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Stand By Boys!


A book you can't put down! A moving, vivid account of the flood of 1953 in Holland, interwoven with a sweet gospel message and examples of the Lord's care for His own.

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Pages: 83
Format Softbound with illustrations
Age Group 9-12 years old
Publisher Bible Truth Publishers

Product Description

Zeeland, a province in the Netherlands which lies lower than the sea, is the scene. The indomitable Zeelanders, joined to the sea in an endless struggle, are the characters of this true story of the recent tragedy in Holland. On February 1, 1953, the North Sea, furiously storming and rising with the tide, broke through the dikes and once more exacted its toll in human life, property and precious land. Klass Norel, who visited Zeeland just after the storm to survey the flooded polders and the human plight, writes for boys and girls this moving and vivid account of both the tragedy and the heroism brought on by the flood. The heroism belonged not only to the men and women of Holland, but to the children as well.

The sweet gospel message and evidences of the Lord's care for His own are interwoven amid these scenes of tragedy and triumph, thus making this book absorbing and profitable reading for both young and older ones as well.


By on  26 Dec. 2020 (Stand By Boys!) :

Intense and Informative

This short, translated book, written for youngsters, is a true recount of the extreme, selfless bravery of children and adults in The Netherlands during a violent 1953 storm that caused powerful ocean waves to break through the dikes, bringing massive damage to unsuspecting residents who had become all too trusting of man-made protection from the weather and the sea. I liken it to the stories I've read of Galveston when hit by a huge hurricane, except that those adult stories were very graphic and did not include the sweet Christian witness, under fire, that this little book presents. I do not think this book is for a sensitive child, due to the intensity of the story, but realistically, everyone needs to know serious things like these and how God works and gives the gift of faith in frightening situations. I would give this book to an older child who could benefit from the scriptural encouragement and not be affected by a fear of storms. I truly believe adults would be edified by this easy-to-read story, even more than children.


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