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Biography/New Age movement
248 pages
1st Edition
Revised and expanded from the best-selling book, Gods of the New Age (Harvest House 1985)

Table of Contents

Chapter One

Interview with Caryl (Assist News)

Book Review by Peter Hammond
(Christian Action Network -  South Africa)

Description:Out of India is the biography of Caryl Matrisciana. Born and raised in India, Caryl saw firsthand the effects that Hinduism had on the people of that nation. After leaving India as a young adult, she became involved in the counter-culture New Age movement, only to find that the elements of Hinduism and the New Age were very much the same. Later as a Christian, Caryl discovered that this same spirituality had entered the Christian church through various avenues.

"When I was twenty years old, my family returned from India, where I was born and lived for most of my life, to England, our homeland. It was during the turbulent sixties, and I was about to be introduced to a movement that didnât even have a name yet. How could I have possibly known then that the strange and mystical religion I had been surrounded by in India would someday be at the heart of a spirituality that would influence millions around the world?"

Topics covered in this book include:
*"Christian Yoga"
*The hippie generation and the Beatles
*the New Age
*Chicken Soup for the Soul
*Centering Prayer and mantra meditation
*The Emerging Church
*Purpose Driven
*Global Peace Plans
*The Secret and The Moses Code
*The Great Tribulation
*New Age music
*Interreligious dialogue
*Breath Prayers
*Horoscopes and Astrology
*Tantric Sex
*The "New Reformation"
*Relaxation Techniques
*Spiritual Formation
*Current emphasis on "Leadership"
and much more....

Author Bio: As co-producer of Jeremiah Films for 23 years, Caryl contributed research and expertise to more than 55 documentaries and also served as the Creative and Marketing Director. In 2002, she founded Caryl Productions, (visit www.caryltv.com)  which produces cutting edge video journalism and information to help discern the times in which we live. (Author's website)


By on  11 Apr. 2017 (E-BOOK - Out of India) :

Excellent Book

I have read alot of factual information about this subject, which this book includes. But it was refreshing to hear a first hand account of the subject. I found the book to be informative and it's easy to stay interested.

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