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False Christ Coming - Does Anybody Care?


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Pages: 160
Format Softbound
Publisher Mountain Stream Press

Product Description

False Christ Coming - Does Anybody Care? is the original Reinventing Jesus Christ by Warren B. Smith, published in 2002.

"But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way." Matthew 13:25

Many church leaders believe that antichrist is alive and well and in the world today. But what is being left out of the discussion is how this coming false christ has already mainstreamed his New Age Gospel via a New Spirituality into the world and into the church. Using bestselling books and authors that have been popularized by media favorites like Oprah Winfrey and Larry King, the mystical teachings of this false New Age "Christ" state:

*"A slain Christ has no meaning." 1*Humanity saves itself by recognizing its own divinity - the "God" and "Christ" within.* World peace is dependent upon this understanding that humanity is divine.* The only "Satan" is not believing that man is "God."* World peace will be attained by eliminating biblical Christianity and all of its followers.* A deadly "selection process" will be instituted as part of Antichrist's final solution.* "Hitler didn't hurt anyone. In a sense, he didn't inflict suffering; he ended it."

Just as Hilter telegraphed his plans in Mein Kampf, so antichrist has telegraphed his plans through his designated false teachers. Author Warren B. Smith is a former follower of this coming New Age "Christ." False Christ Coming: Does Anybody Care? describes the deceptive teachings that undergrid antichrist's deceptive Peace Plan. False Christ Coming is a wake-up call to a church that remains strangely silent and in deep denial about the very deception that Jesus warned would come in His name (Matthew 24:3-5). Read this book and then warn your friends and family (2 Corinthians 2:11).


By on  28 Feb. 2024 (False Christ Coming - Does Anybody Care?) :

Excellent resource

Warren B Smith does an excellent job of pulling together the strands of incursion of New Age /occult thinking into both society in general and the church in particular. The history, the voices, of how a false Christ will be easily brought into our world and our "churches" and will be accepted; where it comes from and how it was able to enter so easily.
Should be read by every Christian who doesn't have full knowledge of the progression of the lie to the present day.

By on  02 Oct. 2023 (False Christ Coming - Does Anybody Care?) :

False Christ coming does anybody care

Great spiritual discernment went into the bringing about this book.It is rare we can find such books that use God's perfectly preserved word in the KJB.
Warren B Smith warns of the dangers of the new age movement in a clear concise way.
I recommend this book to those who are wanting spiritual discernment in what is taking place, and what is to come. Many churches have been compromised teaching another Jesus 2 Corinthians 11:4
This book points to the real Jesus, and the gospel that will save one's never dying soul. You will not regret getting a copy of this important book in these latter times.

By on  06 Aug. 2022 (False Christ Coming - Does Anybody Care?) :

All that call themselves Christian should read this book!!!!

All Christians who are not wanting to be deceived, should read this book!

By on  13 May 2022 (False Christ Coming - Does Anybody Care?) :

A must read!

Deception is very real, and we have to know what to look for. Christians must prepare themselves, but for some reason the church seems to be an ostrich with its head in the sand. This book is excellent for presenting New Age teachings side-by-side with what the Bible says, and frankly it's terrifying. I even cried at some of the New Age sayings, because they're so heretical and I can't believe I used to espouse those same teachings. It's heartbreaking how the New Age speaks about Christ & the Bible. So disrespectful. People need to read this!

By on  29 Apr. 2021 (False Christ Coming - Does Anybody Care?) :

I care...

This book is a wonderful book, IF you want to know truth of what’s going on and has been going on in our country, state, city and worst of all in our CHURCHES. Be warned and warn others and be alert, the devil is out to DESTROY...I think if we could even fathom just how much he hates we would be more discerning in all that we do.

By on  11 July 2019 (False Christ Coming - Does Anybody Care?) :


A must read for anyone serious about the Word of God and concerned about the growing deception

By on  08 Jan. 2019 (False Christ Coming - Does Anybody Care?) :

Does Anybody care?

Warren B. Smith's statement and question in the title of his book moved me right from the git-go. It reminded me of the line in Robert Louis Stephenson's poem, 'Lord, Thy most pointed pleasure take, and stab my spirit broad awake.' This is exactly what happened when I read this book; it grieved, horrified, frightened, enlightened, and warned me. It stabbed my spirit. No matter how difficult truth may be, we must pay attention and be prepared. Ephesians 6:11-18.

By on  21 March 2018 (False Christ Coming - Does Anybody Care?) :

Powerful and Informative

Warren B. Smith nails the ball out of the park with "False Christ Coming". In a loving, yet forthright manner, Mr. Smith sheds some much needed light on spiritual deception within the church. If you are looking for an itching ear message, then you need to search elsewhere for it. However, if you are interested in well documented facts that are guaranteed to make your jaw hit the floor, then look no further.

Kudos to Mr. Smith for a job well done!

By on  29 May 2017 (False Christ Coming - Does Anybody Care?) :

false Christ Coming Does Anybody Care?

A very good, informative book to help one become more aware of the false teaching, false christ and how the antichrist is working to get his foot into the church and decieve even hte very elect. I highly recommend this book to all truth seekers.

By on  13 Dec. 2016 (False Christ Coming - Does Anybody Care?) :
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