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God Remembers: The Visions and Words of the Prophet Zechariah View larger

God Remembers: The Visions and Words of the Prophet Zechariah


By Pastor Bill Randles

The prophecies by Zechariah will inspire evangelism, even conversion, as people realize that the prophecies uttered 25 centuries ago are currently coming to pass with incredible precision and accuracy. Get this book and familiarize yourself with these prophecies.

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The Prophet Zechariah lived and ministered in the time of the return of the Jewish people from the 70 year exile in Babylon. The City of Jerusalem was in ruin, the walls were destroyed and heaps of rubble, the Holy temple, which had been the only place on earth of true worship, was a burnt and empty shell. But God remembered his people and raised up Zechariah, Joshua the High Priest, and Zerubabbel a direct descendent of King David to be the Governor. Their task was to rebuild. It is in this context that Zechariah recede his prophetic words and visions of the restoration of Jerusalem to world prominence, the restoration of the temple and of Israel as God's witness. Zechariah's visions raced further ahead also, giving specific details of the first and second coming of the Lord Jesus Himself. The current world situation is a scene straight out of Zechariah 12.


By on  14 Dec. 2017 (God Remembers: The Visions and Words of the Prophet Zechariah) :

God Remembers

We haven't read it yet (it's a Christmas gift) but Pastor Bill Randles is a good teacher and writer, and few people ever teach on Zechariah (Rayola is currently giving a series of messages in our home fellowship on Ezra, Haggai, and Zechariah) and I know she will enjoy his book.

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