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Let There Be Light Helps Women’s Rehab Group

Jul 13th, 2012 Posted in Book/DVD Reviews | Comments Off on Let There Be Light Helps Women’s Rehab Group

LTRP Note: With permission, we are posting this letter from a reader who wrote this to our author, Roger Oakland.

Hi Roger:

Don’t know if you remember me or not.  I wrote you some time back regarding how much I loved your book Let There Be Light.  I just had to write you again.  I am now leading a book study at our church on your book.  I am so excited about it.  My Pastor asked me if I would lead it because I had read it and highly recommended it.  Well, I said I would, but I tell you Roger, that is totally out of the box for me.

Anyways, we are doing 3 different books, and my group is mostly a group of ladies from “Teen Challenge.”  It’s a recovery/rehab program for people of various addictions.  It is a Christian program.  Love all these people, and I was so very nervous.  The enemy attacked me all week long, telling me no one will like this book, and they will think I’m a ditso, and I will look like a fool.  But, I didn’t let it overcome me.  Sooooo, we had our first meeting last Tuesday and wow, they loved it.  We only do a couple chapters at a time and have discussion.  They didn’t want the hour to be over and wanted so much to take their books home.  But they have to wait until our next meeting.  The Pastor said they came out chattering about how good it was and can’t wait until next week.  Yeah!

I know you are a humble man, but I still had to write and tell you.  As I said before I was so very touched by your book.  I am praying that these ladies will also be touched, and I feel they will be.  They are trying to get their lives together and I think a book like this will give them great hope.  So God bless you for sharing your story.

Take care –

Sincerely _________

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SPECIAL OFFER – 3 Books for Price of 2 – Strong Reader Response to Let There Be Light

Feb 8th, 2012 Posted in SPECIAL OFFERS | Comments Off on SPECIAL OFFER – 3 Books for Price of 2 – Strong Reader Response to Let There Be Light

Let-There-Be-LightLate last fall, Lighthouse Trails released Roger Oakland’s apologetics biography, Let There Be Light. We call this book an apologetics biography because interwoven in the pages of Roger’s life as an evolutionist-turned-creationist is a defense of the Gospel and a contending for the biblical Christian faith, addressing several vital issues (for example: the emerging church, road to Rome, Calvary Chapel, abortion, evolution, and the New Age). The book is an emotional and hard-hitting read as many of our readers who have already read the book have been telling us. One of the reasons we believe the response is so strong is that those reading it are resonating with Roger’s struggle to get other Christians, including pastors, to take his warnings seriously. Some of the people who have contacted us have expressed their own frustrations and struggles in trying to get their families, friends, colleagues, and pastors to take heed to their exhortations about watching out for spiritual deception. Click here to read excerpts of the book.

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Lighthouse Trails is Pleased to Present Let There Be Light by Roger Oakland

Nov 28th, 2011 Posted in new releases | Comments Off on Lighthouse Trails is Pleased to Present Let There Be Light by Roger Oakland


Lighthouse Trails is Pleased to Present –

Let There Be Light by Roger Oakland

From evolutionist to creationist, how one man left his Canadian farm
to spread the Gospel throughout the world


Eureka, MT – November 28, 2011 – Lighthouse Trails Publishing is pleased to announce the release of Let There Be Light by Roger Oakland.


Book Information:
ISBN: 978-0-9846366-9-3
224 Pages, Softbound
$13.95, photos
Lighthouse Trails Publishing
Front Matter
Qualifies for quantity discounts

OVERVIEW OF LET THERE BE LIGHT: Roger Oakland heads to university with the morals and values of his Christian parents intact. When he enters school, he believes in God as a Creator, but soon exchanges this for Darwinian evolution. After graduation, he begins teaching biology (with an emphasis on evolution) at the same university. Challenged one day by a young Christian student, Roger mocks the whole idea of Creation and God.

Through a series of painful circumstances, including the death of a baby son, he begins searching for answers to life – until one day he has a dramatic experience when hit with the realization that God created everything.

Becoming a creationist and later a committed born-again Christian, Roger’s life is radically changed, and he is filled with a passion to tell others about God. Little does he know at the time that he will travel throughout the world to share his message.

Through his research, he finds a connection between evolution and the New Age. He discovers that multitudes of people are rejecting the idea of a Creator God and replacing it with an impersonal panentheistic “God.” Much to his alarm, Roger learns that New Age concepts, such as this evolutionary “God,” are being absorbed into mainstream Christianity.

As time progresses, Roger realizes that the Christian church is heading down a dangerous road of apostasy. He comes head to head with Christian leaders whom he learns are guiding believers toward a one-world religion via the Roman Catholic church through mysticism and the emerging church. The cost of telling the truth and warning the church is high for Roger Oakland. Within his own denomination, Calvary Chapel, he begins to see signs of spiritual deception. He works tirelessly to teach and warn about the coming apostasy. Eventually, he realizes that both he and his message are being rejected by leaders that he tried to support for so many years.

From the wheat fields of Saskatchewan to the classrooms of evolutionary humanism, to a fallen USSR to poverty-stricken villages in Myanmar, through personal pain and loss, Roger shares his message to over 130 countries. This apologetics biography will inspire you to give all for the sake of Christ and His Gospel. Click here to order or for more information.


Topics This Book Addresses:
Biblical creation versus Darwinian evolution
Russia’s openness to the Gospel after the fall of the USSR
A plan by the Catholic church to absorb Protestantism
The connection between evolution and the New Age
How the Christian church is being lured into a one-world religion that is prophesied in the Bible
Contrasting the Light of the World to the darkness of this age
The role mysticism is playing in end times deception
How Christian leaders are ignoring the study of Bible prophecy

Questions this book answers:
What is real science?
Is Darwinian theory scientific?
Is spiritual deception talked about in the Bible?
What is the Catholic Eucharistic Evangelization plan?
What is the Gospel of Jesus Christ?
What is the essential ingredient for true revival?
Are signs-and-wonders revivals like the Toronto Blessing biblical?
Why do many Christian pastors and leaders avoid talking about spiritual deception?
Does the Bible mandate Christians to warn against spiritual deception?

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