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BOOKLET: Transgenderism and Our Children View larger

BOOKLET: Transgenderism and Our Children


SPECIAL NOTE: We have been informed by the Canadian government that this booklet cannot be sent across the border into Canada. However, we were told that it is currently not illegal for Canadians to have possession of the booklet. Therefore, Canadian readers may call 866-295-4143, the number of our new Canadian distributor, to obtain copies of this and all Lighthouse Trails booklets and some LT books.

By Maria Kneas and Lois Putnam

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Properties 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" | Printed, bound on high quality paper
Pages: 18
Publisher Lighthouse Trails Publishing

Product Description

In the Bible, God makes clear distinctions between light and darkness, good and evil, male and female, adults and children, animals and humans, plants and animals, living and inanimate. These distinctions or separations are clearly important to God, and anything that attempts to destroy these distinctions is trying to undermine foundational principles that God established. Such efforts constitute rebellion against God, and the end result is attacks against Christians who try to live according to biblical principles and morality. This is part of what Dr. Henry Morris calls “the long war against God.”

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By on  02 Aug. 2023 (BOOKLET: Transgenderism and Our Children) :

Great easy complete overview.

Another nice little booklet, to show concise explanation of what’s going on in our society… the “woke agenda” replacing humility with pride and devastating the previous restraint of society.

By on  28 Sept. 2020 (BOOKLET: Transgenderism and Our Children) :
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By on  04 June 2018 (BOOKLET: Transgenderism and Our Children) :

Every parent should read this!

I'm so glad to see this information out there. The authors do a wonderful job of revealing the enormity of the juggernaut aimed at destroying our children through the "transgender" movement.

By on  05 March 2018 (BOOKLET: Transgenderism and Our Children) :

A Very Timely Subject

This booklet provides a great overview of the subject, complete with examples of different "trans" categories, like trans age, trans race, trans gender, etc. The author does a nice job of using Scripture in dealing with this issue. I found it helpful that the writer also discusses the way that the transgender agenda is being introduced and used in schools. I recommend this booklet to everyone. Parents can benefit from the insights presented in the booklet to guard their children from indoctrination, and everyone else, even if they don't have a grandchild, cousin, niece, or nephew in school, needs to know what is happening not only in our schools but also in the public forum.

By on  14 Feb. 2018 (BOOKLET: Transgenderism and Our Children) :


A timely booklet on an issue that has unsettled me in recent time more than any other. The way governments, businesses, and so-called Progressives have latched onto the transgender agenda is stunning because it is so absurd and goes against the natural order of creation and especially against the clear declarations of God in His holy Word. Our country and the world is descending into a moral abyss and we as Christians must stand firm and speak out boldly about it. I know I do, but am disturbed to find such apathy on the matter among my acquaintances. I think the ban by Canada is a badge of honor to wear and also an indication of how the freedom of speech is diminishing in Canada under the leadership of Justin Trudeau.


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