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Full Assurance—Finding Settled Peace With God View larger

Full Assurance—Finding Settled Peace With God


In penning the pages of this book, I have but one outstanding object before me—to make as plain as possible just how any troubled soul may find settled peace with God.

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Product Details

Pages: 160
Format Softbound
Publisher Lighthouse Trails Publishing

Product Description

In penning the pages of this book, I have but one outstanding object before me—to make as plain as possible just how any troubled soul may find settled peace with God. I am thinking particularly of those people who believe the Holy Scriptures to be divinely inspired and who recognize that salvation is only to be found in Christ, but someway have missed the “peace of a perfect trust” and though earnestly desiring to know the Lord, are floundering in perplexity of mind.

“Full assurance!” What could be more precious? And it is for you if you want it; only you must receive it by faith. For observe carefully, it is not the full assurance of an emotional experience, nor the full assurance of a carefully reasoned-out system of philosophy. It is the full assurance of faith. The feeblest faith in Christ is saving faith. The strongest faith in self, or in something other than Christ, is but a delusion and a snare, and will leave the soul at last unsaved and forever forlorn.

Assurance forever! Is it not a wonderfully pleasing expression? Assurance not for a few days, or weeks, or months—nor yet for a few years, or even a lifetime—but forever! It is this blessed assurance that God delights to impart to all who come to Him as needy sinners seeking the way of life.—Harry Ironside

“If Only I Could Be Sure I Was in the Right Church.”

A comment put to me: “If I could only be sure I was in the right church, I would feel secure; but there are so many different churches that I get all confused and upset.”

My response: The church is not the ark of safety. The church is the aggregate of all who believe in the Lord Jesus and who have therefore been baptized by the Holy Spirit into one body. This is not a mere organization, however ancient and venerable. If you were sure you were in the right church (some earthly organization) and trusted in that for salvation, you would be forever lost! Your trust must be in the Head of the church, the risen Christ. He is the only Savior. All ecclesiastical pretension is vain, and to rest in any kind of church membership is an empty deception. Christ alone is the ark that will carry you safely through all the storms of judgment. No matter what denomination you turn to, you will never find salvation in allying yourself with it, but when you come to Jesus, you are then prepared to enjoy fellowship with His people.

I love Thy kingdom, Lord,
The house of Thine abode,
The Church our blest Redeemer saved
With His own precious blood.


By on  26 Feb. 2020 (Full Assurance—Finding Settled Peace With God) :

An Edifying Book

I have read the back and introduction and first chapter already. I am feeling that familiar warmth in my heart and special joy that i feel when I hear an edifying sermon and which reminds me of what the disciples may have felt on the Emmaus Road as Christ walked with them. I can't thank you enough for this book. As soon as I started reading it, I thought of two people who would benefit from it, one an unsaved Roman Catholic and one a Bible teacher. The scene on the train was so beautiful as the author helped that man confirm his faith, and I'm sure the joy he felt while doing so highly surpassed the discomfort of being late and missing the comfortable accommodations.

I appreciate every moment of watching God work in our lives and affirm His love for us. I should document them so i don't forget how gracious and tender our precious Lord is.

By on  12 Jan. 2020 (Full Assurance—Finding Settled Peace With God) :

Full Assurance-Finding Settled Peace With God

Excellent! The best book I have read on the subject.

By on  12 Jan. 2020 (Full Assurance—Finding Settled Peace With God) :

Full Assurance - Finding Settled Peace with God.

I am about 3/4 finished reading this book and I find it very nice... comforting with basic information plainly presented. Thank you for making it available. I purchased two copies when I ordered and have already passed the second copy along.

By on  11 Jan. 2020 (Full Assurance—Finding Settled Peace With God) :

Full Assurance

Thank you for carrying so many of the old writers. I just don't trust so many of the new ones. They are not "tried and true!"


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