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Six Boys and a Mini-Van View larger

Six Boys and a Mini-Van


By R. Demaurex

Anything for excitement. Six teenage boys in the mountains of Switzerland try to smother their sad lives of broken homes and unloving parents with troublesome adventure. Patrick discovers that purpose in life and happiness can only be found in the Lord Jesus.

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Pages: 168
Format Hardcover - Illustrated
Age Group 13 and up
Publisher Bible Truth Publishers


By on  26 Nov. 2020 (Six Boys and a Mini-Van) :

Heartwarming Yet Very Spiritual Book for Youth and Adults Alike

This is a very spiritual book aimed at youth; however, I think older adults will love its holiness and informative Bible teaching. I loved it at age 77, and I will share it with teens and adults, as well. I thought it was going to be a cute, funny story with perhaps a moral or something at the end, but no! This book was used by God to speak to my heart from Chapter Two. It involves the emotional responses of a family to a divorce, including the deep pain felt by a father's abandoned children and the burden put on the rejected mother to provide for her family while accepting a lower economic station in life with few rewards and strength-draining work. Where do unbelieving children turn when they are dropped into a situation like this? There are so many avenues that branch off the wide path that lead to destruction, yet God provides a guided trail for them to explore. This is a heart-warming experience a reader will embrace.

By on  24 Oct. 2020 (Six Boys and a Mini-Van) :

A Wonderful Gospel-Filled Book for Young People

This book will interest young preteen boys and girls as well. Besides, what a wonderful book for Christian families homeschooled or otherwise to learn from. It teaches insights into how kids react to disruption in the home, and ways Christians can ease the hurts. Best of all it's filled with the gospel from cover to cover while so beautifully picturing the Lord as a loving father.

The caring Christian families mentioned reminded me of my own family, my husband's family, and his uncle as well. My parents opened their hearts and home to the old, and the young: the elderly and lonely from the Home where we went to church; and the needy kids from our neighborhood. My husband's family offered a home to over fifty babies and little ones from the state of NY. How perfect is Six Boys to how the role Christian families can play in helping hurting kids.

This would be a super read-aloud book for older Homeschoolers/Christian school classrooms to discuss. It would also point out to its readers that to get mixed up with such a gang as Patrick joined would take them places they shouldn't go. Deuteronomy certainly warns of this very thing!


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