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You can read the text of any of these Booklets by going to the Lighthouse Trails Research blog and typing in the title in the search box.

    1. "I Just Had a Vision!"
    2. Setting Aside the Gospel for a Powerless Substitute
    3. The Truth About Energy Healing
    4. Lectio Divina: What it is, What it is Not, and Should Christians Practice it?
    5. Native Spirituality "Renewal" & the Emerging Church
    6. The Shack & Its New Age Leaven
    7. Understanding the New Age, Meditation, and the Higher Self
    8. Who Really Killed Jesus?
    9. The Labyrinth Journey
  10. Can Cultures Be Redeemed?
  11. My Journey Out of Catholicism
  12. The Jesuit Agenda
  13. Israel: Replacing What God Has Not
  14. When Hitler Was in Power
  15. The New Missiology: Doing Missions Without the Gospel
  16. How to Know When the Emerging Church Shows Signs of Emerging into Your Church
  17. 5 Things You Should Know About Contemplative Prayer (expanded edition)
  18. Yoga and Christianity - Are They Compatible?
  19. Rick Warren's Daniel Plan
  20. They Hate Christianity But Love (Another) Jesus
  21. The Peace of God versus the P.E.A.C.E. of Man
  22. Brennan Manning's "New Monks" & Their Contemplative Monasticism
  23. 8 Things You Should Know About Sexually Abused Boys
  24. Overcoming Obstacles to Trusting the Lord
  25. 5 Things You Can Do to Protect Your Kids From Sexual Predators
  26. An Epidemic of Apostasy
  27. Chrislam: The Blending of Islam & Christianity
  28. Popular Books That Are Introducing Children to the Occult
  29. Understanding Paul's Appeal at Mar Hills
  30. The New Evangelization From Rome or Finding the True Jesus Christ
  31. A "Common Core" For a Global Community
  32. A Directory of Authors (Three NOT Recommended Lists)
  33. Christians in Holland in 1941: "Should We Help Save the Jews?"
  34. So You Want to Practice "Good" Contemplative Prayer . . . What's Wrong With That?
  35. The "Spiritual" Truth Behind Alcoholics Anonymous
  36. The Dangers & Deceptions of the Martial Arts
  37. What You Need to Know About Jim Wallis and the Social-Justice Gospel
  38. The Story Behind Lighthouse Trails
  39. The New Age Propensities of Bethel Church's Bill Johnson
  40. Redemption
  41. Preparing for Perilous Times & Finding God's Peace in the Midst of Them
  42. Is Religion to Blame?
  43. Is Your Church Doing Spiritual Formation? (Important Reasons Why They Shouldn't)
  44. The Awesome Wonder of God's Word
  45. The Message "Bible" - A Breach of Truth
  46. Changing Jesus Calling - Damage Control for a False Christ
  47. 6 Questions Every Gay Person Should Ask
  48. Regeneration: "Ye Must Be Born Again."
  49. The New Age Implications of Jesus Calling
  50. The Catholic Mary & Her Eucharistic Christ
  51. False Revival Coming? - Part 1: Holy Laughter or Strong Delusion?
  52. Confused by an Angel - The Dilemma of Roma Downey's New Age Beliefs
  53. Oprah Winfrey's New Age "Christianity" and the Emperor's New Clothes
  54. Oprah Winfrey's New Age "Christianity" (Part 2) - Neale Donald Walsch, "God," and Hitler
  55. Ten Questions for Those Who Claim the "Supreme Beings" of the Nations are the True God
  56. What is the Gospel?
  57. Truth or Consequences
  58. The Perfect Storm of Apostasy
  59. IF it is of God: Answering the Questions of IF:Gathering
  60. Big Noisy God
  61. Be Still and Know That You are NOT God!
  62. Slain in the Spirit: Is it a biblical practice?
  63. For God So Loved the World That . . . Whosoever!
  64. A Trip to India - To Learn the Truth About Hinduism and Yoga
  65. A Serious Look at Richard Foster's "School" of Contemplative Prayer
  66. Beth Moore & Priscilla Shirer - Their History of Contemplative Prayer
  67. Rejoicing Through it All
  68. Yoga: Exercise or Religion - Does It Matter?
  69. The Mystical Revolution
  70. Pope Francis and the Thomas Merton Connection
  71. Creation Versus Evolution - Things They Never Told You
  72. The Unacknowledged War and the Wearing Down of the Saints
  73. What Does it Mean to Be Justified by God?
  74. Praising God Through It All
  75. Standing Fast Through It All
  76. Rick Warren's Dangerous Ecumenical Pathway to Rome
  77. Being Thankful Through It All
  78. D is for Deception
  79. Meditation! Pathway to Wellness or Road to the Occult?
  80. A Former Nun Speaks Candidly
  81. 10 Scriptural Reasons-Why "Jesus Calling" is a Dangerous Book
  82. Goddess Worship in America and How It's Affecting the Church 
  83. Remaining Hopeful Through It All 
  84. C is for Catholicism 
  85. Did Jesus Identify Himself as God?
  86. Earth Day: A Total Transformation for a Post-Christian World
  87. Dear Pastor and Christian Leader: Have You Grown Careless About the Gospel?
  88. Blessings Through It All
  89. Sound the Trumpet in the Midst of Apostasy
  90. Mandala Color Books: Relaxing Fun or A Tools for New Age Meditation?
  91. The Alpha Course: An Evangelical Contradiction
  92. Remaining Faithful Through it All
  93. Alice Bailey - Mother of the New Age Movement
  94. Trusting God Through It All
  95. Beware of Bethel: A Brief Summary of Bill Johnson’s Unbiblical Teachings 
  96. The Unseen Foe Behind Rising Evil And Putting on the Armor of God 
  97. Signs & Wonders! Five Things You Should Consider
  98. A Christian Perspective on the Environment
  99.How to Know If You Are Being Spiritually Abused or Deceived—A Spiritual Abuse Questionnaire
100. Leonard Sweet: "A More Magnificent Way of Seeing Christ"?
101. Three Vital Questions on Navigating Discernment
102.HALLOWEEN! Why your children should not "Trick or Treat"
103. A Christian Parent's Guide to POKÉMON
104. The Expectation of HIS RETURN
105. Remembering the Persecuted Church and Why We Need to Pray
106.Substitution: He Took Our Place!
107.Faith Under Fire: Are You Growing in It or Fleeing From it?
108. Freemasonry: A Revealing Look at the Spiritual Side
109. Broken Vessels for Christ
110. Ray Yungen Tribute: A Life Set Apart for God
111. ATONEMENT REJECTED! How the Emerging Church Views Christ’s Death on the Cross
112. Progression to Deception: How New Age Influence is Destroying the Church—One Step After the Next
113. 10 Vital Things Parents Can Do to Help Children Keep Their Faith
114. Teresa of Avila: Teresa of Avila: An Ancient Mystic Who Helped Shape Today's Spiritual Formation Movement
115. Sound Doctrine Through It All
116. Fighting Fear in a Fearful Day
117. God's Comfort Through It All
118. The Reformation: A Brief But Important Look
119. Shack Theology: Universalism, TBN, Oprah, and the New Age
120. The Cross and the Marijuana Leaf
121. Watchful and Discerning Through It All
122. Circle Making and "Prayer Circles Versus The Straight Line of Truth
123. Fearing God in a Fearless New Age
124. Transgenderism and Our Children
125. Praying Through It All
126.Forgiving: A Story of Forgiveness and How and Why We Should Forgive
127. Oneness vs. Separation Heresy Now in the Church
128. How to Find a Good Church (And What to Do if You Can't)
129. The Big Picture: How the World and the Church Are Being Deceived
130. Psalm 23: The Faithfulness of God


By on  13 Jan. 2018 (BOOKLET VALUE PACK - 130 BOOKLETS) :

booklet value pack 122 booklets

love the information in these booklets for my general knowledge. Also a good way to decide which ones I may purchase in bulk in the future.

By on  28 Dec. 2017 (BOOKLET VALUE PACK - 130 BOOKLETS) :

Booklets Helping at Saturday Market

Most of the booklets we bought are for a church which has a stall at a Saturday market. My friends who run it are finding it a challenge facing Christians who are into all the false teachings. They find the booklets an excellent help.

By on  16 Oct. 2017 (BOOKLET VALUE PACK - 130 BOOKLETS) :

Booklet Value Pack

For years, as a biblical born again Christian, and a FORMER Catholic, I have utilized the resources of LT to remain aware of the continual deception seeping into the church under the banner of Christianity. Now, as part of a new discernment ministry, the resources are that much more valuable. The value packet of 120 booklets has already given me much needed information to share on the local weekly radio program. As always, I promote any solidly biblical ministries, of which LT is one of many mentioned and their exceptionally timely resources.
With much appreciation and admiration for all involved in LT, Blessings in the Jesus Christ of Scripture.

By on  25 Sept. 2017 (BOOKLET VALUE PACK - 130 BOOKLETS) :

This booklet pack is our new favorite library!!

This was one of the best purchases I have ever made! Absolutely full of biblicaly sound information written by authors that love God and share the true Gospel. These booklets cover every topic a person could need. Our children were just as excited to open them as we were. When any of us have a question about a subject we just go to our basket and easily find a booklet that has the answer. These authors know their stuff! These booklets are full of sound and correct scripture. The authors are not afraid to expose what is truth and what is false. There is a lot of GOOD FRUIT here!! Whoever put this package of booklets together did an amazing and thorough job. Thank you for all of the hard work and love that has been poured into this ministry. It is making a difference in many lives. Love to you all in Jesus Christ.

By on  03 May 2017 (BOOKLET VALUE PACK - 130 BOOKLETS) :

Booklet Value Pack

Excellent material to deepen our knowledge in order to contend for the faith

By on  29 Apr. 2017 (BOOKLET VALUE PACK - 130 BOOKLETS) :

Col 2:8

Beware lest anyone take you captive through philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world and not according to Christ, 

By on  21 March 2017 (BOOKLET VALUE PACK - 130 BOOKLETS) :
The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review, or the review is pending moderation
By on  03 Jan. 2017 (BOOKLET VALUE PACK - 130 BOOKLETS) :

Booklet Value Pack

I am absorbed in these booklets day and night. Was not aware there was so much going on in the church that is anti-biblical. I am very pleased with my purchase. Thank you.

By on  27 Dec. 2016 (BOOKLET VALUE PACK - 130 BOOKLETS) :

Booklets Contain Priceless Information

These wonderful booklets contain priceless information on almost any subject you can think of, and I repurchase many of them to give out including Ray Yungen's booklets on the emerging church and Yoga's eastern mysticism. Every time I go to the website, there are more wonderful booklets waiting for me. They are inexpensive and just right for sharing. Some of my favorites include Confused by and Angel, Dear Pastor & Christian Leader, Have you grown careless about the Gospel?, and The PEACE of God about Rick Warren's intrusion.

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