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TULIP and The Bible View larger

TULIP and The Bible


By Dave Hunt

Comparing the Words of Calvin to the Word of God

(Important Excerpts from Hunt's book What Love is This?)

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Pages: 190
Format Softbound
Publisher The Berean Call

Product Description

(From The Berean Call website)

Thousands of readers have been wonderfully and powerfully influenced by Dave Hunt’s authoritative, 590-page hardcover treatise on Calvinism, What Love Is This? but many have asked for a more concise analysis of “reformed” theology.

After years of popular demand, TBC is pleased to offer this resource, designed to help believers navigate the confusing and conflicting views surrounding the Five Points of Calvinism, commonly known by the acronym, T.U.L.I.P.

Presented in an attractive, easy-to-read 5x7 paperback (and “trimmed down” to just 190 pages) are Dave’s essential comments on the Five Points—extracted from the pages of What Love Is This? and beautifully arranged for greater accessibility.

Some readers may never have heard of T.U.L.I.P. others, though knowing that it has something to do with Calvinism, find it difficult to remember what each letter represents:

  • "T" stands for : Total Depravity
  • "U" stands for: Unconditional Election
  • "L" stands for: Limited Atonement
  • "I" stands for: Irresistible Grace
  • "P" stands for: Perseverance of the Saints

Quoting from the major Calvinistic creeds or confessions (including actual citations and context from the Canons of Dort and the Westminster Confession of Faith), Dave Hunt proceeds to dissect the “sacred” T.U.L.I.P. one petal at a time—exposing each of Calvin’s five points to the light of Scripture as a workman “rightly dividing the word of truth.” With reformed theology and reconstructionism enjoying a recent resurgence among young adult ministries and across denominational boundaries, TBC is pleased to offer this long-awaited resource at an attractive price for owning, sharing, and giving. Ask about case quantity discounts!

Excerpted from Dave Hunt's bestselling book What Love Is This?, TBC has created a series of smaller, more digestible portions highlighting specific aspects of Calvinism. Other titles in the series include:

  • A Calvinist's Honest Doubts Resolved by Reason and God's Amazing Grace
  • Calvin's Tyrannical Kingdom - Geneva's Experiment in Christian Dominionism


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