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What is Calvinism? Pack


Two books: 

Calvinism: None Dare Call It Heresy (by Bob Kirkland)

T.U.L.I.P. and the Bible (by Dave Hunt)

four Booklets:

For God So Loved the World That  . . . Whosoever (by Harry Ironside)

A Potter Looks at Romans 9 (by David Dombrowski)

Calvinism, Catholicism, or Blessed Assurance (Which One Will It Be?) (by David Dombrowski)

What a Sovereign God Cannot Do (And How the Calvinist View Just Won't Work) (by Dave Hunt)

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Format Softbound
Publisher Lighthouse Trails Publishing

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Calvinism: None Dare Call It Heresy

Today, a growing number of churches, ministries, and Christian colleges are promoting Calvinism. While Calvinist scholars claim that Calvinism is complex (and they have indeed created a complex system), the rudiments of it are very basic, and it can be readily understood.

To call something heresy is clearly a strong accusation and should never be done flippantly. For something to be heresy, it must deviate from the fundamental teachings of the Bible. And nothing can be more serious than a deviation from the Gospel itself. Calvinism does present “another gospel.”

John Calvin taught that God will be glorified by bringing billions of people into this world for no other purpose than having them burn in Hell for eternity. This alone depicts a view of God found nowhere in Scripture; in essence, this misrepresents God but also creates a platform upon which “another gospel” has been built that is both fatalistic and makes the sacrifice of Christ no longer freely available to “whosoever may come.” Salvation is no longer a matter of choice. Furthermore, the Calvinist can never actually know if he or she is one of “the elect” thereby placing the Calvinist “Gospel” on a foundation of doubt rather than true biblical belief in the substitutionary sacrifice of Christ at Calvary. If that is not heresy, then what is?

T.U.L.I.P. and the Bible

Thousands of readers have been wonderfully and powerfully influenced by Dave Hunt’s authoritative, 590-page hardcover treatise on Calvinism, What Love Is This? but many have asked for a more concise analysis of “reformed” theology.

After years of popular demand, TBC is pleased to offer this resource, designed to help believers navigate the confusing and conflicting views surrounding the Five Points of Calvinism, commonly known by the acronym, T.U.L.I.P.

Presented in an attractive, easy-to-read 5x7 paperback (and “trimmed down” to just 190 pages) are Dave’s essential comments on the Five Points—extracted from the pages of What Love Is This? and beautifully arranged for greater accessibility.

Some readers may never have heard of T.U.L.I.P. others, though knowing that it has something to do with Calvinism, find it difficult to remember what each letter represents:

  • "T" stands for : Total Depravity
  • "U" stands for: Unconditional Election
  • "L" stands for: Limited Atonement
  • "I" stands for: Irresistible Grace
  • "P" stands for: Perseverance of the Saints

Quoting from the major Calvinistic creeds or confessions (including actual citations and context from the Canons of Dort and the Westminster Confession of Faith), Dave Hunt proceeds to dissect the “sacred” T.U.L.I.P. one petal at a time—exposing each of Calvin’s five points to the light of Scripture as a workman “rightly dividing the word of truth.” With reformed theology and reconstructionism enjoying a recent resurgence among young adult ministries and across denominational boundaries, TBC is pleased to offer this long-awaited resource at an attractive price for owning, sharing, and giving. Ask about case quantity discounts!

Excerpted from Dave Hunt's bestselling book What Love Is This?, TBC has created a series of smaller, more digestible portions highlighting specific aspects of Calvinism. Other titles in the series include:

  • A Calvinist's Honest Doubts Resolved by Reason and God's Amazing Grace
  • Calvin's Tyrannical Kingdom - Geneva's Experiment in Christian Dominionism

Click here to read the contents of For God So Loved the World That  . . . Whosoever

Click here to read the contents of A Potter Looks at Romans 9

Click here to read the contents of Calvinism, Catholicism, or Blessed Assurance

Click here to read the contents of What a Sovereign God Cannot Do

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By on  13 Feb. 2022 (What is Calvinism? Pack) :

What is Calvinism? PACK

excellent resource to share/teach others about this growing apostasy in these last days

By on  29 Dec. 2019 (What is Calvinism? Pack) :

Well Done

Well done

By on  14 Nov. 2019 (What is Calvinism? Pack) :

T.U.L.I.P. book is excellent!

The "Calvinism pack" contains 2 books and 2 booklets that offer an opposing view to Calvinism. I found the T.U.L.I.P. book (Dave Hunt) to be extremely helpful in assisting me to understand both sides of the Calvinism debate. The book is easy to read and shows many scriptures to back up the opposing view to Calvinism. I am planning to share this book with one of the pastor's at my church who is of the reformed/Calvinistic faith so we can dialogue about the differences. For anyone wanting to understand Calvinism as well as to see a Biblical opposing view, I would highly recommend this package of books.

By on  13 May 2019 (What is Calvinism? Pack) :


The books arrived well wrapped, and shipped fine.

By on  11 July 2018 (What is Calvinism? Pack) :

Calvinism None Dare Call It Heresy

I am still reading ithis book and am so excited about what is being said in it. I have recently been finding a particular teaching being perpetrated on believers by well known ministers. It was very troubling to me. because I knew in my heart what they were saying was not biblical. This book made it 100% clear where that teaching comes from. I am so happy and thrilled that what was so troubling is actually brought out in ths book. The teaching that we are not to preach to unbelievers to repent Confusing a works based salvation with making Jesus Lord and turning away from sin. The author clearly shows us that an unbeliever does have the ability to turn to God in repentance from sin and then recieve a born again life.
I will give more reviews on the other books in the packet once I read them.
This book was an absolute blessing snd for such a time as this !
Thank you !
God bless

By on  07 July 2018 (What is Calvinism? Pack) :

What is Calvinism? Pack

I am so blessed to have these books now. I think the tenets of Calvinism were around me all my life but only now am I truly realizing what's expected and what they require. I thank God for this material that has freed me from wondering and given me the ability to defend just believing and living by God's Word. Thank you Lighthouse Trails for offering such illuminating books.


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