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E-BOOK - Simple Answers—Understanding the Catholic Faith (An Evangelical Primer)



The evangelical church is at a crucial point in its history. There are many voices crying out for a dramatic change in the way evangelicals have traditionally viewed Catholicism; these voices are taking the church in a radically different direction, one that fits in with Bible prophecy.

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It is not just a fluke or an aberration that the evangelical churches and the Catholic Church are coming into alignment with each other. The Catholic Church is taking a softer view of the evangelical church, and the evangelical church is starting to downplay the traditional and significant differences that have kept it at bay with the Roman Catholic Church. 


By on  27 Dec. 2017 (E-BOOK - Simple Answers—Understanding the Catholic Faith (An Evangelical Primer)) :

Excellent book about the sad falling away of many evangelical leaders.

Ray Yungen was another of the too few men or women we have or have had with us for a short time who proclaims God's truths. I'm sure that he and Dave Hunt are rejoicing together now!