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Dangerous Illusions



Sequel to Carolyn Greene's Castles in the Sand

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Dangerous Illusions | Castles in the Sand Half Off
Castles in the Sand | Dangerous Illusions BOOK SET

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Lighthouse Trails Box of 14 Books
Lighthouse Trails Trio Book Pack

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With the death of its long-time pastor, Sheep Gate Lane Church is a mere shell, a crumbling icon that will soon be fit only for postcard decoration. Desperate for a resurgence of the old sawdust-trail days, the deacons cast a wide net, hoping to reel in a new and invigorating pastor.

At the sudden appearance of young, handsome, William "Chip" Davis, church attendance soars and the offering basket is full to overflowing. Universally loved, Chip's many successful church programs make Sheep Gate Lane Church the county center of a revival movement, with Chip the acknowledged captain of a ship bound for glory.

But insidious forces work behind the veneer of success. Subtly merging traditional Christianity with pseudo-Christian mysticism, Chip slowly reveals the wolf beneath his sheep's apparel. When he is joined at the church podium by a mysterious nun who has evil plans of her own, the entire congregation is caught in the maelstrom of false religion and finds itself in a very real spiritual war fought for the souls of men, women, and children.

In this continuation of the Lighthouse Trails novel Castles in the Sand, you'll meet again the characters you grew to love-weary Jacob Brown and his patient wife Margaret, stalwart Nathan, and a now world-wise Tessa come home to find herself the target of an unseen killer's vengeance. Revealing the outward loveliness of spiritual deception, Dangerous Illusions is a taut thriller with an ultimate message of hope and deliverance through Jesus Christ.


By (Milwaukee, United States) on  16 Apr. 2017 (Dangerous Illusions) :

Dangerous Illusions

A follow up to Castles in the Sand brings back familiar characters as well as new ones. A good look at what happens when guards are down and the sheep are at risk.
A great read for teens and adults alike.

By (Jaipur, Rajasthan, India) on  16 Dec. 2016 (Dangerous Illusions) :

Dangerous Illusions

Fantastic book. Will be good to wake people up to the deception in the church.

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