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By Joseph F. on 10 Sept. 2021 :
Product rated : Queen Of All

Queen of Nothing

A detailed look at the blasphemous elevation of Mary to the non-existent "Queen of Heaven." The authors provide plenty of evidence of demonic activity deceiving many who elevate Mary to be equal with God. A must-have book for anyone's library.

By Sheila P. on 22 Aug. 2021 :
Product rated : Searching for the Truth on Origins - DVD

Tons of good information

Very nice customer service and tons of good information. Have not gotten through all the booklets or the DVDS. So far information and research has been very helpful!

By Jerome B. on 13 Aug. 2021 :
Product rated : Color, Communism, and Common Sense - A True Story

Color, Communism, and Common Sense

I believe God let you find this book for this very time. Glory be to the Lord. Thanks Jerry Boschert

By Keith S. on 06 Aug. 2021 :
Product rated : The Light That Was Dark

Great book!

Warren's story is amazing.

By Keith S. on 06 Aug. 2021 :
Product rated : How to Prepare for Hard Times and Persecution

Eye opening!!!

This book is excellent and eye-opening. Every Christian needs to read this book, we are getting into some very troubling times in our country and world.

By Keith S. on 06 Aug. 2021 :
Product rated : Chai Green Bible Verse Tea

Excellent Taste!

I love this tea! It has been a blessing and has helped with many of my health issues.

By sharron S. on 03 Aug. 2021 :
Product rated : Faith Undone

Faith Undone

Fabulous book explaining the basic concerns we as believers in salvation through Jesus should have concerning emergent church teachings.

By Sara S. on 01 Aug. 2021 :
Product rated : Color, Communism, and Common Sense - A True Story

Must Read

Excellent resource for understanding the roots behind Socialism, Communism, and CRT!

By Leticia P. on 01 Aug. 2021 :
Product rated : MOBI BOOK - The Other Side of the River

It Happened To Me

This book helped me to revisit all the error I was in when I entered into the Word of Faith Church not knowing the difference between truth and error, right and almost right. The heresy I was involved in for many years throught the WOF cult and then into the smooth transition into NAR church (New Apostolic Reformation) which was a re-packaging of the WOF Chrsitian cult. I got angry while reading this book because of all the betrayel and legalism, ad -hominem I was put through. Finally someone who knows what I went through. The by the grace of a merciful God through the real Jesus Christ was I washed by the truth word of faith of the Bible, not by man's imaginations.

I truly recommend this book for anyone who is questioning their participation in the WOF or NAR church of anyone who want's to know more. Pull them out of the fire!!

By Naomi A. on 31 July 2021 :
Product rated : A Sword on the Land

Appreciated This Book Very Much

A few days ago I finished reading Pastor Bill Randles’ book, “A Sword On the Land.” I appreciated this book very much. The prophecies from the Old Testament prophets regarding end times have been very difficult to understand. I realize that prophecies have several levels of fulfillment. However, not having a current geographic “point-of-reference” for the prophecies was a big problem. Pastor Randles did an excellent job of letting the reader know what the ancient nations of biblical times are currently called.

He also effectively brought history forward and showed how ancient prophecies are quite pertinent to situations currently in the news today. The fact that he directly quoted the Old Testament prophecies in his book was exceptionally helpful. The reader could see immediately how the prophesies and current world events fit together.

The fact that the prophecies were spoken thousands of years ago, and are being fulfilled in even the tiniest detail is stunning! It is another credible proof of the inerrancy of Scripture.

However, one Bible reference in his book needs correction. On page 21, Randles is quoting a passage in Isaiah. He gives the Scripture reference as Isaiah 24:9-11. This is incorrect. The actual reference is Isaiah 24:19-21.

By Colleen V. on 29 July 2021 :
Product rated : BOOKLET - YOGA: Exercise or Religion - Does it Matter?

Fast service

Thank you for your ministry. This booklet will be very useful and hopefully open up some eyes.

By Nancy B. on 27 July 2021 :
Product rated : BOOKLET - S is for Social Justice The Language of Today's Cultural “Revolution”

A Dictionary for Today's Battles

This booklet explains and defines some of today's leftist/worldly terms being used by many.
Seems like no matter what you say, if you disagree with the PC group, you will be labeled and fought. Study this comprehensive booklet if you want to know how to sidestep the lies and give them the Truth, before it's too late. Compare the PC vocabulary to the Word of God, and He will give you true Light and understanding.

By Nancy B. on 27 July 2021 :
Product rated : BOOKLET - Understanding the New Age

Informative booklet!

What I liked most about this booklet by Ray Yungen was the clear definitions he gave to terminology associated with the New Age that I was confused about. He also gives the reader a history of the development of the New Age
in America, and how it has definitely ensconced itself surreptitiously in the churches and the minds of the congregants. This would be a good booklet to share with friends and church members.

Romans 10:9-13; John 3:16-21

By Nancy B. on 25 July 2021 :
Product rated : BOOKLET - Butterfly Illusions

Unmasking the Lies

Butterfly Illusions is a staggering expose of Roma Downey, and just as important,
of many of today's Christian leaders who are influencing millions of people to their
spiritual detriment. Gregory Reid did a good job of gathering facts and presenting them
in his booklet, to show professing Christians how spiritualy dark and LOST many, many
authors, church leaders, and their followers are!
Because of her grief at losing her mother, Downey, in my opinion, went down the wrong
road to try and assauge her loss, to try to heal. Deception seduced her, and apparently her
husband, and she wrote: BOX OF BUTTERFLIES: Discovering the Unexpected Blessings All Around Us.
This book is filled to the maximum with devilish lies, but presented as something authentically
Christian, which it is not. Downey has also penned more books, aimed at both children and adults.
Beware and avoid, don't use the money God graciously gave you, to support this adversary cloaked as
an angel of light. Expose the lies.
Please read this booklet, it may help you to steer someone away from the specious beguilement
of the carefully disguised New Age LIES that are overflowing from the pulpits of America, and the world,

By Nancy B. on 20 July 2021 :
Product rated : BOOKLET - Drugs, Meditation, & "A Fully Developed Spirituality"

Irrefutable Connections

Mr. Dombrowski is skilled in writing in a style that both informs and keeps the reader interested. This booklet is well-researched, structured in a way that is easy to follow, making connections between the deceptive lies going on in many churches today and spirituality of witchdoctors, their religion, and how millions are following a path to eternal damnation. WAKE UP! REPENT! Read this booklet, and tell others to run from any church that endorses and participates in meditative practices, or contemplative spirituality. Great pamphlet to hand to others unwittingly involved in this vast movement.

Romans 10:8-13

By Terri A. on 19 July 2021 :
Product rated : Changed by Beholding

Beautiful and Important Book

Changed by Beholding by Harry Ironside has been such a huge blessing to me. I started out reading it heartily, and after getting about halfway through it, i realized i had forgotten much of its beautiful and important content, and lost my bookmark, as well. I am close to 80, and I have found that treasured books such as these are very much like the proverbial box of chocolates. You really shouldn't consume the entire thing in a few short days, because if you do, you will not get to enjoy the sweet little extra treat, just enough for each time you pick it up, that offers a delicious surprise that will make your prayers deeper, your Christian walk more meaningful, or even help you notice something missing in your communication with our Savior. The one or two pages on foot-washing brought that home to me. I am a full time home caregiver for my husband, who is in hospice, and although i get some help from them, it seems that the most unpleasant chores of caregiving come when i am alone. Reading of Jesus washing the disciples' feet showed me a ministry I could do as Jesus did when he wrapped that towel around His waist in precious humility. As the words touched my heart, my attitude changed about some of the things I have to do. My method of reading has also changed to reading just a few pages to savor except for times when i just do not want to put it down, and I am so grateful for this book which is a beloved gift given to me by a dear friend.

By Tina C. on 18 July 2021 :
Product rated : BOOKLET - Native Spirituality "Renewal" & the Emerging Church

Native Spirituality and the Church

This booklet should be distributed as a warning to all true Christian churches who continue to fight to maintain the foundational truth of the Gospel. It should be shared in a classroom setting on Sundays. Many churches no longer teach sound doctrine and this is evident by the welcoming, in the name of unity or even love, of all sorts of religious practices and teachings of unbelievers. People do not recognize what is wrong when they are not being taught the truth from the Word of God. People are more afraid of the "cancel" culture than they are of what God thinks.

By April E. on 10 July 2021 :
Product rated : Four Things God Wants You to Know. . . Gospel Tract- 10 Pack

gospel tracks

very nicely done

By April E. on 10 July 2021 :
By Gail L. on 28 June 2021 :
Product rated : Treasures of the Snow - DVD

Treasures of the Snow

I watched this on YouTube and was so impressed I am purchasing DVDs as a gift for my grandchildren.

By Nancy G. on 25 June 2021 :
Product rated : BOOKLET - 10 Scriptural Reasons Why Jesus Calling is a Dangerous Book

Well worth purchasing

This is well laid out, straightforward, and a quick read. The concerns are clear when it’s shown that changes have been made since the original “Jesus Calling” was published.

One point, though. In reason #10 about laughing at the future, Proverbs 31:25 in the NASB (1995) says, “Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she smiles at the future.” I’m not suggesting that Ms Young heard correctly, nor am I defending what she said, but I am just pointing out that this verse exists. How does the author take a verse like this into account within his rebuttal of “Jesus Calling”?

Editor's and Author's Note: Context is what is important here. Most Bible translations - like the KJV, NKJV, NAS, and Amplified versions - emphasize the idea of rejoicing, smiling, confidence in, and readiness for the future rather than scornfully laughing at the future like the Jesus of "Jesus Calling" seems to suggest.

By Anne O. on 23 June 2021 :
Product rated : Research Journal - RENEW - USA

Research Journal

The Research Journal is an excellent source to keep one informed of the times we are living in. All of you who produce it do an awesome job. Thank you. I could not do without it. I'm constantly pointing people to Lighthouse Trails. God bless you!


By Mary T. on 15 June 2021 :
Product rated : The Life Story Dr. Sa'eed of Iran

An Entirely Excellent Book!

This is an entirely excellent book, that encouraged my soul as I read about Dr. Sa'eed's salvation, and his growing in Christ through the various influences he encountered, about his gentle manner, his matter-of-fact communication, and his "story.". The book is written in a way that I grew to love the man about whom it was written. I have recommended it to others and would recommend or share it anytime.

By Don M. on 10 June 2021 :
Product rated : Research Journal - RENEW - CANADA



By Rev Cassandra G. on 09 June 2021 :
Product rated : BOOKLET - Critical Race Theory, Southern Baptist Convention, and a Marxist "Solution" That Will Not Work

What you need to know

This is a very informative booklet. I didn't quite understand this critical race theory, but I do now, and while I have no children at home I do have grandchildren and great grandchild that I want to inform their parents. This booklet will help.

By Elethia G. on 08 June 2021 :
Product rated : Wide is the Gate - DVD - Volume 3

Wide is the Gate DVD's

I am very thankful for these DVD's Wide is the Gate/
God used these to open my eyes and teach me about the deception I was in.
I keep giving them away and buying another set for myself.
Thank you to Lighthouse Trails, Caryl Matriciana (I miss her) and Warren Smith.
You all have been such a blessing and God has used your testimonies and this Website to change my life.
May God Bless you richly for hard word and love for the truth.
Elethia Griggs

By Philip W. on 02 June 2021 :
Product rated : MOBI LIBRO - La fe desechada

Enorme ayuda para discernir y descifrar lo que en realidad está ocurriendo en las iglesias.

Si te has estado haciendo preguntas sobre ciertas tendencias "emergentes" y "progresistas" que han infiltrado a las iglesias de todas las denominaciones, este libro te servirá de enorme ayuda para discernir y descifrar lo que en realidad está ocurriendo tras bambalinas. En su particular estilo investigativo, Roger Oakland arma el rompe-cabezas del deslizamiento de la cristiandad hacia el precipicio de la apostasía, y provee un llamado de alerta al remanente del Señor, para que se adiestren para la batalla espiritual a la que se enfrentará todo aquel que anhela seguir siendo fiel a la autoridad suprema de las escrituras.

By Jordan L. on 27 May 2021 :
Product rated : BOOKLET - Five Things You Should Know About Contemplative Prayer

Convincing Resource

This was a succinct yet sufficient exposition of the mystical/occult/New Age meditation origins of the "Christian" contemplative prayer movement. A convincing starter resource that would be perfect for beginning the conversation with family and friends who are convinced that the movement is "biblical."

By Lynn D. on 18 May 2021 :
Product rated : Calvinism: None Dare Call It Heresy

Excellent book!

The book, "Calvinism None Dare to Call it Heresy", by, Pastor Bob Kirkland, is an excellent read. It is written in such a way that the reader stays interested, engaged, and most of all informed. I highly recommend this book.

By Paul G. on 17 May 2021 :
Product rated : Harry Ironside Booklet Pack

Great to have these in a print format to hand out

Harry Ironside was one of those down-to-earth men of God who were able to make even the deepest theological concept eminently understandable. His dedication and devotion to God and the Lord Jesus Christ were evident through his life, his vocation, his sermons, and his writings. This collection includes booklets on the Gospel, salvation, redemption, regeneration, and justification. Short but packed with wisdom, they will help deepen your understanding and appreciation of the grace of God given to us through the Lord Jesus Christ.

While Ironside's works are in the public domain now and available in "ebook" formats online, I appreciate having these in print format to hand out to others in the church who are questioning or confused about the depth of God's love and the assurance of His grace and mercy.

By Paul G. on 17 May 2021 :
Product rated : USA SUBSCRIPTION - 1 YEAR

Timely and current

The Lighthouse Trails Research Journal quarterly is a wealth of information on current events, trends in churches, and the struggles and triumphs of persecuted Christians. All through the lens of a godly and biblical worldview.

LT's stated goal is to "...lift up the name of Jesus Christ, turn to the Word of God, edify the body of Christ, and share the Gospel with those who have not yet come into the Kingdom of God through salvation by faith in Jesus Christ...".

Those are my goals as well, and I'm grateful to have found a timely and effective tool in LT Research Journal to help.

By Paul G. on 17 May 2021 :
Product rated : Lighthouse Trails Introductory Pack

A good preview of what Lighthouse Trails has to offer

Lighthouse Trails has chosen the "intro pack" inclusions well. They start with a booklet describing LT's humble beginnings. Other booklets expose the ways deceptions that have been infiltrating every aspect of life are, due do a loss/lack of biblical discernment, being welcomed into the church with open arms. And the pack is rounded out with several booklets that focus on some of the most prevalent practices and programs which churches today are embracing, with clear biblical refutation of their deceptions and their dangers. The current Research Journals share stories of the ongoing battles that Christians are facing from an ever more antagonistic world system, and current dangerous trends that are "tickling the ears" of so many in the the churches today. You'll also appreciate thumbing through the full color catalog of other Lighthouse Trails publications and media that are well suited for the equipping of the saints of any age, from children to adults.

By Joseph F. on 10 May 2021 :
Product rated : A Time of Departing


Read this book over 10 years ago. Still timely and relevant.

By David P. on 10 May 2021 :
Product rated : Calvinism: None Dare Call It Heresy

None Dare Call It Heresy

Wonderful little book that exposes some of the dangers and pitfalls that are are inherent in TULIP as expressed through reformed theology. It touches on Calvinist history, the personal morality of Calvin, the character of God as understood by Calvin, and many other aspects of this flawed theological system. Highly recommend.

By Isobel G. on 10 May 2021 :
Product rated : Wide is the Gate - DVD - Volume 3

Wide is the Gate

5 Stars

By Terri A. on 09 May 2021 :
Product rated : The Golden Heart

Tender and Inspirational Story

The Golden Heart is a tender and inspirational story of the Moslem culture and how the widowed father of a young daughter was gently and patiently led to Christ. I nicknamed him "Ab" due to his long name being difficult for me.

This short book has an interesting setting. It is peaceful to read, very moving, and contains some wonderful quotes such as this excerpt: " When the enemy is mustering his forces about the soul that was forever lost to him, it behooves the Christian to gather an opposing strength at the throne of grace."

The book's object is a very meaningful piece of jewelry which is always in the background. The family is not poor but comfortable, choice fabrics are mentioned, and this story dispelled my ideas of Arab households without love, although the plight of Moslem women is explored. It had a smidgeon of romance, but that was not the point of the story. I consider it a blessing to have read this encouraging book at a time when my heart was in a sensitive place.

By Karen M. on 06 May 2021 :
Product rated : BOOKLET - Lois Putnam Booklet Pack

Lois Putnam Booklet Pack

Great little books! Good information and how to keep on top of what is entering the church.

By Karen M. on 06 May 2021 :
Product rated : Pastor's Discernment Booklet Pack

Pastor's Discernment Packet

I love the books as they are informative and quick to read.

By Bobby W. on 03 May 2021 :
Product rated : Color, Communism, and Common Sense - A True Story

Read and share!

What I have read so far is very much like what is taking place in America right now. Please read and share! In fact buy several copies and pass them around! People need to have their eyes opened!

By Stirling S. on 01 May 2021 :
Product rated : BOOKLET - Critical Race Theory, Southern Baptist Convention, and a Marxist "Solution" That Will Not Work


This booklet helps explain definitions and the agendas of current Marxism. Up to date and informative. I appreciate that the booklet also shows God's plan for humanity.

By Elene C. on 01 May 2021 :
Product rated : BOOKLET - The Story Behind Lighthouse Trails

A 19 year ministry

Solid testimony on how the Lord began this ministry. LT is not just another "discernment site. This booklet clearly shows the Godly motives and the sacrifices made by the Dombrowski's to begin and continue in an attempt to educate and warn pastors and the Body of Christ re the gnostic, false doctrines slithering into the church and to name names, of the charlatans and heretics in the pulpit and media -- much like the Apostles Paul and Peter did....

By elaine R. on 29 Apr. 2021 :
Product rated : False Christ Coming - Does Anybody Care?

I care...

This book is a wonderful book, IF you want to know truth of what’s going on and has been going on in our country, state, city and worst of all in our CHURCHES. Be warned and warn others and be alert, the devil is out to DESTROY...I think if we could even fathom just how much he hates we would be more discerning in all that we do.

By Freda M. on 26 Apr. 2021 :
Product rated : BOOKLET - Beware of Bethel: A Brief Summary of Bill Johnson's Unbiblical Teachings

Beware of Bethel: A Brief Summary of Bill Johnson's unbiblical teachings.

Helpful booklet; Should have also brought Bill Randles book for a more indepth study.
A must read for everyone to be informed with the NAR teachings and Bethel in Redding.

By Nancy C. on 22 Apr. 2021 :
Product rated : Color, Communism, and Common Sense - A True Story


What a brave man.

By Arthur H. on 20 Apr. 2021 :
Product rated : The Titanic and Today's Church: A Tale of Two Shipwrecks

The Titanic and Todays Church: A Tale of Two Shipwrecks

Documented research, great analysis

By H. K. on 19 Apr. 2021 :
Product rated : Zvi: The Miraculous Story of Triumph Over the Holocaust


Absolutely amazing book

By Larry & Sharon D. on 12 Apr. 2021 :
Product rated : Peach White Bible Verse Tea - Bulk Bags (100 tea bags)

Peach White Tea

It has a very pleasant taste and helps me destress after a busy day at work!

By Nancy S. on 04 Apr. 2021 :
Product rated : Color, Communism, and Common Sense - A True Story


The American people need to understand what schools, colleges, and even some churches are teaching. We need to wake up to what is happening in our country.

By Nancy S. on 04 Apr. 2021 :
Product rated : BOOKLET - Critical Race Theory, Southern Baptist Convention, and a Marxist "Solution" That Will Not Work

Must read!

Everyone should read this to understand what is really going on in America.

By Mary E. on 26 March 2021 :
Product rated : Research Journal - RENEW - USA

Lighthouse Trails Research Journal

I'm always very enlightened and blessed after reading the Journal. It's always filled with info. I would get no other way. So grateful for all the research and information contained in it. Thankyou for your quality work in putting it together.