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Since the turn of the millennium, in particular since September 11, 2001 when America was attacked by terrorists triggering a global-wide spiritual paradigm shift, Christianity as we have known it has experienced a major meltdown. While many are saying Christianity is on the brink of a great revival and even a "new reformation," in reality, we are witnessing the greatest apostasy in modern-day history.

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This latter-day deception has impacted every evangelical and Protestant denomination to one degree or another, and it is worldwide. The sheep have been led astray by shepherds who have neglected what they have been called to do—protect the sheep.

The Good Shepherd Calls brings clarity to what this delusion looks like, why it is happening, where it is headed, and what can still be done to warn believers and unbelievers alike.

This book is about following Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd Calls brings clarity to why this delusion is happening, where it is headed, and what can still be done to warn believers and unbelievers alike.



By on  22 March 2017 (PDF BOOK - The Good Shepherd Calls) :

Essential Information for Believers

I got the pdf book after I bought the paperback issue. I felt such an urge to share this information with many people, so I got the pdf so that I could easily share small excerpts with friends. I regularly email important messages to people I know, and The Good Shepherd Calls is truly important and much needed in the confused world we have today. The first chapter lays out what is going on, and the entire book is well-organized and timely. This is a book that can educate, enlighten and encourage (the 3 Es are accidental) weary contenders for the faith as well as dissect for examination the mess we have in "religious" society today. Thank God for the help I have obtained and shared, and I still have a few chapters to go.

By on  09 March 2017 (PDF BOOK - The Good Shepherd Calls) :

Mr. Oakland - A True Berean

I have already read Roger Oakland's book the Good Shepherd Calls two times. I had a difficult time putting it down.

This book was written from the heart of a true believer in the one true God. A man who yearns to inform the Church that there are troublesome happenings in the Body of Christ right now.

By on  25 Feb. 2017 (PDF BOOK - The Good Shepherd Calls) :

A Must Read for All Christians Today

This book is a must read for all Christians today. If you have any questions or concerns about what is happening in the church today, this book lays out the answers very clearly and concisely. Excellent book.

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