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Understand the Times Banquet – 20 Years of Ministry – Giving Thanks to the Lord

Mar 5th, 2011 Posted in LT Author News | Comments Off on Understand the Times Banquet – 20 Years of Ministry – Giving Thanks to the Lord

On the last weekend of February, Roger Oakland’s ministry Understand the Times celebrated its 20th anniversary in ministry, giving thanks to the Lord for His faithfulness during this time. Many of Roger’s friends and colleagues joined him for a special evening of praise to the Lord.  See this special slide-show we have put together below. Also we have compiled letters written by various people who have been associated with Understand the Times during the past 20 years. You may read them by clicking here. Also, one of the couples who attended the banquet sent Lighthouse Trails the letter below.

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Dear Lighthouse Trails,

We wanted to take the time to tell you about our Friday night. We had the pleasure of going to Roger Oakland’s 20th banquet for Understand the Times. What a blessing ! The music was Terry Clark and his wife. It was a mini concert of true worship. There were many wonderful God-fearing, loyal friends and supporters of both Roger Oakland and Understand The Times.

The accolades and testimonies were abundant. By the nights end, we had a very clear understanding of the selfless, godly, ministry that this is. His only concern is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and expose “proven” false doctrine and Apostasy / emergent / New age teachings.

He is so concerned for the children of UTT’S orphanages. His passion for the children is so evident, and his heart breaks regarding funds being taken from these babies / children’s mouths, along with the Gospel being preached to them !!  How can churches who once supported UTT do this just because TRUTH against Apostasy has been spoken ?? THESE ARE CHILDREN LIVES, THESE ARE CHILDREN’S SOULS !!! Where are the TRUTH SPEAKERS ??

How can his past friends try to make Roger look off in any way? Because they are not willing to stand up against false teaching ? Loyalty seems to have alluded them also! 

Not a more balanced man in ministry exists. We wonder what our Lord will say to those who have turned against this man and his ministry.

As these Last Days go forward, we know that the Delusion will come from “with-in” the Church. It seems like this has begun.

Well we are changing whom we give our tithe money to. We want it to go to a RIGHT-ON MINISTRY, to feed the children of these orphanages, both physically and Spiritually !!

These are dark times. We continue to pray. Thank you both for your continued hard work.


Two loyal supporters

For information about Understand the Times and their work, visit them on their website.

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