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Pages: 228
Format Softbound with illustrations
Age Group 8-12 years old

Product Description

A story of vicious revenge and hard repentance

Annette and Lucien are enemies. After Annette gets Lucien into trouble at school, he decides to get back at her by threatening the most precious thing in the world to her: her little brother Dani. But tragedy strikes. Annette is so filled with rage that she sets out to alienate and humiliate Lucien at every turn. As Lucien seeks to repent and restore, light floods both of their dark hearts and Christ proves that He makes all things new.


By on  21 Apr. 2023 (Treasures of the Snow - Book) :

This book is a Treasure!

I actually purchased two books for my nieces. I am about to turn 70, and 50 of those have been in the Lord, and I am the uncle! After watching the movie online, which was very well done, I started researching the author Patricia St. John and was pleased with what I found. The entire story is awesome! She has one lesson after another through the entire book, teaching life's lessons from the word of God! The story is a very good one and will leave you feeling uplifted at the end ! I highly recommend this book for children and adults.

By on  18 Nov. 2020 (Treasures of the Snow - Book) :

Treasures of the Snow

Treasures of the Snow by Patricia St. John is one of my all-time favorite childhood books. First read to me when I was eight it was a recent Christian book then. Now, however it has become a classic read by children all over.

The book begins on Christian eve in a small Swiss village when Annette, a small girl, meets her new baby brother Dani. And it was that night that Annette's mother went to spend Christmas with the angels. So it was that Annette became the special care giver and protector of her little brother Dani.

Several years later an accident happened to Dani caused by a village boy Lucien. After, Annette hated Lucien. Before long many in the village seemed to dislike him too. As you read you'll discover how Annette was forgiven by the Lord Jesus and at last forgave Lucien.

Do read this book, a treasure in its own right, for it a book that touched my young heart leading to my accepting the Lord as my Savior a short time after hearing it read to me. What a perfect book for your children, or grandchildren this Christmas!

P.S. This book is based on many true incidents for its writer spent a memorable year in Switzerland in her childhood. Also don't miss the DVD story filmed where Patricia lived as a child!

By on  29 May 2017 (Treasures of the Snow - Book) :

Treasures of the Snow Book

All of our six children (boys and girls) have loved this book! It is a beautifully written story of forgiveness that we have to get cozy and read aloud every winter. Even though it is set in the early 1900's, the tale is timeless, the characters are very believable, and the gospel is clearly presented. One of my personal favorite aspects of the book is that the Grandmother is full of godly wisdom and patience. I highly recommend it for all ages!


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