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Wolves Among Lambs: My Story of Sexual Abuse & Cover-Ups in the Church View larger

Wolves Among Lambs: My Story of Sexual Abuse & Cover-Ups in the Church


By Pastor Stacey Shiflett

My story of sexual abuse & cover-ups in the church.

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Pages: 400
Format Softbound

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The story of a young man who survived sexual abuse. With heart-breaking details, scathing rebukes, and common sense (and biblical) solutions, this book is going to change your perspective on sexual abuse in the church. Whether you are a survivor of sexual abuse or a Christian looking for ways to defend the victims, expose the hypocrisy, and stop the cover-ups, this book is a must read!

Pastor Shiflett and his family (from back cover of book)


By on  11 Aug. 2019 (Wolves Among Lambs: My Story of Sexual Abuse & Cover-Ups in the Church) :

Very Well Written and Brings to Light What is Happening

This is a very well written book and really brings to light what is really happening in some churches and maybe all churches at some level. Stacey Shiflett has done a lot of research and has been snubbed, demonized, and harassed but he wanted the truth to be told.

When I was young, in two separate occasions, I was groomed and molested by my bosses at work. Being raised in a Baptist church and living a sheltered life, I was not prepared for this sort of behavior. A little later on in life I worked for a large County Hospital with lots of interns and residents. I was able to step back and watch the approach, the stock phrases, the compliments and general demeanor of the perpetrators. I learned to have sort of a short comeback when approached and was able to keep out of their clutches. A quick turn or a duck under the arms works well. I wanted to let them know that I knew their game.

The reason I mention this is that children, adolescents and younger kids have no or minimal education about this possibility. My grandson who will be in the 8th grade shortly, came home from school recently and he told me of the class they had on sexual assault. He said even a touch on the arm if it is not wanted, can be a beginning of a sexual assault. He stated that they were advised to address the situation with the perpetrator and say stop.

I think young people in the church should attend such a class within the church or some such interaction so that they are aware that even people of high regard in the church can still be a predator. It is tragic but so prevalent and scary. It is commendable that Stacey Shiflett had the courage to come out with this book.

By on  17 July 2019 (Wolves Among Lambs: My Story of Sexual Abuse & Cover-Ups in the Church) :

Right or wrong! Which is it?

It is best to quote from this book: “We simply must stop talking all the time about saving the pedophiles, and start focusing on saving their victims!” Mark 9:42 needs to be written on all churches, family homes, schools etc! Heartbreaking and courageous book!


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