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Examining the Teachings of Joyce Meyer


True Confessions of a Word-Faith Teacher

A lecture by Mike Oppenheimer

1 DVD | Approx. 1 hour, 20 minutes

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Publisher Lighthouse Trails Publishing

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Joyce Meyer is probably the most well-paid teacher in the church. She lives an opulent lifestyle portraying her prosperity teaching to her adherents. They don’t mind; they support her in this. Joyce’s basis for her teaching is word faith—the teachings of Hagin and Copeland. It is positive confession combined with the psychology of loving oneself.

Meyer also holds to the word-faith teaching of a continued gospel payment after the Cross (e.g., Jesus paid the price, completing it in Hell). While many of these teachings are not often seen on TV, they are the foundation for everything else she teaches. Words have power; we can even have angels do our bidding by our positive confession, she says.

This video is a PowerPoint and lecture presentation which has both audio and video clips that need to be seen to know whether Joyce Meyer’s teachings are biblically sound and trustworthy.


By on  25 July 2018 (Examining the Teachings of Joyce Meyer) :

Nice To Hear Truth

Exposes Meyer with facts, not just opinions. Many who call themselves Christians follow Meyer and are greatly deceived. This video exposes her heresy, but sadly, many will remain blind. Would definitely recommend this video.

By on  11 Nov. 2017 (Examining the Teachings of Joyce Meyer) :

Many Christians need to see this presentation on Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer has an influence among evangelical Christians (particularly females) that far outweighs the true worth of her teachings. It has to be acknowledged that (i) a lot of people will say they find her teaching helpful and (ii) she does teach some degree of truth in her books and conferences - however this is mixed in with a lot of false teaching - the amount of good and bad in the mix also varies over time - thus it's deceptive to the average un-discerning audience.

Mike Oppenheimer's lecture is not a 'bells and whistles' flashy dynamic presentation on the problems with Joyce Meyer's teachings. However, it is a steady biblical analysis of the issues. As such, a copy of this DVD should be present in every church/pastor's library but not sit there un-watched. People in churches need to see the content (in settings such as small home group studies) and be warned against the more subtle versions of the Word of Faith heresies that Joyce Meyer promotes.

By on  03 Sept. 2017 (Examining the Teachings of Joyce Meyer) :

Examining the teachings of Joyce Meyer

This DVD is extremely helpful. I have Christian friends who are enthralled with Joyce Meyer's teachings. I now have important information which I can use to try and dissuade them from listening to her. Thank you for exposing this false teaching and helping me to explain to my friends why Joyce Meyer Ministries should be rejected.
Alexa D.


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