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Book Review: Laughter Calls Me

Apr 14th, 2011 Posted in Book/DVD Reviews | Comments Off on Book Review: Laughter Calls Me

From Books and Chocolate

This is the true story of a mother who discovers her children have become victims of sexual abuse and child pornography at the hands of their father and other relatives.  The story covers a twenty-year period in the author’s life from her pot-smoking hippie lifestyle in the seventies as a teenager before becoming a Christian and a wife and mother, to the heartbreaking discovery of the abuse and her fight to keep her children safe, even to the point of having to go into hiding. 

Once I started reading this book I couldn’t stop and finished it in one sitting.  It had me in tears at times but mostly inspired me in my faith because in the midst of it all, it was evident that God was at work in Catherine’s life early on in ways that strengthened her for what was to come.  The author admits there were times she didn’t think she or her children were going to survive it all emotionally, but in the end God took what was meant for evil and replaced it with healing and joy.  The epilogue is a blessing not to be missed.

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