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BOOKLET - Eugene Peterson's Mixed Message View larger

BOOKLET - Eugene Peterson's Mixed Message


By Warren B. Smith

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Properties 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" | Printed, bound on high quality paper
Pages: 18
Format Softbound
Publisher Lighthouse Trails Publishing

Product Description

And while Peterson waxes poetic about the mix of beauty and danger inherent in life, his point falls flat as an obvious question arises—What kind of a man would put others in harm’s way for his own personal adrenalin rush? As I read Peterson’s strange account, I realized the incident was a perfect metaphor for what I had come to believe about Peterson and his Message translation. You are walking on a very dangerous path when you choose to walk with Eugene Peterson—whether it is in Glacier National Park or through the pages of his Message “Bible.”

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By on  28 Aug. 2023 (BOOKLET - Eugene Peterson's Mixed Message) :


Booklet was well done and I recommend anything from LHT...

By on  03 March 2022 (BOOKLET - Eugene Peterson's Mixed Message) :

surprised and saddened hear Bible teachers or women in a study mention The Message as a viable source! An informative booklet may be able to say what won't be received in a conversation....people do not want to be told something they rely on is written by an author and that his "words" do NOT have a heavenly source.

By on  01 Nov. 2021 (BOOKLET - Eugene Peterson's Mixed Message) :

Eugene Peterson's Mixed Message

I think I clicked on the wrong circle in the rating section - I wanted to rate this a 5.
I have always told the ladies in the Bible Study I teach that "The Message" is not really a Bible, so I am looking forward to handing out the booklet's by Warren Smith. Thank you for printing them!

By on  01 Dec. 2019 (BOOKLET - Eugene Peterson's Mixed Message) :

Exposing a Very Dangerous Message

This is a well formulated, easy-to-read booklet that should be read by every God-fearing, Bible believing Christian!

By on  29 March 2019 (BOOKLET - Eugene Peterson's Mixed Message) :

New Age "bible"

Thank you for this concise report. I wouldn't buy this "bible" so I didn't realize just how corrupt it was. Very educational and good information to share with others that defend the use of this "bible". Thank you.

By on  27 March 2019 (BOOKLET - Eugene Peterson's Mixed Message) :

Eugene Peterson's Spin on The Bible

The Message. Wow. Scary and tainted! But many people who want a modern translation don't know that. I just can't understand why some pastors today are using it. Why can't they discern the veiled phrases and way off words? They need to find out who Eugene Peterson is before they even think about trusting this truly mixed up message that is probably more than a bridge to the occult.. Roger Oakland's book, Faith Undone, is an explanation of just who Peterson is, so maybe start there. I like this booklet better than the older one because there is no citation between the beginning chapter and the last part, so people are more likely to read the whole message instead of stopping half way through, although that one contains much important material.. I was deeply saddened to find David Jeremiah using it years ago. Some of us wrote to him about it but were not answered, and I think he is still using it.. The new one, I don't think mentions the homosexual issue.

By on  17 March 2019 (BOOKLET - Eugene Peterson's Mixed Message) :

Eugene Peterson's Mixed Messages

I was totally amazed at how this simple word change in the Message, was such a subtle deception. Thank you so much for this informative booklet.

By on  16 March 2019 (BOOKLET - Eugene Peterson's Mixed Message) :

Eugene Peterson's Mixed Message

A Hearty Thank you to to Warren Smith for writing this very informative booklet. And to Lighthouse Trails once again for bringing to the last days born again Christians these vital Truths.

Brother Smith brings to the reader not only the facts of his findings and research but writes using comparisons and illustrations that cement the warnings of his subject matter to be irrefutable.

By on  15 March 2019 (BOOKLET - Eugene Peterson's Mixed Message) :

Eugene´s The Mesage

very good and explaining. I thought the first notification that came out on FB so good and that´s why I ordered it. I even took the liberty of translating that link to swedish, and share it with those that can´t understand english, obviously with a link to the side in question. ( I hope that was ok. Unfortunately there aren´t much good material in swedish. So greatful whenever I do come across good stuff from great teachers, even though it is in english and needs to be translated. gods blessings to all, Ingemo Jonsäll

By on  12 March 2019 (BOOKLET - Eugene Peterson's Mixed Message) :

Eugene Peterson’s Mixed Message

Great information. Will open your eyes to deception!


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