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The 32-page journals contain a variety of the following components:

  • 6- 10 articles (depending on length of each article) with citations from various trusted authors (see list below). These articles will be selected from the weekly e-newsletters; we'll choose the most important ones from that time period.
  • Letters to the Editor section
  • Movie Alerts & Book Reviews
  • Links & Resources to other ministries
  • News clips from around the world (both secular and Christian but all pertaining to the topics covered at Lighthouse Trails)
  • Missions Corner (keeping you up to date on our mission work in Kenya)
  • A 4-page Product Catalog
  • Scriptural Encouragement, Exhortation, and Edification
  • College & University Watch
  • Publisher's Corner (new releases, author bios, etc.) and more

There are three easy ways you can sign up for the journal:

  • Mail a check or money order to: Lighthouse Trails Publishing, P.O. Box 908, Eureka, MT 59917
  • Call in your subscription to our toll free order line - 866-876-3910
  • Use this designated page where you can pay the $6 with either credit card or Paypal.


Anita Dittman (Holocaust survivor, LT author)
Berit Kjos (Researcher, Author, Founder of Kjos Ministries, author)
Bill Randles (Pastor, Author, Lecturer, Believers in Grace)
Carl Teichrib (Researcher, Forcing Change)
Cedric Fisher (author, researcher, blogger)
Chris Lawson (Pastor, Missionary, author, Spiritual Research Network director)
David Dombrowski (LT chief editor)
Diet Eman (Holocaust Survivor, author)
Egerton Ryerson Young (missionary, author)
Greg Reid (author, lecturer)
Harry Ironside (pastor, author)
Johanna Michaelsen (author, speaker, former New Ager)
Kevin Reeves (Former "latter Rain" Elder, author)
Larry DeBruyn (Ret. Pastor, Author, Guarding His Flock Ministries)
Lois Putnam (researcher, author, blogger)
Lynn Lusby Pratt (lecturer, author)
Maria Kneas (author, author)
Mary Danielsen (author, blogger, researcher)
Mike Oppenheimer (Author, Director of Let Us Reason Ministries)
Nanci Des Gerlaise (Cree First Nations Writer, author)
Patrick Crough (Ret. NY Investigative Sergeant, author)
Philip Gray (Free-lance Writer)
Ray Yungen (Research analyst, Lecturer, author)
Roger Oakland (Author, Former evolutionist, Lecturer, Missionary, author)
Sandy Simpson (Researcher, Author, Deception in the Church)
Tamara Hartzell (Researcher, Author)
Tony Pearce (Author, Light for the Last Days Ministries)
Warren B. Smith (Author, Former New Age Follower, Lecturer)


By on  09 Dec. 2018 (USA SUBSCRIPTION - 1 YEAR) :


I consider this Journal the best for what's actually happening - along with James Jacob Prash. Do so appreciate the good work. Aloha.

By on  28 Nov. 2018 (USA SUBSCRIPTION - 1 YEAR) :

A Must Have

Lighthouse Trails Journal is a must have publication for the discerning Christian. With the rise of mysticism, and other like things, disguising themselves as the Truth, we need solid material that sheds the light of Truth over the dark landscape that is called the "Church." Thanks for being there, as genuine light bearers.

By on  12 Nov. 2018 (USA SUBSCRIPTION - 1 YEAR) :

Excellent products!

The journal is pack full of timely information and will be read and re-read...

By on  02 Nov. 2018 (USA SUBSCRIPTION - 1 YEAR) :

Lighthouse Trails Research Journal

This is a wonderful publication! I'm currently reading the second issue of my subscription and am so impressed with how knowledgeable the editors are and how well the articles are written. I've subscribed to many Christian publications over the years and this is by far the best. So many of the current church "fads" are exposed for what they are, and it's obvious that the editors have truly researched them. I'm grateful that something so thorough and clear is available to us.

By on  11 Aug. 2018 (USA SUBSCRIPTION - 1 YEAR) :

Lighthouse Trails Journal

An excellent Journal written by people I can trust to give me the ins and outs of books, cults, authors, and churches. I use this Journal as my "Guide" on these subjects. My #1 reference guide.
Ken L.

By on  28 May 2018 (USA SUBSCRIPTION - 1 YEAR) :

Research Journal

Outstanding Content...added staples to hold pages together, but still a great resource.

By on  26 Apr. 2018 (USA SUBSCRIPTION - 1 YEAR) :

Great informative journal.

This journal is excellent with appropriate and timely articles that Christians need to be discerning in their faith and to expose error and deception of the evil one! Keep it up!

By on  08 Apr. 2018 (USA SUBSCRIPTION - 1 YEAR) :

Excellent Publication

We look forward to receiving each copy of Lighthouse Trails. We trust what we read in it, which is more than we can say for other sources we have tried.

We are delighted to give gift subscriptions to our friends so that they, too, can keep abreast of the timely and pertinent information we receive from this publication.

I cannot imagine not having Lighthouse Trails coming to our home.

By on  05 Apr. 2018 (USA SUBSCRIPTION - 1 YEAR) :

USA Subscription

So grand to read articles from a solidly Bible based Christian worldview.

By on  30 March 2018 (USA SUBSCRIPTION - 1 YEAR) :
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By on  26 March 2018 (USA SUBSCRIPTION - 1 YEAR) :

Amazing magazine

We had read the LHT magazine at a families home and decided to subscribe to it as well. It is very informative and informational with topics that we as Christians need to be aware of in these days of false gospels.
Thank you and may you continue to be blessed!

By on  04 March 2018 (USA SUBSCRIPTION - 1 YEAR) :
The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review, or the review is pending moderation
By on  01 March 2018 (USA SUBSCRIPTION - 1 YEAR) :

Terrific News Letter

Pithy content on a nice paper periodical style format. I look forward to reading the articles in the evening along with my Bible.

By on  05 Jan. 2018 (USA SUBSCRIPTION - 1 YEAR) :


It is wonderful to know that what I read in this "watchman" publication can be trusted. I can't always say that about every ministry out there. The lines are not blurred here. This is a no-compromise ministry dedicated to the truth, upholding the Word of Truth.

By on  20 Aug. 2017 (USA SUBSCRIPTION - 1 YEAR) :

Seeking Truth

I am, by nature, education and professional background, a researcher. I seek as much information as is reasonable to discover truth and value. The Lighthouse Journal and all other Lighthouse Trails products I have consulted provide the depth and biblical basis I seek for wise discernment in these days of false and dangerous spiritual teachings.

By on  24 June 2017 (USA SUBSCRIPTION - 1 YEAR) :

Why Subscribe?

If you could see the free Newsletters & Journals that I receive almost on a daily timeline & were aware of the 1000s of religious articles I have stored on a large hard drive from the Internet, you might ask, why would you "pay" for another Journal.

Well, here's the answer. Lighthouse Trails does their homework. It is always up to date on the attempts Satan is always trying to deceive the church & the world with.
I want to learn. I want to know what is happening so I can warn others & Lighthouse Trails enables me to do just that. If you love the truth & want to help others not to be deceived, you need up-to-date information. Lighthouse Trails provides that information.
Thank you LHT . . . May God bless you & provide your every need.

L. Brown

By on  14 March 2017 (USA SUBSCRIPTION - 1 YEAR) :

Great publication for low price!

The cost of the print edition is very low for the quality of the content of its articles. It's a great deal!

By on  22 Jan. 2017 (USA SUBSCRIPTION - 1 YEAR) :


I love this journal. Most of the time my inbox is so packed full from messages and blogs from other Christian sites that I have to take a break from my PC just to save my eyes and neck! This journal gives me time to sit down and read from a paper journal that has actual pages!

Kay Cude


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