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The Other Side of the River


By Kevin Reeves

When mystical experiences and strange doctrines overtake his church, one man risks all to find the truth - a true story.

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Product Details

Pages: 248
Format Softbound
Publisher Lighthouse Trails Publishing

Product Description

Description: A compelling and deeply personal account of a young man's spiritual plunge into a movement called the "River." Sometimes referred to as the River Revival, the Third Wave or the Latter Rain, this movement is marked by bizarre manifestations, false prophecies and esoteric revelations. Warnings of divine retribution hold many adherents in a bondage of fear, making them afraid to speak out or even question those things they are taught and are witness to.

In a biographical setting, The Other Side of the River, is a powerful and needed warning to the body of Christ. In a day and age when church-growth techniques mixed with mystical practices are leaving a wreckage of human lives littered with the debris of false doctrine. For Kevin Reeves, his determination to rescue his family came to the forefront, even if the cost was high and even if he had to stand alone. His journey back into the freedom and simplicity of Jesus Christ would be worth the price.

Author Bio:
Kevin Reeves has been a free lance writer for nearly twenty years. His articles and columns have been featured in various newspapers and magazines, including Alaskan Southeaster. His articles on heretical church movements have been translated into three languages. Kevin lives in Alaska with his wife and daughter.

Table of Contents

Chapter One

Media Sheet

Some of the topics this book addresses:

Word Faith movement

Holy Laughter

"Slain" in the Spirit practice

Emphasis on humanity of Jesus over Deity

Gifts & Calling for the unbeliever?

Experience versus Scripture

Repetitive chanting & singing

Paradigm shift

Understanding true worship 

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By on  05 Oct. 2019 (The Other Side of the River) :

Easy read for a very important topic

I was a little familiar with many of the topics addressed in "The Other Side of the River " : 'word of faith' movement, 'holy laughter' , the growing trend of experiential revelation over spiritual truths, but up to now had never read a first hand account. Kevin Reeves' book is a personal and eye opening look at how these emerging church phenomenon can filter in and take over an otherwise well meaning congregation. The scriptural warnings of Mark and John and Timothy concerning false prophets should ring loud and true in your ears: 'For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching ..." 2Timothy 4:3. This is an easy, compelling read on a topic vital to the health of the Church in the 21st century.

By on  29 Sept. 2018 (The Other Side of the River) :

The Other Side of the River

As soon as I started reading this book I felt like a mirror had been held up to my face, my life. I became a Christian 45 years ago, beginning my new life in the charismatic movement and spending about 35 of those years in various charismatic settings. If it wasn't at a Pentacostal church which held conferences with people from the New Apostolic Reformation et al, it was in visiting other churches with charismatic speakers, always with signs and wonders. Kevin Reeves did an excellent job in writing about this type of enticement into emotional experiences, and I hope his book will show readers who are still involved with this form of "religion" that they need to come out and follow only what is Biblical.

By on  11 Sept. 2018 (The Other Side of the River) :

Compelling Expose of False Teaching Pervading the Western Church

Having been involved in NAR teaching and other false doctrines I am thankful for books like this that expose the true nature of these teachings. Thankfully on careful study of the Bible some years ago, I repented of embracing these teachings and am in a sound Biblically based congregation now.

Sadly, like the author; when I became aware of the error of these false teachers, and shared with close friends, some have chosen to stay in their churches espousing these very teachings described in this book and some of the responses have been quite shocking to hear. And yes, losing friends is part of the cost for standing for the truth and exposing these charlatans.

I am thankful to have found sites like Lighthouse Trails that are willing to name names and call out those who are leading their flock down a slippery slope. Thankyou for making literature like this available to those of us who only want to walk in the light of God's Word and believe what the Bible teaches without any extra-Biblical add-ons that many are now embracing.

By on  28 Oct. 2017 (The Other Side of the River) :

Genuine and Substantive

The Other Side of the River: written with compassion, firsthand knowledge, and admirable transparency.

This is a story that builds as you read: from a compelling personal story on to fascinating historical insights and to Biblical soundness that refutes the heretical absurdities.

This book covers many of the variant teachings continuing to ravage the church these days.

As Kevin writes: "There definitely is mind control and spiritual manipulation taking place in much of Christendom today..." and "False doctrine, hammered home repeatedly, erects walls to shut out truth."

A very important and well written book, one that will undoubtedly help those lost in the darkness of abhorrent teachings.

By on  17 Aug. 2017 (The Other Side of the River) :

The other side of the river

A very good read and hard to put down. I was involved with this movement for a few years and then got out. They never taught the Bible anymore and never preached the gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ. I now go to a Church that teaches the Bible book by book, chapter by chapter and verse by verse.

By on  30 Jan. 2017 (The Other Side of the River) :

This really makes you think!

What an easy read this was, and so eye-opening. All those feelings I had about unusual, new things happening in my former church became identifyable instead of muddled and confusing. I started seeing how human ideas had crept into our worship, and instead of following biblical guidelines, we had been deceived into doing things that merely felt nice. I am so thankful for this book; it sharpened up my focus and gave me an objective view instead of swallowing every wind of doctrine as scriptural truth.


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