the resulting indoctrination. That she has teamed up with the brave folks at Lighthouse Trails Publishing is not an accident. Lighthouse is now a leading publisher of conservative Christian titles and serves a key role in a dwindling class of houses that are not afraid to be politically incorrect. Major kudos to Lighthouse Trails Publishing for taking on this important project.

The novel finds young Tessa Dawson entering a Bible college that is reputable and trusted to be biblically sound. She soon discovers herself immersed in doctrines that are far from Christ-centered. The professors and other students are completely submerged in false teachings, and Tessa soon is drawn to this “new way” of discovering Christianity. Click here to read this entire review.

Information on Castles in the Sand:

Table of Contents and Chapter One

Chapter by Chapter Synopsis

Chapter 19: Bad Counsel

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