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By on  15 July 2019 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Excellent news and opinions on current trends and views today.

This journal is one of the most often that I find myself referring to all the time to know current trends and views of heretical views and questionable practices claiming to be 'christian' or if not, why we need to know where they stand. I have passed on written materials to friends because I know I can trust it.

By on  10 June 2019 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Research Journal

Excellent resource. My husband and I are thankful for your research and reporting. It has made us aware of what to look out for, and avoid deceptive teaching.

By on  12 March 2019 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Lighthouse research journal

Great, trustworthy ministry

By on  05 March 2019 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Thank you

Truly enjoy each magazine that I get in my subscription.
Thank you for your ministry and searching for truth.
Looking forward to receiving the next one!

By on  28 Feb. 2019 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Renewed my subscripture to Lighthouse Research Journal

I never meant to let my subscription expire, I find the research they do to be of great value to myself and to the Body of Christ and as long as they publish it I want to be on the receiving end of it. I feel that they prayerfully seek the Lord in the research they do, do they sometimes make a mistake in some things, maybe so, but who of us are perfect? I ask the Lord to bless them and the work they do, they are indeed a lighthouse in a very dark world.

By on  22 Dec. 2018 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Research Journal

The Journal keeps me up to date with the deception going on in the Church.

By on  24 Sept. 2018 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Lighthouse Trails Journal

The research and resources provided by the Journal are extremely valuable in this day and age of massive apostasy and deception within the "Christian Community." The articles within are all well documented and provide the readers with the armament necessary to combat the false teaching permeating the church. I highly recommend it to all serious Bible students and lovers of the Truth!

By on  03 Aug. 2018 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :


I read all of this journal as it is filled with information on the latest wanderings of the church into apostasy. It is all around us now as we are in the last days. The articles build faith and encourage one to keep on going on.

By on  30 May 2018 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Keeping Track in These Last Days

It is impossible to keep up with "every wind of doctrine" flooding the church today.
Lighthouse Trails Research Journal is such a vital resource in keeping us informed concerning errant doctrines and heresies that seem to crop up continually. This is one subscription that we won't be giving up.

By on  07 May 2018 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Thank you!

The only journal I trust to be faithful and true in discerning God's Word in the world around me.

By on  13 Feb. 2018 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Research Journal

I am in my 2nd year of reading the Journal. I have been very happy with the Journal, as well as all of your products I have purchased.

By on  01 Feb. 2018 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Research Journal

In this very sad day of deception, I am grateful to have a resource for truth based on the Scripture and not opinion. Ever since reading "A Time of Departing," which was a real eyeopener for sources of the promised deception, I have found many rich and informative articles on lighthousetrails.com. Thank you for your diligence in getting the truth out. saj

By on  20 Jan. 2018 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

lighthouse trails research journal

We have been receiving the journal's for over a year now. Every issue is full of information you cannot find easily anywhere without a considerable time spent searching.. Thanks for keeping us up to date on the real issues so we know how to pray and especially with what church organizations with who we affiliate and support.

By on  01 Jan. 2018 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Research Journal

Provides an excellent summary of the year's Newsletters

By on  26 Dec. 2017 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Research Journal

I've been receiving The lighthouse Journal for several years now. I find it to be very informative for anyone that is actually interested in truth. Unfortunately there are many confessing believers that are being deceived by false teaching and aren't interested in truth.

By on  24 June 2017 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Why Subscribe?

If you could see the free Newsletters & Journals that I receive almost on a daily timeline & were aware of the 1000s of religious articles I have stored on a large hard drive from the Internet, you might ask, why would you "pay" for another Journal.

Well, here's the answer. Lighthouse Trails does their homework. It is always up to date on the attempts Satan is always trying to deceive the church & the world with.
I want to learn. I want to know what is happening so I can warn others & Lighthouse Trails enables me to do just that. If you love the truth & want to help others not to be deceived, you need up-to-date information. Lighthouse Trails provides that information.
Thank you LHT . . . May God bless you & provide your every need.

L. Brown

By on  19 May 2017 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

Research Journal

I love your journal and all the research you do on our behalf. Thank you, I recommend it to everyone, having it online is also great for sharing the articles, I have both, thank you and God Bless!!

By on  27 Jan. 2017 (Research Journal - RENEW - USA) :

A website you can trust.

This means a great deal if you are looking for sound Bible doctrine, not the "New Age Rick Warren teachings."

Books that have sound doctrine.


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