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Faith Undone


The emerging church: a new reformation or an end-time deception church

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Pages: 264
Publisher Lighthouse Trails Publishing

Product Description

Description: Is the emerging church movement just another passing fad, a more contemporary approach to church, or a bunch of disillusioned young people looking for answers? In fact, it is actually much broader and is influencing Christianity to a significant degree. Grounded in a centuries-old mystical approach, this movement is powerful, yet highly deceptive, and it draws its energy from practices and experiences that are foreign to traditional evangelical Christianity. The path that the emerging church is taking is leading right into the arms of Roman Catholicism and ultimately to an interfaith perspective that has prophetically profound ramifications.

Author Bio: Roger Oakland is an author-lecturer and founder of Understand The Times International. His easy to understand teaching style communicates to people of all ages and backgrounds. Over the past twenty years he has lectured at numerous churches, conferences, universities and educational facilities in over 50 countries.Roger Oakland has authored and co-authored numerous books and produced audiotapes, videos and other publications that have been translated into several different languages worldwide. For more information regarding Roger's availability or the ministry of Understand The Times International, call 714-957-3898 or write to P.O. Box 27239, Santa Ana, CA, 92799.

Table of Contents

Chapter by Chapter Synopsis

Some topics this book addresses:

* Ancient rituals and practices brought back to life
* The Eucharistic Evangelization
* The emerging road to Rome
* Contemplative spirituality and mysticism
* The emerging church's view of Hell and the Atonement
* How the emerging church considers biblical prophecy
* How the emerging church considers the future of planet Earth
* The key catalysts of the emergent church
* Purpose Driven ecumenism: Part of the emerging church's new reformation
* How emerging spirituality is altering missions and evangelism
* Understanding the emerging church in light of Bible prophecy


By on  26 March 2022 (Faith Undone) :

Faith Strengthened and Faith Renewed

Went on a missions trip a few years ago to a small town in India, and had the pleasure of giving away several Lighthouse Trails materials (and Bible Verse Tea) to our Indian brothers and sisters in Christ. Pastor Samuel DGS Jena received the copy of Faith Undone to which he has since told me that he his faith was strengthened and encouraged by Oakland teachings in Faith Undone. In turn, the encouragement that I received in India from these truly on fire joyful Christians renewed my faith upon returning to a lukewarm US of A.

By on  03 Aug. 2021 (Faith Undone) :

Faith Undone

Fabulous book explaining the basic concerns we as believers in salvation through Jesus should have concerning emergent church teachings.

By on  22 June 2020 (Faith Undone) :

Faith undone

So much great info! A must read to not be deceived in these changing times

By on  06 Nov. 2019 (Faith Undone) :

Faith Undone

Faith Undone is by far the best book on the Emerging Church

By on  16 June 2019 (Faith Undone) :

Faith Undone


By on  30 March 2019 (Faith Undone) :

Faith undone

Very informative and well written. Price for this quality is very good.

By on  17 Apr. 2018 (Faith Undone) :

Great book to prepare you for the sad deception of the church.

Loved reading this book, and I will re-read it again now and then so as to keep it all fresh in my heart and mind. It has prepared me to see the truth of the deceptions that are creeping and spreading into the church which has been for a long time now slowly happening in the background unaware to many of us but that is now being so boldly pushed and so easily accepted. As you read the book, you can't believe how someone who seems to truly be a Christian can even believe some of the lies that they are trying to pass as truth but at the same time, how scary are some other lies that are so mixed with some truth that I can see how easy one can be fooled. It seems to me the only way to fight this delusion/deception battle is to remain daily in God's Word and keep praying for truth and strength as we wait for Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It breaks my heart to know that someday some of us may be rejected by those we love within the body of Christ and which we call brothers and sisters.

By on  02 Sept. 2017 (Faith Undone) :

Very eye-opening!

I had an idea of some of what's going on in our churches but not to this extent. This is a very sobering book. I want to get a number of copies to give to my adult children, my sisters and some friends. I really appreciate how all of the truths presented by Roger Oakland are backed up with Scripture. This is a very thorough work on the emerging church. We need to be in the Word and not just read devotionals and other peoples' perceptions on what the Bible says and how a Christian should live his life. So that we know and are ready for the age that we are in.

By on  14 Feb. 2017 (Faith Undone) :

Faith Undone

This is a rare book full of spiritual discernment in a day of profound deception. The church seems to be increasingly slipping into deceptions that undermine the faith of the individual believers. Books like this one are invaluable and my wife and I are thankful for it.

By on  27 Dec. 2016 (Faith Undone) :

Essential Eye-Opening Information

Essential eye-opening information about apostasy in the church, the emerging church, those in its background, ways apostasy worms itself into the church, many more important facts. I have probably given away at least 25 of these books because I saw the extreme importance of it. If you have only 2 books to choose from, I suggest you choose Faith Undone and Out of India, another Lighthouse Trails book with a world-changing message. I have given dozens of these away, too, as a ministry.
This does not mean other LT books are not as important. Authors like Ray Yungen and so many others have extremely important information in their books, as well.

By on  08 June 2016 (Faith Undone) :

Faith Undone

This is an excellent book which covers a wide variety of deceptions rampant in the church today. It is so well researched and documented that I referenced it several times in a paper on the Emerging Church for a 4th year Bible class at a major Christian University, which received top marks.

By on  07 June 2016 (Faith Undone) :

Faith Undone

I often use Roger Oakland's book Faith Undone because of his powerful testimony when witnessing to evolutionists. Very well written and very detailed.


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