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Searching for the Truth on Origins - DVD


4 DVDs | 14 lectures

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14 Messages on 4 DVDs-nearly 12 hours of lecture by Roger Oakland

The controversy surrounding the origin and history of life has always triggered heated debate between supporters of the two opposing views . . . Creation and Evolution. How and when did life begin? Is life the result of random processes that occurred over millions of years, or was life designed by a Creator? Is there a definitive record of evolutionary change found in the fossil record? Or does the fossil record support the Genesis account that life was created and later destroyed by a global catastrophic event? Has man evolved from brute ape-like creatures with fossil evidence providing a complete lineage, or has man always been man, made in the image of God as the Bible states?

Evolutionists claim their beliefs are scientific and accurate, proclaiming their theory as an indisputable fact. Creationists maintain their perspective is logical and can be supported by the observable evidence.

Searching for the Truth on Origins by Roger Oakland will answer your questitons about origins based on the facts. Further, the series reveals the impact of the evolutionary view on human morality and spirituality from a biblical point of view. It also provides insight about the role evolution plays in preparing the world for the future as foretold in the Bible. Finally, the series concludes by explaining how the evidence for creation can be used as an evangelistic tool.

1. Creation: Foundation of the Christian Faith
2. Origin of Universe, Solar System, and Earth
3. Origin and Progression of Life
4. Complexity of Life

5. Evolution View of the History of Life
6. The Bible: Origin and History of Life
7. Origin of Man: Evolution View
8. Origin and History of Man: Creation View

9. Impact of Evolution: Morally and Spiritually-Part I
10. Impact of Evolution: Morally and Spiritually-Part II
11. Rising Interest in the Supernatural
12. Creation Evangelism-Part I

13. Creation Evangelism-Part II
14. Overview: Searching for the Truth on Orgins

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By on  22 Aug. 2021 (Searching for the Truth on Origins - DVD) :

Tons of good information

Very nice customer service and tons of good information. Have not gotten through all the booklets or the DVDS. So far information and research has been very helpful!

By on  28 March 2020 (Searching for the Truth on Origins - DVD) :

Evidence for Creation

Excellent DVD. Roger Oakland's detailed and evidence based talks fill in gaps in our thinking to convince us soundly of the truth of creation. It soundly refutes evolution. How indoctrinated we have been by Evolution! Thank you
Eluned Butteris

By on  21 Feb. 2018 (Searching for the Truth on Origins - DVD) :


This is very well put together... I can't wait to share it with my sons.

By on  30 Nov. 2017 (Searching for the Truth on Origins - DVD) :

Searching for the Truth on Origins

We have heard Roger Oakland many times live and have most of his DVDs and all of his books which we have really appreciated. This series was purchased as a gift for a daughter and son-in-law who live where they have no church suitable to attend. This is meant to be an encouragement for them and as a witnessing tool for them.

By on  09 Nov. 2017 (Searching for the Truth on Origins - DVD) :

Searching for the Truth on Origins

Was so excited to receive this product. I bought this to share with the Bible study group that I meet with and to loan to one of the women that teaches the youth groups. They have been studying Creation and I thought this would be a good extra for them to listen to. The way Roger explains the beautiful way all things were made that one cannot deny the work of God's hands! I highly recommend!

By on  28 Feb. 2017 (Searching for the Truth on Origins - DVD) :

Searching for the Truth on Origins

I strongly recommend Roger Oakland's series of messages on the creation/evolution debate. Brother Oakland is both a scientist and a gifted communicator who presents the issues with clarity. The material is occasionally technical but is still generally accessible to viewers of high school age to adult. I appreciate the work of brother Oakland and the many other creationist scientists for their work in encouraging and equipping the saints of God to "stand our ground" in an increasingly hostile culture.

By on  02 Jan. 2017 (Searching for the Truth on Origins - DVD) :

Searching for the Truth on Origins - DVD

Wonderful teaching. I already had one and I liked it so much that I bought this one for my sister who I know will like it just as much as me!!


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