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Castles in the Sand



by Carolyn A. Greene

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Pages: 224
Publisher Lighthouse Trails Publishing

Product Description

Book Information:
ISBN 978-0-9791315-4-7

Description: When the horse-loving, day-dreaming Tessa Dawson enters a Christian college, she is introduced to the writings of 16th century Teresa of Avila by her spiritual formation professor. Soon Tessa's life is dramatically affected as she delves into "Christian mysticism." As she ventures deeper into this form of spirituality, God prepares her concerned grandfather and a mysterious young man as they set out to reach her.

This "fiction with a message" takes a compelling and thought-provoking look at the true nature behind contemplative spirituality, which has impacted Christian churches, colleges, seminaries, and universities across the globe.

Two lives are changed forever through spiritual practices they each encounter

lectio divina . . . contemplative prayer . . . visualization . . . centering . . . sacred space . . . desert fathers . . . kundalini . . . labyrinths . . . spiritual formation . . . the silence

Author Bio: Castles in the Sand is Carolyn Greene's debut book. She has studied the New Age movement and the contemplative prayer movement for several years. She lives in Canada with her husband and two children. Carolyn A. Greene is the author's pen name.

Table of Contents and Chapter One

Chapter by Chapter Synopsis


**What People Are Saying About Castles in the Sand:

[A] believable, action-packed plot ... [a] fantastic effort. "Castles in the Sand " is definitely an eye-opener!...Lighthouse is now a leading publisher of conservative Christian titles and serves a key role in a dwindling class of [publishing] houses that are not afraid to be politically incorrect. Major kudos to Lighthouse Trails Publishing for taking on this important project.--Jim Fletcher, WorldNetDaily

A great read. The author has real talent
Characters like Gramps are amazingly well-sketched. Good story lay-out too, with flashes of humor. The story makes what is happening in schools & churches clear in a way mere reporting can't. E.L., Pennsylvania, US

An excellent story with an urgent message. Teenaged/college-aged girls will want to read this book because the main character is their age and they will be intrigued by "a mysterious young man who reaches out to help Tessa. Additionally, parents and grandparents of young adults will want to read the book because of the subtle implication of the spiritual danger involved in things such as lectio divina, contemplative prayer etc.  And if their sons and daughters are in Christian colleges, these words are now likely a part of their children's regular vocabulary, and naive, uninformed parents will immediately have their interest piqued when they read those words. D.H., Alberta, Canada

I'm on my second reading of Castles in the Sand. It is even better the second time!! The bonus book you sent me has been read by several people. Hannah [14 year old daughter] was the first to read the book in our house, and it equipped her to address her youth group about the terror of Avila. The leader was recommending they read Teresa of Avila's work. Hannah spoke right up about how bad it is. You could hear a pin drop, the way the kids were so attentive. K.R., Kansas


By on  23 Oct. 2023 (Castles in the Sand) :

Castles in the Sand

This is a very easy, enjoyable read. It opened my eyes up to what is going on in Christian colleges and I confirmed this when I looked up our local Christian college, their associated organizations and teachers and their assigned/recommended readings. This is exactly what they teach and practice and our young people need to be warned and prepared. This is a great way to introduce others to the deception of spiritual formation, including teens who may not be as willing to read a non fiction book on the topic.

By on  17 Sept. 2022 (Castles in the Sand) :

Great book…

Very well written story to alert students and parents alike the underlying ungodly and demonic influences of what is being taught in many Christian colleges.

By on  14 Dec. 2021 (Castles in the Sand) :

Great Resource

Given the level of deception in which we live, this is a great resource. I picked up a few copies when it came out to share with high school and college age gals in a Bible study group. I just picked up another copy for a relative who likes to read, and is looking for scripturally based material. It sheds some light on the deception generated via Christian colleges in recent years.

By on  10 July 2020 (Castles in the Sand) :

Castles in the Sand

Very interesting and well written novel. I gave copies to two of my grandchildren. The book does a good job of showing how easily a person can be deceived.

By on  10 Jan. 2019 (Castles in the Sand) :
By on  10 Sept. 2018 (Castles in the Sand) :

Castles in the Sand

I found this novel to be intense and riveting. It certainly is not light fare, as I learned so much from it and appreciated getting a deeper knowledge of the mysticism so prevalent today even in the church. I expect to read more by Carolyn A. Greene.

By on  02 Sept. 2018 (Castles in the Sand) :

Easy to read

This book gives a better understanding on contemplative prayer. It was very easy to read and enjoyable. A very good overview of an insidious practice that is invading the church.

By on  22 June 2018 (Castles in the Sand) :

Castles in the Sand

Very good book helping us to see what it's like to be in the New Age church for someone who is a new Christian. Especially helpful for a teenager getting ready to go off to college. A warning, also, for parents of a child going off to college. Check the scoops out very carefully.

By on  14 Nov. 2017 (Castles in the Sand) :

Fantastic read, great warning and learning product

It really was a great quick read. By far it easily introduces the topic of spiritual contemplation but does not cover it all.
It's an easy read for teenagers, and great teaching tool for a young person.
It touches on other topics or refers to them indirectly, wish writer could elaborate on those in another book.
good writing!
Tom B

By on  16 Apr. 2017 (Castles in the Sand) :

Castles In the Sand

Easy to read and fast paced. Great book to share with teens and adults alike who could easily be swept up into the "new practices" of Christianity. Relevant to todays culture!

By on  21 March 2017 (Castles in the Sand) :

Excellent Tool

This book is a good tool to display some the dangers of contemplative prayer and how it is managing to get into the churches, without making the counterfeit attractive or alluring to the reader. I will use this as a witnessing tool. Thank you for your ministry!

By on  08 Feb. 2017 (Castles in the Sand) :

Castles in the Sand

Awesome book couldn't put it down

By on  18 Dec. 2016 (Castles in the Sand) :
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By on  16 Dec. 2016 (Castles in the Sand) :

Castles in the Sand

Bought this for my sister and had to sneak a read myself before giving it to her. Carolyn did a fantastic job of introducing contemplative spirituality to people. Loved it


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