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Star of Light


By Patricia St. John

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Pages: 158
Format Softbound
Age Group 8-12 years old


By on  14 Nov. 2020 (Star of Light) :

Delightful Book With Deep Spiritual Value

Star of Light is a delightful fiction book with with deep spiritual value for anyone over the age of seven. Its wide scope of tender feelings are made easy to understand by the patient writing of Patricia St. John. Although entertaining,, it is not a waste of time because it is full of enlightening discoveries of God's love while it exposes dark areas of human hearts in a unique and recognizable way. It tells the story of human love for a blind child that later becomes a love of living faith. In this story, a mother and brother make tremendous sacrifices for a baby who can not see in hopes that she may escape a coarse and painful life in a backward country where child-selling is common and compassion is not. This would be a moving story without the involvement of a loving Lord, but to see how fear can be abolished and power established through grace when Christ knocks quietly on the doors of longing hearts is of tremendous worth. What an edifying little book this is.

By on  14 Oct. 2020 (Star of Light) :

Star of Light

Star of Light, although a fictional story, is based upon many true incidents experienced by its author Patricia St. John. St. John, also a missionary and nurse, tells how the book was written in her autobiography An Ordinary Woman's Extraordinary Faith.

The story, set in Morocco in a Muslim town, is about a young boy named Hamid, and his blind little sister Kinza. Because of her blindness little Kinza was to be sold by her stepfather, until her mother laid out a plan for Hamid to take Kinza to a distant town where an English nurse might care for her.

Hamid begins his journey with Kinza on his back. Along the way Hamid and Kinza encounter many dangers before reaching their destination. There Hamid finds the English nurse who takes Kinza into her home. There Hamid also learns of a place called Heaven, and learns to read his precious new Bilbe.

Read the story to find out what eventually happens to both Hamid, and Kinza. Also read the story of Patricia St. John's life, and the real story of Hamid in her autobiography!

P.S. Star of Light is but one of Patricia St. John's riveting classics that are perfect read-aloud books for kids seven and up!


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