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The true story of a young woman who discovers her children have become victims of child pornography. A compelling and hard-to-put-down book that takes the reader through a twenty-year period in the author's life. From her hitchhiking days in the seventies to being abandoned with four small children to raise, the story then takes a dramatic twist as she discovers what could potentially destroy her family. This crisis forces the young mother to go into hiding with her children to protect them. 


One in every six boys is sexually abused. That's just the ones who eventually tell their secret. The Color of Pain speaks to the professionals, pastors, and loved ones as well as to the boys and men who were abused. And who better to write a book like this than one of the victims who has lived the pain and later experienced the healing through Christ. The Color of Pain is a combination of some of the facts that most don't think about and some of the pain that most won't talk about. Whether you are one of the abused or someone who knows someone abused, this book is a moving and necessary read.

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By on  01 March 2017 (The Color of Pain/Laughter Calls Me - BOOK SET) :

The Color of Pain/Laughter Calls Me

Right On!

By on  22 Jan. 2017 (The Color of Pain/Laughter Calls Me - BOOK SET) :

"Even in darkness light dawns for the upright..." Ps. 112:4

For Laughter Calls Me: Only a loving, holy, perfect God could bring laughter and joy into the shattered hearts of this lovable family.

Superbly written and life changing - particularly if one is unaware of the depth of evil that resides in the prince of this world; and most importantly the power and love that resides in the ALMIGHTY GOD.

Without the loving salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ and the written account of how the lives of the author and her children turn out - this story would be too hard to bear. But the author glorifies the Lord and declares how His light faithfully overcomes all darkness - a memorable must read!


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