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A Time of Departing



by Ray Yungen
How ancient mystical practices are uniting Christians with the world's religions

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Book Information:
ISBN 0972151206
Retail - $12.95
Softbound 248 Pages

Description: A revealing account of a New Age spirituality that has infiltrated much of the church today. Exposes the subtle strategies to compromise the gospel message with Eastern mystical practices cloaked under evangelical terminology and wrappings.
Topics include:
Contemplative Prayer
Spiritual Director
**Desert Fathers
Spiritual Formation
Spiritual Disciplines
Purpose Driven and the Emerging Church

Author Bio: Ray Yungen, author, speaker and research analyst has studied religious movements for the last twenty years. He is also the author of For Many Shall Come In My Name. He is available for radio and television interviews and for seminars, conferences and college assemblies. His exuberance for life and his love for Jesus Christ and for people are evident in his writing. Mr. Yungen resides in Salem, Oregon.

Table of Contents

Sample Chapter

Questions this book answers ...

1. Is Rick Warren's Purpose Driven paradigm promoting the contemplative prayer movement?

2. How and through whom is great delusion moving into the majority of churches today?

3. What is wrong with "Christian" yoga?

4. What is the emerging church really all about and why is it a dangerous spirituality?

Also find out about practices such as the labyrinth, reiki, meditation, breath prayers, spiritual directors and much, much more.

'A Time of Departing' & New Spirituality Terms (7:25) from Chris Lawson on Vimeo.


By on14 Feb. 2017 (A Time of Departing) :


"A Time of Departing" is one of those books that I return to from time to time, and always learn something deeply, spiritually new. It should be read by all believers who desire to walk in the light in a day of darkness.

By (Abbotsford, Canada) on09 Feb. 2017 (A Time of Departing) :

A Time of Departing

For anyone unfamiliar with the background of the tsunami of mystical teaching sweeping through the church today, this book is an excellent and thorough resource.

By (Madison, United States) on13 Dec. 2016 (A Time of Departing) :
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By (Peachtree City, United States) on17 July 2016 (A Time of Departing) :

Wow, the things I did not know.

It is a well-documented book on the story of New Age and mysticism and contemplative prayer / spirituality as it sweeps through Christian leaders and many churches. This second edition was dated 2006. I can only guess how wide-spread this is now in 2016 (ten years later). I'm concerned that it hasn't slowed in its acceptance, which illustrates the lack of spiritual discernment within the church, the leadership, and individual Christians. It now must be our responsibility to be individually equipped to discern the truth through God's holy Scriptures and to be well-versed in biblical doctrine...

By on08 June 2016 (A Time of Departing) :

A Real Eye Opener

A few years ago a friend at my church came up to me looking quite disturbed and said, "Can you believe our church is teaching contemplative prayer?" I just looked at her in shock and asked, "What's wrong with contemplating and praying?"

She said, "No, no, no! You don't get it - it's not that - it's CONTEMPLATIVE PRAYER!!"

I asked again, incredulously this time, what's wrong with contemplating and praying. "I don't have a problem with that – at all."

She said, "You don't get it - but I'll bring you a book next week that will explain it." And she brought Ray Yungen's, A Time of Departing.

It helps to have an open mind. If a Christian brother or sister tells you they have something they want you to consider – at least be willing to consider it. I started the book with an open mind and was quickly engrossed by it. It very methodically and logically lays out the case against contemplative prayer/spirituality/meditation.

By the end of the book I realized what our church was doing was really dangerous and completely unbiblical. It's a prominent well-known mega church in New York City where I had heard the pastor speak out against eastern/mystical meditation from the pulpit so I naively thought he must not be aware that the church was promoting it in several of its weekend classes.

After reading Yungen's book and doing a little further study, I had the information I needed to go to the leadership of the church to warn them what they were getting into. I say naively, because as it turns out, they knew exactly what they were doing and they had every intention of continuing it. They knew it was unbiblical but they didn't care. And that's all I needed to know to make my decision whether to stay or leave the church. I decided to depart. It truly was a time of departing for me!

I will be forever grateful to Ray Yungen and this book for being the instrument God used to open my eyes to this new/old teaching that is consuming churches everywhere. Every Christian in America needs to know about this – even if you’re in a good church. Even good pastors can be fooled by it because it’s so subtly deceptive. And it’s absolutely pervasive. It is everywhere.

So arm yourself with knowledge and A Time of Departing is a great place to start!

By on07 June 2016 (A Time of Departing) :

A Time of Departing

I truly appreciated all of the work that Mr. Yungen put into his book in order to better prepare us in the body of Christ to speak out against ancient mysticism.

By on07 June 2016 (A Time of Departing) :

A Time of Departing

This was one of the first books that the Lord used to help me realize that the counterfeit (contemplative spirituality) that I was trying to hybridize with Christianity was not of God. It is demonic and cannot be reconciled with genuine Christianity.

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