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Seducers Among Our Children


By Patrick Crough

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Publisher Lighthouse Trails Publishing

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272 pages, softbound
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Countless numbers of children will be sexually abused by the time they reach their 18th birthday. Sadly, most parents won't even see it coming. They don't realize that sexual predators of children are often friendly, helpful, and attentive, drawing in a child, not by force but rather through enticing seduction.

Seducers Among Our Children is the personal perspective of an investigative sergeant who knows first hand the inner workings and methods used by sexual predators. This book offers a practical, simple presentation of how child predators operate in today's society. It will educate concerned parents or guardians about how to recognize when a child predator is in their midst, how to protect children from that predator, how to recognize if their child has already been offended by a predator, and what to do if their child discloses he or she has been offended by a predator. For the adult reader who was sexually molested as a child, this book may assist you in making some sense out of what happened and help you understand it wasn't your fault.

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Thank you so much for publishing this work! What a breath of fresh air from the often mean-spirited or biblically void works that are out there!

We will be carrying the book in our campus store. I will be using it for a text in my graduate crisis counseling course, and I'm sending copies to my married daughters and their husbands.

Just wanted to thank you for your work and for the foresight in publishing this book. I hope it gets a wide circulation. May God continue to bless you. - From a professor at a Christian seminary in the U.S.

* * * *

I met Patrick several years ago at a Calvary Chapel Education Conference where he gave a short seminar on child predators.  I purchased a copy of his book at that time and have recommended to many others.  As a retired police investigator, Patrick has a unique insight into how best to protect the children God has placed in our charge from the predators among us - sometimes within the church itself.  While the book can be chilling and disturbing because of its "no-holds-barred" approach to the topic, I highly recommend this book to Pastors, youth workers, and parents.  Patrick truly has a heart for protecting our little ones.

Jim Stowe
Assistant Pastor
Calvary Chapel of Russell, PA

* * * *

Though at times difficult to read, those who persist will be rewarded with the rare ability to recognize early signs that a "seducer" is in their midst. With the wisdom of a street hardened cop and the loving heart of a father softened by the grace of God, Patrick Crough has woven a tale that you are not soon to forget. Nor should you, for his message could save your child from a lifetime of pain and suffering - or even more, lead you, and the child you love, to an eternity of unspeakable joy! - David Francisco, M.D.

* * * *

Evil lurks under the most innocuous of sources. Seducers Among Our Chilren: How to protect your child from sexual predators is a collection of advice from retired investigative Patrick Crough, on how to not only protect one's children, but also teach them to protect themselves from sexually abusive persons who will try to lure them. With sage advice on coping with this, Seducers Among Our Children has plenty for parents to consider on how to talk to their children about these serious issues. - James A. Cox, editor-in-chief, Midwest Book Review


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Seducers Among Our Children

There is Christian understanding of this difficult subject that no-one likes to
talk about. I grew up in the 30's and 40"s and it was there also. I can remember
my mother and my aunt giving me some of the cautions and instructions he gives
in his later chapters. We must get to the sources of excitation. Not only phones and laptops but video game shops. Letters to editors of local newspaper spoke about video game shops open late hours. Reply by lady running the shop was that she was a " Christian" going to church and should be able to run a business to support herself. She said she could not control what they brought up on their computers, violent or otherwise. We face a time when even "Christians are not willing to face the truth of their actions. This is what Christ talks about in Matthew 7: 21-23. Let each of us be sure that we and our family spend time in God's Word.


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