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By Steven S. on 27 Oct. 2020 :


Product rated : MOBI BOOK - The Titanic and Today's Church - Warren Smith does his usual...

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By Louise & W. on 20 Oct. 2020 :


Product rated : BOOKLET - YOGA: Exercise or Religion - Does it Matter? Excellent on this subject
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Yoga Uncoiled - DVD


Documentary by Caryl Productions

DVD | 80 minutes

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Once viewed by Christians as a pagan import from the East, yoga has now become mainstream in the church through “Christ-centered yoga classes” designed to help improve spirituality and experience “the presence of God.” But is yoga’s mysticism compatible with historic Christianity? 

Video-journalist Caryl Matrisciana, who was born and raised in India, returns to her native land to search for truth among India’s leading experts and examines what Christian Yoga practitioners in the West are saying about their Yoga participation. With critical discernment, this hard-hitting and informative DVD explores the ramifications of dismissing yoga’s core spirituality, and blending Biblical terminology and precepts with eastern meditative techniques and practices. Retail $22.95, 80 minute, DVD, Caryl Productions, Yoga/Eastern Religions 


By on  29 Aug. 2018 (Yoga Uncoiled - DVD) :

The Evils of Yoga Unfurled

Excellent video to share with your loved ones or those you know who are either curious or considering yoga. IT IS NOT EXERCISE! IT IS A FALSE RELIGION!!!


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