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Sale! Beware the Bridgers: Orthodoxy is More Than a Doctrinal Statement View larger

CD - Beware the Bridgers: Orthodoxy is More Than a Doctrinal Statement


AUDIO CD - Interview with radio host Ingrid Schlueter
and Lighthouse Trails editor Deborah Dombrowski

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Publisher Lighthouse Trails Publishing


By on  01 June 2020 (CD - Beware the Bridgers: Orthodoxy is More Than a Doctrinal Statement) :

Cunthia Wright

I just listened to this CD while on the way to my assignment to preach the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to pray with all who would come, who would choose to turn and repent from sin / the works of darkness, and both the heresy and the heretics. NONE CAME; AND, THIS IS PRECISELY WHY!
I see that all my sister is speaking, has certainly, also been my experience with those who lie in wait to destroy!
I was prorammed to operate in the occult; and, after 55 years of practicing witchcraft, I was possessed by 300 demons, when my sister in Christ was sent to cast Satan out of me, and lead me to Jesus Christ, on the night that I agreed to renounce the works of darkness, and receive Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, which was December 16, 2013.
Unfortunately, upon entering in the church scene, I was (unknowingly) linked with 6 false churches, and 1 false deliverance ministry, which also knew the Gospel ( some even taught it!); yet, they had the froward mouth, speaking out both sides of their mouths!
When, I understood my involvement with those ( some of whom even spoke the truth that they did not follow!), I repented before God, and all people whom I had encouraged and (unknowingly) taught false doctrine to, as well as those whom taught the false doctrine. I asked them to also forgive me for teaching things that were diametrically opposed to God's written word.
Some have forgiven me. Some continue to teach the heresy, even though the Lord has graciously sent me to explain these things, in His mercy. Others are literally hell- bent, whether they realize it or not, on continuing to propigate the New World Order, The One World Religion, which the lie of this interfaith movement is based on.
I asked the Lord. " How could some of these folks, who are teaching things contrary to the written word of God, and bearing "fruit," which is contrary to the fruit of the Holy Spirit, found in Galatians 5:22-23, be preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ?"
The Holy Spirit's answer, that day, was, " Have they proclaimed that they, themselves, are saved and delivered by the One True Sacrifice for sin forever? Do they speak my words? Do they teach the resurrection?" I thought about this.
The answer was no. And this was the trap! the attempt to take me back into Satan's territory, with the attempt to, ever so subtely, plant false doctrine, and to send me out, once again, to be used as a pawn for Satan, to do all those occult practices, that I did as a practicing witch! They are too numerous to mention. Plus, you have the best teachers here!
I believe that I live where Satan's seat is, but I refuse to stop preaching the True Gospel of Jesus Christ, praying for all who will repent from evil works to follow Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and teaching what I have so mercifully been taught by the Holy Spirit, and by those of you who speak His True words.
God Bless you abundantly to complete all He has put in your heart to accomplish!
In Jesus name.

By on  09 March 2017 (CD - Beware the Bridgers: Orthodoxy is More Than a Doctrinal Statement) :

This Subject - Not To Be Ignored

This CD is focused on uncovering those in 'Christian' leadership who speak out of both sides of their mouths. These leaders say what the Christian wants to hear, and those that are lost long to hear. Well, they can't have it both ways.

Thanks to the work of Deborah, Ingrid and Lighthouse Trails we do not have to be ignorant of the enemy's devices. This is so critical, for as sheep we can be so trusting of those who speak Orthodoxy. Lighthouse Trails does the Christian community a great service by researching / revealing to us the Big picture.

This subject cannot be addressed enough; for as the days become darker and darker understanding / discerning this reality is vital!


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