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Book Review: “Another Jesus” Calling – A valuable resource that every Christian needs to read

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A few years ago I purchased a copy of Jesus Calling by Sarah Young because it came so highly recommended. After reading the introduction and several9780989509336 entries I knew something wasn’t right and I got rid of the book. Maybe it was the audacity of someone presuming to speak in the first person on behalf of Jesus, or maybe it was because this “Jesus” didn’t sound like the Jesus I knew from scripture. “Another Jesus” Calling by Warren B. Smith addresses these valid concerns and why Young’s “Jesus” is not the Jesus of the Bible.

One issue with Young’s “Jesus” is that he uses New Age terminology and concepts that the real Christ doesn’t. For example, he invites the reader to become his “channel”. He describes himself as being above all and in all, a concept consistent with the New Age teaching of God Transcendent and God Immanent in every form of life.

He suggests that the reader “take a road less traveled” (hinting at M. Scott Peck’s book) and that to go “out on a limb” (the title of Shirley MacLaine’s book) with him is the safest place to be. As Smith writes, “…the true Jesus Christ is quite aware of these mega bestselling New Age books. It defies reason that he would make any kind of positive reference – directly or indirectly – to the titles of two of the most popular New Age books published in the last three decades. Taking “a road less traveled” with M. Scott Peck is not what we are called to do. Going “out on a limb” with Shirley MacLaine is not the safest place to be.”


Standing Fast in the Last Days DVD Back in Production

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Lighthouse Trails is pleased to announce that it has brought Warren B. Smith’s lecture DVD Standing Fast in the Last Days back into production.

Standing-Fast-in-the-Last-DaysOn June 5th, 2008, former New Age follower Warren Smith spoke to 800 pastors at the Calvary Chapel Senior Pastors’ Conference in Murrieta, California. This took place because of a personal invitation by Chuck Smith, the late founder of the Calvary Chapel movement. Integrating his compelling testimony, Warren shared his deep concerns regarding the spiritual deception taking place in the church today. Covering topics such as the Emerging Church, Purpose-Driven, the New Age, and what is being called the New Spirituality, Warren exposed what may be the signs of a great falling away that the Bible has predicted will happen in the days before Christ’s return. Some of the topics Warren addressed were: the influence of Oprah Winfrey and Robert Schuller, a growing hostility toward biblical Christians, a plan for a false world peace, how mysticism is becoming an integral part of today’s society, and the interspiritual, ecumenical movement that is gaining momentum and deceiving many.

See two 10-minute preview video clips of the Standing Fast talk by Warren B. Smith:

Music Credits

Music “I Won’t Wait” Buck Storm Songs for the Road Home, Vol. 1 “One Day” Buck Storm Gracias
Used with permission by Buck Storm.
For research information on the topics discussed in this DVD, check out Lighthouse Trails Research Project at

“Another Jesus” Calling Has Gone to Press

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AJC-lgLighthouse Trails is pleased to say that we have now gone to press with Warren B. Smith’s new release, “Another Jesus” Calling. The book will be back from press by November 22nd. Below is some information about the book, including the Table of Contents and a link to the “Note to the Reader” (from the book).

Inspired by the New Age book God Calling, Sarah Young claims to be receiving messages from Jesus Christ which she compiled into what is now her best-selling book, Jesus Calling. Author Warren Smith carefully documents his concerns about her book, her “Jesus,” and the New Age implications contained in many of Young’s devotional messages. He also warns about the danger of contemplative prayer and in elevating spiritual experiences over the Word of God. “Another Jesus” Calling is his call for much needed discernment in these very deceptive times.

$12.95  176 pages |
Softbound ORDER HERE


Note to the Reader Prologue

PART ONE – GOD CALLING: Ten Concerns 1. Channeled Book From Jesus? 2. Permeated With New Age Terminology 3. God’s Universal Spirit? 4. God “in” Everyone? 5. Name it & Claim it 6. Experience Replaces God’s Word 7. Jesus Needs Us More Than We Need Him? 8. New Truth & New Revelation 9. The New Age & Psalm 46:10 10. New Age Christianity

PART TWO – JESUS CALLING: Twenty Concerns 1. Inspired by a Channeled New Age Book 2. Channeling Jesus? 3. Test the Spirits 4. Jesus Contradicts Himself? 5. Jesus Tells Us to Laugh at the Future? 6. The Flattery of Jesus? 7. Who Wants Us to Rest by the Wayside? 8. Visualizing Jesus? 9. The Dark Night of Jesus’ Birth? 10. Abraham Guilty of “Idolatry” & “Son-Worship”? 11. Contemplative Prayer, the New Age, & Psalm 46:10 12. Practicing What Presence? 13. “Co-creating” with God 14. Quantum Leap, Quantum “Christ” 15. “Cocoon of Light” 16. The “Great Work” of “Divine Alchemy” 17. Jesus is Above All & “in” All? 18. Moving Toward a New Age/New Worldview 19. Would Jesus Magnify His Presence Above the Word of God? 20. “Another Jesus” Calling

Epilogue Appendix A – Ten Basic Warnings About Deception Appendix B – The Gospel of the True Jesus Christ Appendix C – Ten Ways to Be More Discerning Note From the Publisher Endnotes Index

Click here to order or for more information.

AUTHOR BIO: Warren B. Smith (B.A. University of Pennsylvania; M.S.W. Tulane University) is a former social worker who directed several homeless programs in Northern California and served as a hospice social worker in New Orleans and on the California coast. Because of his past involvement in the New Age movement, he has written extensively on the subject of spiritual deception. He speaks often at conferences in the U.S. and abroad.


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Lighthouse Trails is pleased to announce the release of How to Protect Your Child From the New Age & Spiritual Deception by Berit Kjos.

How-To-Protect-Your-Child-From-the-New-Age-Spiritual-DeceptionBook Information:
336 pages, softbound
Retail: $14.95
Quantity discounts available
Official Release Date: May 28, 2013
Buy through Lighthouse Trails or order through any online or walk-in bookstore.
Table of Contents
Chapter by Chapter Synopsis
Author’s book website
Author’s ministry website

Exposes the assault on Christianity and the global plan to transform society through the minds of our children

TEMPTING VOICES BECKON to children everywhere. Schools, movies, music, and books all sound the call: “Come, dream, trust Self, you are divine, create your own reality, build a new world. Anything goes, for sin and guilt exist only in the minds of the antiquated ‘religious.’”

“Unlearning the old ways” is key to this global transformation. Today’s assault on biblical Christianity is fast undermining God’s moral and spiritual boundaries. It invites chaos rather than unity—coercion instead of freedom—war and violence instead of peace—and ultimately overtakes today’s children with the plan to turn them into “progressive” transformation leaders of tomorrow.

How can we equip our children so they do not become spiritually deceived and fall into this world-wide agenda? And how can we teach them to have the courage to say no to seductive enticements? There is an answer! We can teach our children to know Truth, so they will discern the counterfeit. And we can teach them how to spot the New Age/New Spirituality and to understand the serious implications that occur when it is embraced.

Author Bio: Berit Kjos is a respected researcher, the author of many books and magazine articles, and a concerned parent (and grandparent) who has extensively studied religious trends, today’s social changes, the roots and branches of the United Nations, the rising worldwide management system, and—most alarming of all—the transformation of the church. Berit first became aware of New Age and occult influences in our society at a 1974 conference on holistic health. As a registered nurse, she was interested in methods of healing but soon discovered that the occult powers found in New Age methods brought bondage instead of true healing.

Buy through Lighthouse Trails or order through any online or walk-in bookstore.



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Muddy-WatersLighthouse Trails is pleased to announce the release of Muddy Waters: an insider’s view of North American Native Spirituality by Canadian author, Nanci Des Gerlaise.

Book Information:
232 pages, softbound, photos
Retail: $13.95
Quantity discounts available

Release Date: May 29, 2012
Order through Lighthouse Trails or any online or walk in bookstore

Table of Contents and Preface

Chapter by Chapter Synopsis

Many Christians see no problem combining the beliefs and practices of Native American Spirituality with their view of Christianity. But Nanci Des Gerlaise knows differently. Raised on a Metis settlement with fifteen brothers and sisters, Nanci’s childhood and young adult life was riddled with terrors that come with being the daughter and granddaughter of medicine men. Muddy Waters tells the story of this Cree Native American (Canadian First Nations) woman, who after years of struggle, oppression, and spiritual darkness found light and truth in the One who offered her freedom.

But Muddy Waters is not just a biography. It delves deeply into the framework of Native Spirituality. While Native American Christians are looking for a great spiritual awakening within the First Nations/Native American groups–by incorporating Native Spirituality practices into their Christianity–right under their noses, a massive worldwide deception is swiftly surging forward. Partly in overcompensation for very real injustices committed against Native Americans, Native Spirituality has become politically correct inasmuch as traditional biblical Christianity is on a fast track to becoming politically incorrect. Sadly, in the process, the Gospel, which is “the power of God unto salvation” (Romans 1:16) is being pushed aside, as if it were to blame–leaving countless numbers of people–both Native American and non-Native–without the sure hope that only comes through knowing Jesus Christ.

Chapter by Chapter Synopsis

1/A Medicine Man’s Daughter: In this chapter, Nanci describes her childhood on a Métis settlement in Canada, growing up with 15 siblings. Nanci’s life was often filled with terrifying experiences resulting from the family’s history of occultic mystical practices. Her grandfather and later her father were medicine men. The chapter also tells some historical events of the Canadian Native American, such as the Frog Lake Massacre, which was part of the “Northwest Resistance.” Nanci also describes the residential schools, one of which her mother attended as a child, where Native children were taken from their parents’ homes and forced to live in these schools. Often, these children were subjected to physical, sexual, and mental abuse by the Catholic nun and priest schoolmasters.

2/ Religious Influences: Nanci grew up with a mixture of Roman Catholicism, occultism, and Native Spirituality. From séances and sorcery to the eucharist and rosaries, there was a little of every kind of religious influence in her home. When tragedy strikes Nanci’s family, it is the first time she really begins to evaluate her life.

3/ Life and Work “Inside the Wire”: Eventually, Nanci becomes employed with the Canadian prison system as a correctional officer. This chapter gives the reader a glimpse of what life is like for both officer and prisoner. It also reveals how the prison system accommodates political “correctness” by allowing inmates to perform their religious practices, even if those practices are of an occultic nature.

4/ Light in the Midst of Darkness: Nanci backtracks here and tells about her mother’s passing and how she and her siblings were virtually left to fend for themselves, with some of them ending up in foster homes for a season. After years of hardship, alcohol, prescription drugs, and failed relationships, Nanci is introduced to Jesus Christ, to whom she gives her life and heart. She hopes and prays that her medicine man father might too find salvation before he dies.

5/ A Counterfeit Versus the Real Thing: From here, the book moves from the biographical into the roots and beliefs of Native Spirituality. In chapter 5, Nanci talks about two sources of power (Satan and God) but only One source of truth, and how we, whether Native or non-Native, have a sneaky adversary who seeks constantly to deceive us. Throughout the rest of the book, Nanci quotes many Scriptures that back up her warnings and exhortations. Here, in chapter 5, she talks more about the mixture of Catholicism (works) and Native Spirituality (occultism) and the dangerous consequences of such a combination. She also explains how Native Americans have been very wounded and are bitter because Catholicism was forced upon them for so long, leaving many of them to erroneously equate Catholicism with true Christianity.  This chapter has an excellent comparison chart: The Biblical View versus the Native Spirituality View (e.g., Creation, Salvation, Sin, etc.)

6/ New Age Elements in North American Native Spirituality: Chapter 6 is like a mini-encyclopedia of the elements of Native Spirituality and how they coincide with New Age beliefs. This extensive chapter is of utmost value and importance as it unveils the nature behind beliefs like: panentheism, animism, neo-paganism, and feminism. It also talks about the Native Spiritual view of the afterlife, ancestral and animal spirits, and curses while describing  things like dream catchers and medicine wheels (which are becoming popular in some mainstream Christian groups). The chapter gives a fascinating history of “Peyote and the Native American Church” and explains what powwows,
potlatches, and other activities are. Smudging, sun dances, and sweat lodges are also discussed.

7/False Christs, Plastic Shamans, & Mother Earth: Chapter 7 covers some vital information. It gives an account of the Ghost Dance Messiah (Wovoka), a false christ within the Native American culture, and how he became the “Jesus” to many Native Americans during the Ghost Dance Movement (founded in 1890). Also discussed thoroughly is shamanism. A lot of people don’t realize what shamanism is even though forms of it have been introduced into Christianity and western culture. The chapter tells the stories of two shamans who found Jesus Christ and testify of the Gospel today. It explains what Mother Earth and goddess spirituality are and how the United Nations and even Christian leaders, such as Rick Warren, are playing into the hand of a one-world, end-time world peace.

8/Native Spirituality “Renewal” Emerges: Many Native Americans are looking now for a renewal of Native Spirituality, believing they are practicing a completely unique form of spirituality, originating with them. But they couldn’t be further from the truth. Native Spirituality is just one part of a vast movement that is creating a paradigm shift in our present-day culture away from biblical Christianity and replacing it with an all-inclusive interspiritual global religion that relies heavily upon mystical practices. The results will create a “Christianity” that has no resemblance to biblical Christianity whatsoever. In one section of this chapter, “The Emerging Church, the New Age, and Native Spirituality,” Nanci tells how this Native Spirituality “renewal” is on the same path as the emerging church. Nanci talks about some of the “renewal’s” top leaders, such as Richard Twiss, and how they are confusing biblical Christianity with a false religious movement. Gives an example of one Native American community that is standing for biblical truth even in the midst of ridicule and rejection.

9/Can Cultures Be Redeemed?: Probably the most controversial chapter, Nanci asks and answers the question (using many Scriptures) “Can entire cultures be redeemed?.” She biblically challenges the Indigenous People’s Movement, a movement that says that God can be found in all cultures and that becoming “Christian” and leaving one’s cultural religious practices behind isn’t necessary. Exposing the teachings of IPM leaders such as YWAM and Daniel Kikawa (Perpetuated in Righteousness), Nanci leaves no doubt that this “Cultural Identity” movement is harmful and goes against the Word of God. She also addresses the issue of missionaries. IPM leaders say they have done no good for the Native Americans. Nanci shows otherwise. She also asks the question, is the God of the Bible the “Great Spirit” or Allah and shows how the Bible identifies the names of God and does not include names used by pagan cultures.

10/Living Waters: This final chapter gives practical and biblical advice to those who have been involved in some type of occultism, mysticism, or Native Spirituality. Using Scripture and suggested ways to pray, Nanci shows how those under demonic oppression from past activities can be set free and given new life in Christ. She talks about the armor of God and how vital it is for the believer’s life.

(From chapter 10) “God is in the process of renewing the mind of a believer and making him aware of what is pleasing and displeasing to Him. A great deal of the New Testament talks about putting to death the evil deeds of the body by the Spirit (Galatians 5, Romans 6, 8, Colossians 3) as well as renouncing and fleeing from the works of darkness. Repentance is a process that really means turning around in the mind and going in the complete opposite direction. And only God’s Word, through the power and illumination of the Holy Spirit, can transform our minds (see Romans 12:2).”

Afterword: It’s clear, by reading Muddy Waters that Nanci loves her Native American people. Her heart is that they might come to know the Savior who rescued her. She has written from this standpoint, with the hope that many will see the difference between the true Gospel and false religion. Here, in the Afterword, she excerpts Egerton Ryerson Young, a young missionary in the late 1800s, who lived among the Cree people of Manitoba for many years.

Terminology: Several terms, such as Métis and Treaty Indians, are defined.

Appendix I: Unequal Contenders in the Spiritual War: Comparison charts between God, man, and Satan.

Appendix II: Names for God: A five-page list of the names used for God in the Bible. A great resource.

Appendix III: The Story of Maskepetoon: A special bonus – the story of a Cree chief from the 1800s, Maskepetoon, who it turns out was connected to Nanci’s family long ago and was, himself, greatly affected by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.




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