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Stories from Indian Wigwams and Northern Campfires


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Publisher Lighthouse Trails Publishing

Product Description

His love and respect for the Canadian Indians and his determination to bring them the Gospel message motivated this young missionary to give his life so sacrificially.

by Canadian Itinerate Missionary Egerton Ryerson Young (1840-1909)
As far as we know, this is the only currently published edition where the text is not a photocopy of the original but is a high quality first-generation edition.
Includes over 40 photos and illustrations 

Book Information:

328 pages, $15.95, softbound
Over 40 photos and illustrations
Originally published in 1892
Table of Contents, Foreword (by Nanci Des Gerlaise) and Front Matter

Egerton Ryerson Young was born at Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada on April 7, 1840. After his education at the Normal School in Ontario and his ordination as a minister, he entered the ministry. When he was 27 years old, he received a commission to become a missionary to the Canadian Indians, first serving at the Norway House in the Northwest Territories. This launched his ministry, which lasted for many years, to the Canadian Indians whom he served faithfully with his wife, Elizabeth Bingham of Bradford, Ontario and their children.

Young's deep and obvious love and respect for the Indians, and his efforts to bring to them the Gospel of Jesus Christ, are written in the pages of this book. Stories from Indian Wigwams and Northern Campfires will educate those unfamiliar with the incredible ways of survival and existence among the Indian people in Canada of the 19th century and will inspire believers to serve the Lord more wholeheartedly.

From the book: "Our glorious evangelical Protestant Churches love to give to all tribes and nationalities the blessed book. With the open volume in their hands our missionaries go forth, and at many a camp-fire and in many a wigwam they read and expound its blessed truths. Many are their trials and discouragements, but glorious are their triumphs and genuine are the trophies won." - Egerton Ryerson Young 


By on  15 Feb. 2024 (Stories from Indian Wigwams and Northern Campfires) :

Amazing stories

This book was written by a man who was called to be a missionary to the indigenous people of northern Canada. Egerton Ryerson Young and his wife brought the gospel to many tribes in the then unexplored country of the northern reaches of Canada. It was wonderful to read of the Lord moving by His spirit on these pagan people and transforming them into a people He called his own. The author goes into many detailed accounts of the thousands of miles he had to travel, either by dog sleds or canoes. There were no roads. Nothing came easy in the harshest of environments. But His love for the Lord and the Indian people kept him pressing on. Blizzards, ice and cold sometimes in sub zero (-60F) temperatures in winter and in the summer mosquitoes and black flies never stopped them. If you are a survival buff and hunter, you will love this book! Egerton and his wife even got to meet and spend time with President Grover Cleveland and his wife! You'll have to read the book for the details! :)

Glad this book was written and published by LHT and was so blessed to read it!

By on  22 Nov. 2018 (Stories from Indian Wigwams and Northern Campfires) :

Equisite Storytelling

These well-written and true tales of life among the Canadian Indians of the vast and still pristine Northwest Territories in the second half of the 1800's will transport you to a world that is no longer here. With Egerton Ryerson Young's somewhat antiquated usage of the English language, he paints some very winsome descriptions of the people, natural forces and the animals that were his daily experience as he endeavored to bring the Gospel to the people of this remote area. It is a superior book.


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